5. Sarah I like you

Sarah POV

I fell asleep on Luke and I woke up with him kissing me

" Luke " I moan

" save that for later" Luke whispers

" ash cal mikey help he's being gross" i scream

They all run down the stairs and push Luke away from me and Luke's eyes look disappointed but I just smile . " Luke your right " he's eyes widen and he smiles as well and the other boys look confused.

I run up to Calum's room and change into a crop top and short shorts and put my blue and purple hair in a bun. I come down stairs and see the boys with breakfast in there hands

" hey Sarah do you wanna go to a party tonight" ash asks

" sure thing guys" I say

" hey Sarah can I talk to you " Luke asks

I nod and follow him outside

Luke POV

" Sarah " " I l-like y-y-you " stuttering

" what " she says

Ughh "fine Sarah I like you "

" ahh Luke I like you too"

And then we kiss until cal comes out and it looks like he's gonna cry.

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