Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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18. Chapter 16 - final chapter.

Chapter 16


Olivia’s P.O.V


I looked at myself in the mirror. I looked fine enough to go out. I grabbed my phone and a little bag and put it in there. It was today the day of my moms wedding. In other words its three days ago David kissed me and I haven’t talked to him since. I was going to go and get Lilly from the airport today. I have missed that girl like crazy! It was like 6 in the morning right now and I hated that I had to get up this early to pick her up. I went quietly outside and short after I arrived at the airport and waited for Lilly to come out.

“OLIVIA!” I heard Lilly yell behind me and I quickly got up and ran into her arms and hugged the life out of her.

“OMG I HAVE MISSED YOU SO MUCH!” I whine and she smiles.

“I have missed you even more!” she whines and we laugh together. I help her with her suitcases and all the stuff she had with her and then we went to my house. I opened the door and went inside with Lilly.
“Tell me everything!” she says after I close the door. I lift my eyebrow and look at her.

“What do you mean?” I ask her and she rolls eyes at me.

“What have you been doing?” she asks me and I giggle. I tell her everything that has happened and she gets big eyes,

“Did he seriously kiss you? Ewe what a creep he is!” she says and I nod. I sit down onto the bed next to her and she sends me a little smile.

“How’s Luke?” I ask her she sighs.

“I knew this question would come,” she mumbles and I make a sad face.

“He’s not doing so good. He wouldn’t leave his room very often only if he had to get food or because of bathroom break or sometimes because we called him in to be social with us. But he wasn’t talking at all. It’s really bad. How are you doing with the whole situation?” she asks me and I shrug. How am I doing? I don’t really know. In the beginning it was really bad, but now it’s better.

“I guess I’m actually doing fine. I miss Luke so much and it hurts so much to think about, but I don’t cry as often everyday anymore.” I say and she nods.

“Olivia you have to help me choose a dress for your mothers wedding! I brought three different dresses, but I just couldn’t choose between them. You have to help me!” she whines and I laugh. She pulls out the three dresses and I look at them all. They are all very ‘her style’ so it’s hard.
“That one!” I decide and point at a black dress that goes to the middle thigh. It’s a bit loose at the end but tight at the top.

“Good choice my lady” she says and puts in into her bag again. I grab my phone because I get a text from Calum. (Congratulations to your mom! I wish her the best luck in her marriage with your soon step father – Calum) I smile and text him back. (Thank you Cal!) I press send and look at Lilly that was reading the text from Cal.

“That’s sweet of him,” she says and I nod. I have been keeping contact with the boys or well Michael, Ashton and Cal. I haven’t talked to Luke. I’m scared that he is mad at me or something like that.

“How’s your relationship with Cal now?” I ask her and she blushes, while looking down at the ground.
“It’s like before. I mean, we are in a relationship and we are very close so good I guess?” she replies and I giggle. She is so cute when she has to talk about him.

“Olivia! I almost forgot.” She says and walks over to her suitcase and opens it. She grabs a note and gives it to me.

“It’s from all the boys including Luke,” she says and I read it. (Hey Olivia! By the time you read this it’s your mothers wedding day and you are going to put on the gorgeous dress you showed us. We miss you and Lilly very much and we can’t wait to see you guys again. If we ever are going to see you again? With all our love can we tell you that we are actually starting on a song about you! Or well Luke is. He told us about it and we are now writing on it together. It’s such a beautiful song to such a beautiful girl like you. Call or text us anytime you need us. (A little hello from Luke) To be honest the boys told me everything. You lied to me about your age Olivia. I don’t fucking care? I love you. I miss you. David is dead.) My eyes gets big when I read the last part and then I show it to Lilly and her eyes gets big also.

“WHAT?” I yell and then I stand up and start panicking. Luke is okay with it? No he’s just saying it to make me feel good.

“It can’t be true. He wouldn’t just accept it!” I say as I pace around in the room. Lilly stands up and stops me with a big smile.
“OLIVIA DON’T YOU GET IT? Luke loves you!” she say and shakes my shoulders a bit.

“No. He is saying it to make me feel better” I reply and sit down onto the ground. She sits down next to me and put an arm around me.

“Would he do that?” she asks and I look at her. She’s probably right. He wouldn’t.

“Luke is writing a song about me” I whisper and she sends me a big smile and hugs me.

