Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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15. Chapter 13

Chapter 13


Olivia’s P.O.V


We went inside after we played outside. And when I got into the living room I saw David sitting there. My eyes got big and he looked at me with a lifted eyebrow. I send him a glare and he sent me one back.

“What’s wrong?” He asks me like nothing happened. I give him a glare again.

“Are you serious?” I ask him and he shrugs.

“Did I do something?” he then asks and I gasp. Is that guy out of his mind?

“Are you dumb or something? What the hell were you doing in the woods?” I ask him and he lifts his eyebrow. The others come into the living room and looks at us arguing.

“What are you talking about Olivia?” he asks in an annoyed voice and my eyes get big.

“What am I talking about? YOU WERE IN THE WOODS!” I yell at him and he sends me a glare.

“What the fuck is wrong with you? No I wasn’t” he replies in a mad tone. He stands up and leaves the living room. Could it have been something I hallucinated? No way! I am sure it was real.

“You got him mad quickly,” Michael says and I send him a glare. No sassy comments now please. I walk out of the room and into the room he is sleeping in. I open the door and he looks mad at me.

“No girls allowed,” he says in a sassy way and I roll my eyes.

“I don’t care” I reply and walk into the room. I walk over to him and he stands up.

“Why the hell are you lying in front of them?” I him in an annoyed voice and he smiles.

“Why would I want them to think that I’m the bad guy?” he whispers and I gasp. I knew it wasn’t something I hallucinated.

“Fuck you” I say before I turn around and are about to leave the room. He then grabs my arm and turns me around.

“Be nice,” he says in a harsh voice before slapping my cheek. I gasp as I take my hand to the chin.

“You’re the one who should be nice” I reply before running out of the room and into the bathroom. Luke wasn’t in there anymore. I lock the door and look at myself in the mirror. It hurted really badly. I open for the water and apply some cold water to my face. The tears start to run down my face and I sigh. I have been crying a lot lately. More than I would cry over a whole year normally.

“Olivia?” Lilly asks and I sigh. Can I just get five minutes alone please? I stay quiet and short after I also hear Cal saying my name.

“Olivia?” I sigh and hit myself on the forehead.

“Leave me alone” I yell annoyed and I hear small mumble. Then I hear footsteps going away from the room. I sigh and put my face into my hands.

“Babe?” I hear Luke’s voice, which just made me cry even more. I sigh and stand up to unlock the door.

“Babe what’s going on?” he asks me in a worried voice, while pulling me into a hug. I cry on his shoulders. How am I going to explain this to him?

“I..” I start the sentence, but stop it because I don’t know what to say. He kisses my cheek that I’m red on.

“What happened?” he asks again in a worried voice, while nuzzling the red chin.

“David” I reply. I couldn’t see any other way around this. His eyes get big and mad.

“Did David do this?” he yells a bit and I nod. He walks out of the room and into David’s.

“WHAT THE HELL?” he yells and then slams the door to his room. I see Lilly walking over to me with big eyes.

“What just happened?” she asks me and I sigh.

“I told Luke that David slapped me, which he did. I couldn’t see any other way around it. When David gets out he’s going to kill me,” I reply to her with tears running down my cheeks again. She pulls me into a big hug.

“HOW COULD YOU DO SOMETHING LIKE THAT?” I hear Luke yell really loudly. I see all the other boys come running and see us.

“What the fuck is going on?” Ashton asks us and I sigh.

“David slapped me and I told Luke.” I tell them and their eyes get big and mad also. Boys are always so protective.

“Omg what the hell?” Michael says in a mad tone.

“DAVID DON’T YOU EVER FUCKING DO THAT AGAIN!” Luke yells and opens the door and run away. David’s door closes so I am guessing he closed it from the inside.

“Luke!” I yell, but he was already gone.  I started to run after him, but the boys stopped me.

“Olivia give him some time,” Ashton says and I shake on my head.

“No! I have to talk to him” I reply trying to get past them, but Michael lifts me up so I can’t get away.

“PUT ME DOWN MICHAEL!” I yell at him. He carries me into Luke’s room and closes the door. I try to get out, but I hear them lock the door.

“I’m sorry Olivia, but it’s for your own best” Ashton says. I yell at them to let me out, but they walk away. I search my pocket for my phone when I remember I left it in the living room.

“SHIT!” I yell as I kick the door. I fall to the ground because it hurted.

“LET ME OUT!” I yell one more time. I didn’t hear anything. I was trapped in Luke’s room and I really needed a hug from him!


I opened my eyes and looked at the door because I heard it was being unlocked. I run to the door and open it. I see Ashton and he sends me a smile.

“I wanted to check on you” he replies while rubbing his arm. I push him out of the way and run out of the room.

“STOP HER!” I hear him yelling and I run to the front door. I open it and when I was about to run out Michael grabbed me and took me inside.

“LET ME GO! IT HAS BEEN AN HOUR! I NEED HIM!” I yell at them, while kicking Michael so he let’s go of me. I run outside and see Luke sitting on the grass. I run over to him and pull him into a big hug.

