Hope is Far From Here

Hailey is the perfect child, always does what she is told, never says no, and always keeps an open mind. Her parents are not exactly the dream parents though. But when Hailey realizes that she can enjoy life, she rebels and becomes the person she wants to become.


1. It's Gone

Every morning Lindy looked out her small bedroom window, looking at the blue birds, listening to the wind blow, and watching the tree rattle as the wind blew. Watching the birds flap their wings and be free in the world gave Lindy a small sliver of joy and hope. After ten minutes of watching nature fulfill her happiness, it was time to jump right back into reality. Eight year old Lindy was too young and innocent to be treated as disrespectfully as her parents did. Lindy was the one who received punishment for every little problem that came to be. If the television was left on, it was automatically her fault, no questions asked.  Her older brother, James, had life easier than Lindy did. Being the first child, James was mom and dad's favorite. James did always encouraged his parents behavior towards Lindy. Even though Lindy had parents who forced her to do everything, she had her own favorite hobbies, which include reading, running, sewing, and playing with her homemade teddy bear with light brown fuzz, black round eyes, and a big red bow that sat on the top his soft head. Lindy's always had a little strand of hope that she would be moved to a family who cared about her, and loved her as much as her parents loved James. Lindy often wished that she had been born first, but there wasn't even a genie that could make that wish come true.

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