the meet

Austin moon (Ross lynch) and zoe have met during a incident at the mall. Soon the two fall in love and become more than just friends.


1. the accident

No one point of veiw

Austin was on his way to sonic boom to write a new song with ally.  He had just came in the door when ...BAM he had slammed into something. "oww , what the heck !" Austin whined . He got up to meet face to face with a caramel color body and black beach curls. She had on a white t-shirt with black shorts and a turquoise blazer. She had dark brown eyes and pink lips with skin that looked smooth as silk. She was beautiful and Austin couldn't help but stare at her. "Ummm I am so so sorry here let me help you. " Austin took the teenager hand and helped her up. "Thanks." the females voice said. "Hey aren't you Austin Moon, I love your song double take." When Austin heard her voice his heart melted. "Well yes I am and to apologize can I buy a smoothie." The girl had stood there for about a minute until she made up her mind ,"you know what you could but can you call me first me here's my number." She wrote down the number on a piece paper that was torn from a notebook then wrote something else and handed it to Austin. He looked down and read the number then at the girl. "Well I'll call you and see you there hopefully." The girl chuckled. "Bye Austin." "Bye Zoe."

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