“Olivia” he mumbles. I look at him and he has a sad expression. I kiss his lips.

“I’m so sorry Luke! I wanted to go out here earlier, but the boys locked me in your room” I reply while kissing him again. He pulls me onto his lap.

“I know. They boys just wants me the best,” he says and I smile.

“I missed you so much! I seriously need a hug from you right now!” I say and pull him into a big hug. He hugs with me and kisses me.

“I’m sorry I flipped out in that way. I love you,” he whispers into my ears. I kiss him on the lips.

“Don’t worry about it! I love you even more!” I whisper back. He puts his arms around me while we sit in silence. I look up at the sky. It was turning darker. It was pretty late already.

“Did you hear me yelling at David?” he asks me in a low voice. I nod and he sighs.

“I’m sorry you had to hear that.” He whispers and I kiss him again.

“I shouldn’t have told you then you wouldn’t have done it,” I tell him and he shake on his head.

“I am glad you told me. What if you didn’t? Then he would probably still be slapping you right now” he says in a mad tone and I sigh. If I hadn’t told him I wouldn’t be in trouble.

“I don’t know, just don’t put it onto David” I tell him. I will get in so much trouble.

“Why?” he asks and I shrug.

“Just don’t, okay?” I tell him and he nods.

“Fine” he replies and I kiss him again. I’m going to miss this so much. I took his hand and stood up.

“Let’s go in” I tell him and he nods. We walk inside together and the first person we see is David. I look up and Luke that is looking angry at David. I turn Luke to the right and walk away from him.

“Relax,” I say softly and Luke nods.

“I know he just makes me so mad” he says and I peek his lips.

“I know he does” I whisper and kiss him again. We walk into the living room and see everyone else.

“Sorry Luke we couldn’t stop her from walking out to you, we tried though” Michael says and Luke sends him a glare.

“Don’t ever do that again,” he says in a mad tone and the boys and Lilly looks at us with big eyes.

“Sorry mate, we just thought that was a good ide,” Calum says and Luke looks at him.

“It wasn’t, but it’s okay now” he replies and they nod.

“Sorry Olivia” Ashton says and I send him a smile.

“It’s fine” I reply and they send me a smile. We turn on the TV and watch together until I fell asleep in Luke’s arms.


I woke up pretty early. I looked at Luke that was sleeping also. We fell asleep in the living room. No one else was in here. Then it hit me. I have to leave Luke today. I pulled Luke into a big hug even though he was sleeping.

“Morning” he whispers and I smile.

“Morning” I whisper back and he opens his eyes and look at me.

“Why’d you wake me up?” he asks me and yawns. I smile and give him a kiss.

“I missed you” I whisper and kiss him again. He smiles and pulls me into a hug.

“I’m going to go take a shower babe,” he whispers in my ear and I smile.

“Okay” I whisper and kiss his lips. I don’t really know why we are whispering it’s just well I don’t know.

“See you in 10” He says and leaves the living room. I nod and grab my phone on the table. I open twitter and see a photo on there a fan took of us. It’s a picture where we are holding hands and kissing. It makes me so sad to look at. I can’t believe today is the day he’s going to leave me.

“Hello Olivia” David says and I look up and see him. He has an evil smile on his face and I send him a glare.

“You have until 4 PM today. I booked a flight for you an hour later. I also arranged a taxi that’s going to come and get you 4.30 PM” he tells me and then leaves the room. I start crying and snuggle up with a blanket on the sofa.

“Tick tock,” he says from the kitchen and I sigh. Ten minutes went by and Luke came into the living room again.

“Back” he says and I nod. I lock my phone and put it on the table. I stand up and walk over to him and pull him into a hug. I kiss him very passionate, while my hands are playing with his hair.

“What are we going to do today?” he asks me and I look down at the ground.

“We should stay home today,” I say in a low voice. He sends me a smile.

“Good idea” He replies and kiss me on my forehead. I walk out in the kitchen and turn on the coffee machine. I see David in the kitchen and I send him a glare.

“Do you have to be everywhere I go?” I ask him and he sends me an evil smile.

“What’s that attitude? Maybe you should watch your tone Olivia” He replies and leaves the kitchen. I roll my eyes and grab a coffee mug. I look over at the door and see Lilly standing there.

“Hey” she whispers in a tired voice and I smile.

“Morning sleepyhead” I reply and she giggles.

“What time are you leaving today?” she asks in a sad voice and I sigh.

“I have to break up with Luke at 4 PM” I reply and her eyes get big. I look up at the clock on the wall and see that it’s already 11 AM.

“That’s five hours!” she says in a sad tone and I nod. I have five hours left with the love of my life. It’s like thousands of knifes going through my heart.

“I swear to god! As soon as I can I’m going to beat the living crap out of David” She says in a mad tone. I sigh.

“It doesn’t really mater anymore, I’m broken” I say in a sad tone. She sighs and pulls me into a hug.

“Olivia promise me we will keep the contact between us! No matter what!” she says in a serious voice and I nod.

