My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


12. ~ 8 ~

Mali's POV: 


Once I got in the bathroom, I immediately took a shower because I smelt like shit. When I was done taking a shower, I blow dried my hair and curled it. Then I put my undergarments. Then I pulled on a floral flowy tank and some washed out high waisted shorts. I did my makeup which was simple. Winged eyeliner and EOS. Not much. When I got out of the bathroom I heard people yelling.   

I walked toward the direction I heard the yelling and it led me to a room with lots of games and stuff. I looked at the ground and saw Mikey and Cal playing FIFA 16 still yelling.   

" Guys," I said. I guess they didn't hear me because they kept yelling.  

" GUYS!" I yelled and Cal and Mikey looked back at me pausing the game.  

" Keep it down. You guys are way to fucking loud," I said.  

" Sorry Mali," they said.  

" Whatever," I said walking to my bunk. As I was walking to my bunk, something slapped my ass. I turned around and saw Luke.  

" Lucas Robert Hemmings, what do you think you're doing?" I asked being a little sassy.  

" Wow. Someone's a little sassy this afternoon," Luke said.  

" Sorry. I got a little annoyed with Cal and Mikey yelling," I said.  

" A little?" Luke asked looking at me dead in the eyes.  

" Ok a lot," I said and he chuckled leaning to give me a kiss but was rudely interrupted by Ashton.  

" Hey guys! Niall just texted me saying we have sound check in 2 hours!" Ashton yelled.  

" Ok," the boys yelled back.  

" Can I get a kiss now?" Luke asked whining.  

" Eh why not," I shrugged kissing Luke's lips softly and passionately.  

" Go get dressed. You got sound check in 2 hours," I said once we pulled away.  

" Fiiinnneee," Luke said walking to the bathroom.   

1 hour later he came out wearing a black Rolling Stones tee with a flannel on top of it, black skinny jeans with a rip at the knees, all black Converse, and his beautiful blonde hair perfectly quiffed up.  

" What took you so long?" I asked.  

" It's not easy putting this up in a quiff you know," Luke said and I giggled.  

" You have sound check in and hour and we're like, 30 minutes from the arena," I said.  

" Ok. Thanks baby," Luke said getting a red apple.  

" Hey. I want apple," I said and he tossed me a red one.  

" I want a green one," I said tossing the red one back to him as he tossed me a green one.  

" You're so picky," he said moving my feet off the couch so he can sit.  

" I know I am," I said taking a bite of my apple and Luke just rolled his eyes.

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