Difficult love

"We were just born to be difficult love."

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2. Chapter 1

Chapter 1


Olivias P.O.V


I stood in the crowd of people who was screaming – the crowd of girls screaming. I felt the pushing and jumping around me. Luke came walking around the corner and past the girls in the front of me. He took some pictures with the girls and then walked away. The girls in front of me moved away and walked out of the greeting area. I stepped forward and was in the front now. There were only a few minutes and Luke would be greeting with me. I was so excited, but I clearly wasn’t screaming and jumping like all the other girls. Luke stood in front of the girl beside me and talked a bit with her. He then moved over to me and I smiled very awkwardly and he giggled at me.

“So what’s your name?” he asked me and smiled. I smiled back to him, and felt a little push in my side from one of the girls.

“O-Olivia” I say and look shyly down at the ground, I wasn’t supposed to be so shy he is just so cute that’s all.

“Well Olivia what do you think about we take a selfie on your phone?” he says and I immediately nod. I pull out my phone and give it to Luke. He opens ‘camera’ and turns the camera around. He makes ‘the classic Luke tongue out’. And I do the same. He takes the picture and then turns to kiss my cheek. I smile with a tongue out in the right side of my mouth. He takes the picture and then we do duck face together. 

“Thank you Luke,” I say shy and then lean in to give him a hug and he hugs with me

“Your welcome” he said and gave me a smile. It was kind of crushing that I will never ever see him again. I quickly took his hand and he turned around to look at me.

“Luke will I ever see you again?” I asked him stupidly which I got really embarrassed of.

“If you are ever going to come to one of these gigs again, I maybe will” he sad and smiled. I sighed deeply and he laughed at me. He then took my hand and took a pen up from his pocket. He wrote a number on my hand, which I assumed would be his.

“Now you have my number, you can text me later when the gig is over, then it might not end up being the last time you see me” he says and blinks at me. I hugged my hand and Luke laughed. He then gave me one last smile and walked over to the next girls. I went out of the line of girls and I can tell you it felt amazing. Standing for such a long time with so many girls screaming and jumping it hurts in your head. I looked at my hand again and smiled like a crazy. I honestly can’t believe Luke Robert Hemming’s. The Luke Robert Hemming’s gave me his number. A lot of girls were running after me so I started walking out of the area. A couple of girls caught up to me though.

“OMG YOU GOT LUKES PHONE NUMBER, GIVE IT TO ME RIGHT NOW” one of the girls screamed and tried to attack me. I started running and saw my mom’s car. She was sitting in the car and doing something on her phone. One of the girl stopped me and I fell to the ground.

“Ouch” I said and felt on top of my head. The girls tried to grab my hand but I just kept it hidden. I didn’t want them to see his number, I think Luke counted on me and believed that I wouldn’t give the number to them so of course I didn’t.

“PLEASE! Leave me alone!” I screamed at them but they kept trying to see the number.

“NEVER!” they screamed and I finally managed to free myself from their arms. I ran to my mom’s car and quickly got inside.

“What happened?” she asks a bit frightened and points to the many girls outside the car trying to reach me. I then show her my hand and she still looks like a big question mark.

“The boy I like/love. Luke. I got his number, he wrote it on my hand.” I say while I’m trying to catch my breath. My mom then laughs and starts the car. She drives out of the parking lot and the all crazy fan girls starts to scream even more. I then looked at my mom and wondered why she was laughing.

“Why are you laughing?” I said annoyed and looked down on my phone. My mom grabbed a piece of candy from the pocket room. She gave me a piece too and I ate it.

“Seriously do you realize how stupid that sounds?” she asks in annoyance and looks at me, but quickly looks at the road again.

“Mom, why would I lie about that?” I ask and look confused at her.

“Olivia, I just don’t think it seems realistic.” She says and shrugs.

“Did you see the crowd of fan girls trying to almost cut my hand off to take it with them?” I ask and look out of the window. My mom then starts to laugh and looks at me.

“Olivia, why would Luke give you his number?” she asks as her eyes lands onto the road again. I shrug.

