Angel's Wings

An Angel has fallen from heaven. She hit the ground hard and her wings went flying. Then God told an old prophecy. Will she ever get her wings back? Or will she be an angel without wings? Read and find out!!


1. The War

Demons and Angels were at it again. Another war. 

"Angels!" God shouted. "We must protect the kingdom and all its people! Satan! I don't wish for us to have another war! Please forgive me for not letting you go to earth and have a body! But maybe if you do some nice and good work, you can get a body and live amongst the living people! I do not wish to have another war!" 

Satan ignored every word God told him. He had a strategy this time. He would take down the lead angel and make her fall from heaven. Yes, his plan couldn't fail! He looked at the lead angel, Amora, and aimed his fire arrows at her delicate wings. He launched. Then he heard her cry of pain and saw her fall through the clouds and down to earth. 

'Well' He thought. 'My work is done here.'

He looked around and saw that the angels saw it but fought twice as hard. He looked up and saw The Almighty God in saddness and pain. He laughed until he was crying. Then he started heading back to his home. The demons followed once they realized that their king was going away. 

God looked down upon earth and heard a thud. He saw his poor Amora, lying on the ground, her wings flying away to some unknown place to her. He looked down and restored an old prophecy.

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