My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


9. ~ 6 ~


Mali's POV:  

We finally landed in Dublin, Ireland after a 4 hour flight that felt like a 20 hour flight. We got our bags and looked around the airport for Niall cause he said he would be here to pick us up.  

" Mali!" I heard someone yell. I turned around and saw Niall running towards  us.  

" Ny fly," I yelled running to him and hugging him.  

" I told you not to call me that anymore," he wined.  

" What? Ny fly?" I asked and he just rolled his eyes.  

" Hey guys," Niall said bro hugging the boys.  

" Come on. Let's get out of here. Car's outside so we better hurry," Niall said.   

" Oh by the way there's like 7 of us all together, but in my car there's like only 5 seats," Niall said.  

" We'll make it work," Luke said grabbing my waist. We're not an official couple yet, but we act like we are.  

" Ang I'm so happy we're on tour with the boys," I squealed as we walked to Niall's car. Luke just laughed and so did Ang.   We put our luggage in Niall's car and tried to figure out the seating arrangements. We finally decided and it was very comfy for me and Ang. Niall was the driver obviously. Calum was riding shotgun. In the back was Luke on the right side, Mikey in the middle, and Ash on the left side. I sat on Luke's lap and Ang sat on Ash's lap. The ride was no longer that 20 minutes and we pulled up in a parking lot with 2 giant ass buses.   

" What the hell is that? It looks like a house on fucking wheels," I said looking out the window.  

" That would be our tour bus. Is this your first time seeing one?" Niall asked and all of us nodded.  

" Well you guys will have fun on this tour. I guarantee you that," Niall said.  

" I'm sure we will," Luke whispered in my ear rubbing my ass.  

" Alright guys. Come on. Let's get your luggage and put them on the bus. Then we'll greet the guys and start in the road," Niall said getting out of the car. We all got out of the car, grabbed our luggages, and followed Niall to our bus. We set our luggages down and ran to the bunks.  

" Dibs on the middle one!" I yelled.  

" Dammit Maliya," Mikey said.  

" I call dibs on the other middle bunk," Luke said.  

" Fuck you Luke. You to Mali," Mikey said.  

" Aw. Is someone mad that we took the middle bunks before you did or are you just grumpy cause you ran out of hair dye," I said teasing Mikey.  

" Shut up," he wined. We finished picking bunks then went to the other tour bus.  

" Hey guys," Cal said walking into the other tour bus while we followed.  

" Hey guys," Liam, Harry, and Louis said coming over to us and giving us a hug.  

" Ok. So our first tour is tomorrow night. So get as much sleep as you can," Harry said.   

" Ok," we all said.  

" Alright. We're ready to hit the road," Liam said.  

" Ok. We'll see you guys later," I said walking out the bus into our with the others following behind me.  

" Hi guys. I'm Daniel but you can call me Danny. I'll be your bus driver for the entire tour. So that means that I have to travel with you guys. Any questions?" Danny said and everyone shook their head.  

" Ok. Let's get on the road," he said.  

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