a letter for my friend

preslee, you are my friend and friends are there for eachother.


1. the only chapter

Dear, preslee

you are my friend and nothing will ever change that no matter what because friends are suppose to be by each others sides. and we are suppose to help one another. If you are sad and you want to talk to me or anyone else to help make you feel better then there is nothing is wrong with that, there is nothing wrong about being happy. you don't have to say sorry if you are sad because i am always here to make you feel better. if someone does not like you for who you are then to bad for them, you are a wonderful person an nobody can tell you who to be because its your personality and nobody can change that except for you. your personality is your personality and your life is your life. if i were there with you i would give you a hug, so don't worry i will always be there with you till the end. and never say you are ugly because you are beautiful, everyone has there own type of beautiful. some people look better in blue than green and others look better with glasses because everyone has there own type of beautiful. 

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