1. Hermiones POV

Where are you going? Harry said

I'm just going to the library to meet up with somebody to study. I said

Who exactly? Harry said

Just somebody! I said getting mad

I started to walk to the library when Ginny came over to me.

Hermione! Ginny called out

What Ginny. I said annoyed

Are you going to the library?

No sorry.

I stared walking to the library hoping Ginny didn't see me and I walked in and saw Draco sitting in a chair drawing.

Hey beautiful. Draco said without looking up

Hi. I said blushing

I sat down next to Draco and opened my books

So..... Hermione. Draco said putting his arm around me

Yes. I said looking at him

Want to come over to my dorm tonight I got it all to myself.

Yeah sure. I said

I gave him a kids on the cheek and started to read again

It was getting dark so Draco and I snuck into his dorm

Hermione why dont you lay on the bed you look tired.

I'm ok I said laying on the bed

Draco wen into his bathroom and came out with a weird orange drink and gave it to me an I drank it and soon I was asleep

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