“See? He wouldn’t do that if he didn’t love you!” she says and I smile a bit. She always has to be right. I then start to think about everything.

“What do I do know?” I ask in confusion and she shrugs.

“We’ll just wait and see what happens” she replies and I nod. I can’t believe it’s maybe true. Luke still loves me even though I ran away and I lied to him. I want him next to me right now. I haven’t missed him as much as I do right now.


I took my high heels on and looked in the mirror. I turned around and looked at Lilly that was fixing her makeup.

“How do I look?” I ask her and she looks at me with a big smile.

“Like the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen!” she says in excitement and I laugh. I apply my lipstick and walk over to her.
“Please! You are definitely more beautiful than me!” I tell her and she shakes on her head. I laugh and grab my phone and open twitter. I walk over to the mirror and take a picture of myself. (@Olivia_Pearl_Nielsen (Picture of me) Ready for my moms wedding now, so happy for her!) I type and then post it.

“WE HAVE TO LEAVE FOR THE CHURCH NOW!” my mom yells and I take my little clutch and put my phone, some gum and my lipstick in there.

“Let’s jet,” I say and Lilly walks out of the room with me.


“You may kiss the bride,” the man says and Daniel kisses my mom on her lips and everyone stands up and starts to cheer. I throw some rice at my mom and then follow behind her out of the church. On the way down I see David sitting there. I roll my eyes when he sends me the elevator look.

“Congratulations mom!” I say and pull my mom into a hug and she smiles and thanks me. I also pull Daniel into a hug and look around for Lilly and then I run into David. I sigh and try to get past him.

“You look hot babe” he says and I roll my eyes. I am so freaking tired of him. I ignore him and find Lilly.

“Guess who I just ran into” I say and she sighs.

“David?” she asks and I nod. We sigh at the same time and then we start laughing like two crazies.

“Honey we have to leave for the party! Let’s go!” my mom says to me and Lilly and we go with her down to the car. We arrive at the little picnic area in the woods that my mom and Daniel booked for their party. It’s so my moms style, so nature looking and green everywhere. I sit down by the table and then the speeches begin. Finally we start eating and when I finish I find Lilly and we go over to a couple of swings by a tree not far from all the tables.

“What are you thinking about?” she asks me, because I was all quiet and staring at the grass.

“Luke” I reply and she sighs and hits me on the shoulder.

“Stop thinking about him Olivia! This is your mothers wedding you are supposed to have fun!” she tells me in and I nod. I know it’s just hard to stop thinking about Luke after what I read in the note she gave me from the boys.

“I’m sorry! Let’s go dance then we can maybe have some fun!” I say and she sends me a big smile and we walk up to the dancing area. There was already a few people dancing and the music was blasting through the speakers.

“This is so fun!” Lilly says and I send her a smile and we dance together until the song finishes and someone comes Lilly’s hand and drag her with him so they can dance. I sigh and then sit down on the edge of the stage and then David walks over to me with a smirk and takes my hand. I try to let go but he sends me a glare and I stop because I got a little scared.

“Dance with me babe” he says and I roll my eyes at him and his hand leads way down to my butt and I quickly push it off and snatch at him.

“Shut the fuck up. One dance and you leave me alone, okay?” I ask him and he just smirks as usual. We keep dancing until the song stops and I push him away because he tried to dance more with me.

“I said one!” I tell him and try to go away, but he puts his arm around me and drags me with him.

“DAVID LET GO!” I yell at him and try to kick him, but it didn’t work. I get the opportunity to step on his foot so I do it as hard as I can and run back to the tables. I find Lilly and run into her arms.

“David just tried to take me away from the party!” I tell her in nervousness and her eyes gets big.

“What?” she asks me and I nod.

“I’m going to go talk to him” she says and before I could stop her she left. I sigh and walk tired over to a bench that was a little bit far away from the actual party.

“So now I literally have you to myself, you know you’re pretty dumb to walk so far away from the party right?” David says and I turn around on the bench and see that he’s standing right behind me.

“David please I..” he cuts me off by slapping my cheek really hard. I fall down from the bench and onto the grass.

“Don’t fucking talk” he says in a harsh voice and walks over to me and lifts me up and puts me on the bench. He leans his mouth into my ears and whisper in it.

“I’m going to rape you so hard” I gasp and push him away from me. I try to run away, but he slaps me again. He lifts up in my dress and I try to hold it down so he won’t do it.

