Niall and Me


1. Prolouge


I rest my head against the car window. The city flashes past my eyes and the radio is turned up full blast. Death-metal rock music pours out of the speakers. I sigh. I'm surprised that I'm not deaf with all that music in my ears.

"Joe, please turn it down."I murmur, even though I know he won't hear me.

"YEEAAAH!"Joe yells along to the earsplitting vocals.

I groan and squeeze my eyes shut tightly.

"WHAT WAS THAT BABY?"Joe yells over the music.

"DON'T CALL ME THAT!"I yell back, anger flooding my body. I let it roam freely in my body and take over my brain. Joe turns the music off with a push of a button and sighs.

"Listen Summer, I know this move is hard on you. I know you are leaving your friends and everything behind."Joe smiles encouraging at me. When I don't return the smile his lips droop slightly and he forces back a sigh.

I narrow my eyes and try to turn my thoughts into happy ones but all I can remember is them. Why am I here? With the man that killed my parents! My 'uncle'! He's not much of an uncle now, is he!

Who else do you have to go to? Nobody! You only have one option and you're following that path.

The little voice in my head tells me.

I feel a tear slip down my cheek as I think of the people I left behind.


"Summer? What's wrong baby?"His voice whispers in my ear as he lifts up my chin, forcing me to meet his confused gaze. His hand reaches out to cup my cheek. His thumb wipes the mascara stained tears away. His beautiful, dark brown orbs scanning my own, dark green ones.

"I-I-I..."Sobs escape and I can hardly breath.

"You what?"He asks quietly, eyes now filled with fear.

"I'm leaving Marcus."I breathe out.

"You're what?"He stutters.

"Leaving. I'm so sorry Marcus!"Tears pour down my cheeks.

I wrap my arms around his waist, burying my face in his warm chest. I hear his heart racing.

"I have to."I break away.

He just stands there. Shocked.

I walk away slowly, my hands in my pockets. I open the car door and sit inside, head in hands.

The car jolts forwards as Joe drives away. Joe places his hand on my thigh. I can't resist looking up, back to my ex boyfriend. His face shows no emotion. I feel my eyes widen as a girl walks outside and wraps her arms around my man. He starts to smile, grin, kiss her. My heart pounds in my chest. H-he...cheated on me!

-•#_•#_End of Flashback-•#_•#

I bring my knees up to my chest and wrap my arms around them. I let my head fall into my knees. Sobs escape and my body trembles in time with my desperate cries.

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