"Your imperfections are what make you, you. And that's why I love you. Never forget that." "Consider it forgotten."


1. Prologue

"I hate myself." I sighed as I tried on what could've been the 100th dress I tried on in this store. I wasn't your typical size 3 or let alone size 0. I was a couple pounds over weight and short. So I really wasn't surprised to find that nothing fit me.


"Don't say that! Here I'm sure this one will be the one!" My mom said shoving another dress at my and pushing me into the dressing room.


I wouldn't be going through this trouble if my mom just left me alone in my room. But no she wants me to "be a teenager" and "go to school dances".


"If this one doesn't fit I give up!" I said as I tried on the last dress.


"Fine alright." Mom sighed through the other side.


I frowned looking down at my body as I pulled up the dress. I zipped it up and looked in the mirror. It was me in a dress that was way to out of my league. I wasn't comfortable in it.


"Are you done? Can I see?" My mom said as she opened the curtain. "It looks great! Well get it!" She said before giving me a chance to speak. I couldn't even argue with her she looked so happy seeing me in the dress.


The dance wasn't for another month away.


I changed back in to my normal clothes and gave the dress to my mom so that she could pay for it at the counter. I walk around for a bit as my mom paid for the dress.


It was sad looking at clothes that are really cute but just won't look cute on you.


"Oh god! Its Lia!" A familiar voice screeched.


I turned around slowly hoping that I just imagined the she devil.


"How did you get in? I'm surprised you fit through the entrance." She laughed.


She just can't live without insulting me. I stayed quiet.


"It's too bad I'm here with my cousin or I would stay and chat! Bye Fatty!"


My eyes watered. She couldn't leave me alone for one day now could she.


"Hey let's go!" My mom smiled. "What's wrong?" She frowned.


"Oh nothing just thinking about dead puppies." I said.


She shrugged leading us out of the store and to the car.


My mom didn't know about the hell school was. I didn't want to worry her. She had enough on her plate already.


We got home quickly and I ran to my room locking the door behind me. I threw myself on my bed and cried softly so my mom wouldn't hear me.


After a couple of minutes I stopped and decided to go online. I went on my blog and reblogged pictures of Denis Smith my ultimate man crush. He was a singer who was my age and he was a real sweet heart.


If only all guys were like him.





Sorry for all the errors I didn't really read it over this is kind off a rough draft but I'll upload soon promise. Comment your thoughts!

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