“Of course! I’m not going to survive without my bestie” I say and she smiles. I connect my eyes to her eyes and see that a few tears are stuck in the corner of her eye. I pull her into a hug.

“Don’t cry Lilly it’s okay” I whisper and she puts her head on my shoulder.

“I know I’m just going to miss you so much! What if Luke actually ends up forgiving you? Then you don’t have to leave!” she says quickly and I sigh.

“Lilly I’m sorry, but that won’t happen” I reply as I make my way into the living room with her. I fall onto the couch and grab the TV remote. I turn on the TV and scroll trough the channels to find something I want to watch.

“Stop!” Lilly yells and I stop scrolling. It’s some kind of drama show that she loves to watch. I sigh and put the remote on the table. I’m not that into it.

“Turn up the volume!” she says in a loud voice and I sigh. I grab the remote, turn up the volume and put it back on the table again.
“Happy?” I ask in annoyance and she smiles.

“Thanks girl” she says and I nod.

“You’re welcome” I say and finish the cup of coffee I brought with me. I stand up and walk into the kitchen and put it in the sink.

“Hey” I hear a voice say. I turn around to see Ashton with a sad expression.

“Hey” I reply in a low voice, while leaning against the kitchen counter.

“I’m going to miss you so much Olivia! I love you even more than spaghetti,” he says and I giggle. I hope so.

“Awe! Ashton you silly bean!” I say and pull him into a long hug. He giggles and pulls away from the hug,

“No, but seriously! When are you leaving? I need to know.” He says in a serious tone and I sigh.
“4 PM. David is crushing me hard” I reply and his face turns really sad.

“I’m so sorry Olivia! I wish we could do something about it.” He replies and I sigh.

“Deep down I know it’s my fault. I should have told you guys from the minute you asked me at that pizza restaurant. I guess I kind of deserve it.” I reply while shrugging and Ashton sends me a mad look.

“Don’t you dare say that! You don’t deserve it? Nobody deserves it,” he says and I sigh.

“Ash please don’t make a scene out of this,” I say in annoyance and he looks mad at me.

“Then stop saying things like that, okay?” he says and I sigh. I then nod slowly and walk out of the kitchen and onto the balcony. I need air. I have probably said that sentence way to many times, but I do.

“Fuck my life” I mumble when I get out on the balcony. I sit onto one of the chairs and look down at the floor.

“I hate my fucking life” I mumble again in annoyance and hit myself on the forehead. I know I shouldn’t be like this, but I am.

“Olivia?” I hear a voice say and I turn around to see Calum, Michael and Ashton.

“Yeah?” I reply and look down at the floor again.
“I am sorry Olivia, but I had to tell them” Ashton says and I turn around to look at them.

“What do you mean by that?” I ask him and my voice starts shaking a bit. They all sigh and close the door behind them.

“I couldn’t keep it a secret anymore. I am sorry Olivia. I needed support in this. I told them everything and they all feel so bad for you.” Ash says and I sigh. Great! Now everyone except Luke knows about it.

“Olivia. Luke really loves you. And because he does that he won’t care about your age? Seriously that’s the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard” Calum says and looks at me. I sigh and look up at him.

“I don’t know Calum I’m not so sure. I have no idea about if I am going to ruin everything if I tell him. I am scared that I am.” I reply. They all look at me with sad faces.

“Promise that we will keep contact!” Michael says and I smile.

“Is that a good idea? If I break up with Luke and leave him, but keeps contact with his three best friends? That doesn’t sound like a good idea in my ears.” I say and they all make sad expressions and so do I.

“Olivia don’t say that” Calum says in a sad voice and I sigh.

“I know. I’m literally going to miss you boys so freaking much!” I say with a small smile, while pulling them into a group hug.

“Please Olivia! You don’t have to do this” Michael says in a sad voice and I sigh.

“Yes I do. Thanks to David. Please strangle him as soon as I leave, okay?” I say with a laugh and the laugh with me.

“Of course!” Ashton says and sends me a little smile.

“How long do I have left?” I ask the boys and they shrug. Calum grabs his phone and unlocks it to see the time.

“You have about two hours left,” he whispers in a sad voice and we all sigh.

“Olivia spend these two hours with Luke, you need it.” Ashton says and I nod. They all pull me into a hug again.
“Now go inside and find him!” Michael says in a serious voice and I nod. I quickly walk inside and see Luke on the sofa watching TV. I run in there and fall onto the couch beside him.

“What’s up?” he asks and I giggle.

“I just want to chill with you,” I say and he sends me a cute smile. I’m going to miss him so much.

“Of course babe” he whispers and puts his arm around me. I move closer to him and bury my head in his chest. He nuzzles my arm and I smile. I hate David, when I get home I’m never going to talk to him at school again.


(A/N: IT'S HORRIBLE! I'm going to miss them so much! Action is gonna happen in next chapter, do you guys think she's gonna leave like she believes or that something is going to stop it? THANKS FOR 2000 READS! It's freaking crazy! Also 20 likes and 18 favorites. It's so crazy to me! I love you guys! Next chapter is up Tuesday. -Strawbear

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