“Because I asked him if it was the last time I ever was going to see him again, and he said only if it was at one of their gigs. Then I sighed and he then took my hand and wrote his number and said I should text him when the gig is over in a couple of hours.” I explain to her and she looks down at the radio when they start to play the boys new song ‘She’s kinda hot’.

“Really?” she then asks as she loosens up a little, I smile down at my hand while nodding, when I realize she isn’t looking at me.

“Yes” I say and look at her. She looks again quickly down at my hand while shaking on her head and smiling.

“What?” I ask her and she looks at the light blinking red, so she has to stop the car.

“What?” she replies and looks at me and up at the light again.

“You were just shaking your head?” I ask and look down at the ripped knees in my skinny black jeans. I am obviously a Luke girl everyone can see that. Just the clothes I wear. I could be Luke just as a girl.

“ It just all seems really unreal, but when are you going to text him?” she asks and grabs a piece of candy and eats it.

“When their gig ends,” I reply while taking the piece of candy my mom was handing me. She then nods and the rest of the tour home was pretty quiet and awkward. I walk inside of my room and falls down onto my bed. I love the felling of taking shoes off after a long day of wearing them. I sighed happily and looked at my hand one more time. It was still very unreal the fact that I had Luke’s phone number on my hand. I grabbed my phone and looked at the time. There were still a couple of hours until the gig was over. I opened contacts on my phone and added a new one. I added Luke’s number and name. What if he actually just gave me a random number and just said it was his, even though it might be someone else? No he wouldn’t do that, which would be so unlike Luke. I turned on my computer and went on youtube. I searched for their song ‘Amnesia’. I put it on and connected my computer to my speakers. I danced and sang to the song. A couple of hours went by and I was lying in my bed and watching TV. I grabbed the remote and went onto the news channel. My eyes were almost exploding. I was on the news. They showed a clip where I talked to Luke at the gig. You could see he took my hand and wrote something, which of course is his number. The lady sitting in front of the camera was explaining what was happening.

“MOM!” I screamed as loud as I could and she ran into my room immediately.

“Are you okay? What’s going on?” She asked worried and looked at me. I pointed at the TV and my mom looked at it. She dropped the oven mittens she was holding in her hand while holding her hand in front of her mouth. 

“Omg, that’s you,” she said while not removing her eyes from the TV.

“Yeah” I said shyly and looked at the TV. The lady on the TV said that they were interviewing Luke and the boys right now. He was answering some questions about it. She changed over to a video where the four boys were sitting in some chairs and the same lady was sitting in front of them. 

“Luke your gig just ended am I right?” she asks and looks at Luke. He nods.

“Yeah” he says while looking at the ground. She smiles and looks into the camera.

“Luke we saw you talking to a girl, and then writing something on her hand before she left. ” She says to Luke and all the other boys starts to look at him with weird and confused looks.

“Yeah I wrote my phone number,” he says while looking at the boys. The lady’s eyes were big and she then looked into the camera again.

“Did you hear that guys? Luke Robert Hemming’s has given his phone number to a fan.” She says and smiles. I then look at my mom and she looks at me.

“Told ya,” I say while laughing. She then turn eyes at me at hit me with the oven mittens.

“So Luke who is this girl you gave your number to?” she asks and looks at him. He shrugs and looks at her.

“I have no idea, but she just seemed so calm and shy when I was talking to her, she wasn’t screaming and flipping out in the fact that she was talking to me like if I was a normal person. And we took three pictures together like I do with everyone else. So before I walked over to the other girls, she grabbed my arm and asked me if she ever was going to see me again. I said only if she is coming to another gig or something like that. And then she got really sad and without thinking about it, I took her hand and wrote my number. I told her to text me when the gig was going to be over.” He says in a long explanation. I smile when he says it.

“Wow girls, did you hear that? Luke Hot Hemming’s has maybe found the one,” she says with a smirk and look into the camera.  The boys then laugh and Luke blushes.

“What’s her name?” Ash asks and Luke looks at him, he laughs and Calum and Michael also looks at Luke.

“Seriously guys? You’re not the ones to asks questions,” he says which makes me laugh.

“Luke I want to know also” the lady says and Luke sighs.

“Olivia” he says with a shy voice, I start blushing when looking at Luke on the TV. The boy’s look at him and he starts to blush even more.

