4. hazel eyes adorable

Sarah's pov

I love the boys dearly and we were about to go to the studio when I get a call from someone

Caller id is luky Lucy

M me

L Lucy

L where the fuck are you

M I can't tell you you will freak out

L fine bitch live with someone other than me horrible worthless piece of shit.

M excuse me

L bye bye fucking horrible toad hope to beat u up now I'm finding you

I start crying in front of the boys and they come and hug me

" hey hey baby girl it's okay" said Luke

" whoever made our girl cry will get it" ash said in he's soft deep voice that I love.

" it was L-Lucy" they all gasped

" she will pay" mikey said calming me down then kissed my head which made me melt on the inside.

Lucy pov

That bitch will pay

I will go to the studio and beat the day lights out of her

Luke pov

She's stunning I like her

She makes me melt when she smiles

I hate it that she likes the others

I was lost in my thoughts when I heard someone shout kiss him then I felt lips crash onto me

Ashton pov

I pushed Sarah into Luke goes they like each other

They just have to realise it

Sarah's pov

I was pushed into him and it felt weird

I know I like the others but I like Luke more

I know he likes me back

Calum pov

I know Lucy will find Sarah at the studio so she can't go back

She just can't

" let's watch movies for the rest of the day" Luke suggested

" mean girls mean girls mean girls mean girls " Michael chanted

So we ended up watching movies for the rest of the day


She feel asleep on me

I look at her and kiss her forehead just to friend zone her cause she'll get angry

I look into her eyes when she opens them and I see her hazel eyes she has such a confident look but those hazel eyes adorable

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