Falling For You ( Christian Collins FanFic)

There was a girl who fall inlove with her idol, is she willing fight for her love? Even if she knows that it's very impossible to love her back?


2. falling for you.


Written By: Maaarg

Dedicated to: Christian Collins


Thank you very Much For The Follow Back you didn't know how much you made me happy. I wish You Will see this story. this story is for you. :) you are my inspiration. Ily chris 💗


He knows me as his fan and that's all He noticed me too he even followed me...

I'm just a fan yeaah i accept that i didn't saw him personally just

.But for me,am i just his fan?

Everytime i'm watching his vines he makes me smile.. When i saw his snaps i'm smiling again.. Everytime i'm stalking his Accounts i can't control myself to screaaam.. my Camera Roll is Full of His Picture why am i doing this?

Everytime he smiles in the pictures......

My heart beats so fast..

What did you do to me Chris?

Why i can't stop smiling because of you?

.I think i'm Falling For You.

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