“STOP!” he yells and slaps my cheek again. My cheek was burning red and it hurted so badly. He lifted my dress up a little bit until a voice I never thought I should hear again yells.

“LEAVE HER ALONE DAVID!” the voice says and I try to look up, but David keeps my face locked.

“Luke?” David asks in confusion and steps away from me. David then sends me a smirk and walks up to Luke. I stand up quickly and see Luke standing there in a black tux. I feel a tear trying to escape my eye, but I keep it there.

“And what if I don’t?” David asks Luke smirking. Luke blinks at me and then steps closer to David.

“Or I will do this” Luke says and slaps him over the cheek so he falls to the ground. Luke checks to see if he’s still awake and when he isn’t I run over to him and pull him into a big hug.

“Luke I’m..” he stops me by attaching his lips to mine in a long and very passionate kiss. I wrap my arms around his neck and close my eyes.

“You don’t have to say anything Olivia” Luke whisper into the kiss and I smile. I open my eyes and let go of his lips. I look into his eyes and see tears. My eyes also starts to get watery.

“I love you no matter what age you are, okay?” he asks me and I smile and nod. He gives me a kiss on my forehead and I pull into a hug again.

“I have missed you so much Luke” I whisper and rest my head on his shoulder. I can clearly smell his perfume; I have missed that so much.

“I am so happy to be here next to you,” he says and I smile and kiss him again.

“Wait? How and when did you get here?” I ask him and he giggles. We walk over to the bench hand in hand and sit down and talk together.

“So you came together with Lilly? And all the other boys are here also?” I ask him after he told me it and he nods.

“Yeah they are also here at the party,” he says in a happy tone and I smile.

“I am sorry I didn’t tell you Luke. I was scared that you thought I was too young” I say and look down at the ground. He takes my hand.

“Olivia no matter what I would never let go of you!” he says and looks into my eyes. I smile and peek his lips again.

“Ewe can you guys stop?” I hear David say and I look down at the ground and see that he is awake.

“Sorry not sorry” I reply in a sassy way and Luke laughs at what I said.

“Sorry not sorry” David copies me in a bitchy way and walks away from here. I laugh and then Luke turns my chin and kisses my lips very passionate. My hands lead to his neck and plays with his hair.

“Don’t you dare ever leave me again.” He says into the kiss and I nod.

“Never” I say into the kiss and he pulls me into a hug.

“Do you want to be my girlfriend Olivia Pearl Nielsen?” he asks me and I giggle.

“Yes” I reply and kiss his lips again.

“YAY GUYS!” all the boys and Lilly yells and runs up to us and we all make a big group hug.

“I MISSED YOU GUYS SO FREAKING MUCH!” I whine and hug all the boys unless Luke, cause I already hugged him.

“Believe me! We missed you freaking much also!” Ash says and I giggle. I then pull Lilly into a hug.

“How the hell did you hide this from me?” I ask her and she laughs while shrugging.

“I just did! It was all planned out and you didn’t know fish!” she says and we laugh because she said fish.

“Well, thank you so much Lilly! I literally owe you my life right now.” I say and she giggles.

“We should go back and join the party!” Lilly says and we all nod. My hand finds Luke’s hand. We all walk back to the party together and then the boys song ‘Amnesia’ comes on.

“May I have this dance?” Luke asks me and I giggle. I give him my hand and we start dancing in tact with the music.

“I remember the day you told me you were leaving. I remember the makeup running down your face,” he sings and I smile. It reminds me of when I left Luke. That’s in the past now. We are back together. We dance to rest of the song and then my mom walks up on the stage.

“Time to throw the flowers!” she whines excitedly and we all get up in a long line and she turns around to get ready to throw it. She throws it and I catch it. Everyone starts to laugh and I look over at Luke that sends me a smile. I laugh and then hand the flowers to an old lady.

“Take care of them,” I tell her and she smiles at me. I pull Luke into a hug and attach my lips to his and we kiss for a long time and then we let go.

“I love you silly” Luke says and kisses my cheek. I smile and give him a kiss on the cheek also.

“I love you penguin” I reply and the next slow song comes on, we start to dance together. I put head against Luke’s chest and close my eyes. Everything was perfect. I had Luke back in my life and David is out of the picture. I am going to have no more lies over for Luke anymore. Only truth, truth and truth.


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