“Are you blushing Luke?” Michael teases him.

“No” he says quickly while shaking wildly on his head. I smile and my mom finally leaves my room. She closes the door and I look at the TV again.

“So Luke has she texted you yet?” the lady asks, and I could laugh cause I already know the answer. I quickly grab my phone and opens messages. Luke grabs his phone and looks at it. I quickly write him at text. (Hi! Is the gig over? I thought I should text you. Xoxo Olivia) I type and send it.

“ No she hasn’t,” he says and I smile. Oh yes I have. Luke then looks at his phone while smiling.

“She just texted” he says while laughing. All the boys laugh and the interviewer also laughs.

“What does the text say?” she asks and looks at Luke.

“Hi, is the gig over? I thought I should text you. Xoxo Olivia” he says and looks into the camera, I smile. 

“Maybe you should text her and ask her if she’s watching this interview right now” Calum says and they all agree. He then laughs and types what they said. I look at my phone and look at the text from him. I smile and open it. (Are you watching the interview I am on right now? cause we are talking about you. Xoxo Luke) I smile and look at the screen and see them waiting for my text. (Yup, I am. That’s actually the reason I texted you aha) I press send and look at Luke looking at his phone immediately. He smiles and all the others look at him.

“What does it say?” they all say in a really nosy voice.

“She is” he says and laughs. They all laugh and look into the camera.

“HI OLIVIA!” everyone screams into the camera unless Luke who is texting.

“Hi” I say and start to laugh. A text arrives and I look at it. (The whole world is like freaking out that I gave you my number aha) I laugh, please boy I know. (Oh please I already know that! When I was leaving the gig, a bunch of crazy fan girls attacked me almost trying to cut my hand off, it was scary xD) I type and send it. Luke looks down at his phone and then starts to laugh uncontrollably. All the boys and the lady looked at him with confused faces.

“She just texted and said when she was on her way home from the gig, a bunch of girls attacked her almost cutting her hand of to get my number” he says and they all starts to laugh.

“Poor girl” the lady says. “Did she get hurt?” she then asks and looks serious at Luke, he then immediately starts to text me. The text arrives quickly. (Did you get hurt? :/) I start to blush. He cares about me. (Luke I’m fine nothing happened and no one saw the number :)) I write back to him. Luke smiles while looking at his phone.

“She didn’t get hurt” he says and smiles. All the others also start to smile.

“Luke where does she live?” the lady asks and Luke shrugs.

“I don’t know, why?” he ask while looking at her confused.

“Maybe if she lived here in Sydney, we could get her to come, and we could talk to her here instead of over your phone.” She suggest and smiles. I start to get a little bit nervous. I really didn’t want to do that. Luke nods and finds his phone to text me. (Olivia the boys want you over in the studio, they really want to meet you. Do you live in Sydney? And the interviewer would love to ask you some questions, want to come if you can?) I read the text and then think really much. I look up at the TV and see the all the boys and the lady begging into the camera.

“COME ON OLIVIA” they all say and I start to laugh. (I do live in Sydney at the moment, but I’m to shy, don’t you remember me when I was at the gig I almost couldn’t talk.) I text him back. He looks at the phone and makes a sad face into the camera.

“But you managed to get my number? That’s pretty big,” he says.

“OMG LUKE I GOT AN IDEA” they lady says and Luke looks at her.

“We should tell everyone who’s watching and lives in Sydney or around Sydney to come and meet up outside." The address of the studio pops up onto the screen.


“Believe me Olivia, in ten minutes a crowd is probably standing out there.” Michael says and I start to smile. (Please Olivia; we really want to see you!) A text from Luke says. I sigh and then look at the clock; it’s actually not even that late.  (Okay fine.) I type and send it. Luke starts smiling.

“GUYS SHE SAID SHE IS GOING TO COME!” Luke says happy and all the other starts to smile. (The address is; 26 Lee station, thx btw :D) I smile and grab my bag and put my phone into it. So know I’m off to meet Luke and the boys and answer questions. Kill me.


(A/N: I know I said I was going to post the first chapter tomorrow, but I was simply too exited! Haha I'm so weird. Hope you liked the first chapter. Chapter 2 is going up Monday. - Strawbear

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