My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


5. ~ 3 ~


Luke's POV:   


I woke up the next morning when the sun shone in my eyes. I groaned and tuned around to see Mali still asleep. I smiled and started to rub her arm with my hand. Minutes later she woke up.  


" What the hell happened?" she groaned shutting her eyes again.  


" Wake up sweets. You need to pack. The tour starts tomorrow," I said.  


" No. I wanna sleep. My head is giving me a hell of pain," she groaned burying her face in her pillow.  


" Adivil?" I asked and she nodded.   


" Please," she said. I got up and went to her bathroom and looked in her cabinets for Advil. I finally found it, but that wasn't all I found in that cabinet. I found some blades. I took one out of her cabinet and put it in my pocket. I walked out of her bathroom with the Advil in my hand.  

" Here sweets," I said giving her the Advil and her water she had on the nightstand.  

" Thanks Lukey," she said sitting up and popping the pills in her mouth and swallowing it with water.  

" Is there anything you wanna tell me?" I asked.  

" No. Why?" she asked. I sighed and took the blade out of my pocket and set it in front of her.  

" Luke I-," she started to say but I cut her off.  

" When and why?" I asked. I saw tears form in her eyes and soon they were streaming down her face.  

" Shh. Hey don't cry," I said pulling her onto my lap and hugged her while rubbing circles on her back trying to calm her down as she sobbed on my shoulder. When she finally calmed down, she pulled away from me wiping her face.  

" Do you want to tell me now?" I asked and she nodded.  

" Well, when I moved to California, I was so sad that I couldn't see you guys anymore so I started cutting and I was only in year 5. Then I got to high school. I had a boyfriend named Derek. Little did I know that he was a player, a raper, a drug dealer, a murderer, and worst of all, very abusive. My father also started abusing me when we moved to California. Well that hurt me so much that I started to cut everyday till I passed out. The reason why I moved back here was because I felt safer with you guys," she said and started to break down.  

" I stopped ever since I moved back here," she said still crying.  

" Come here," I said opening my arms. She crawled over, sat on my lap with her legs on both side of me and hugged me.  

" You know that me, the boys, Caro and Angelina are here for you. We're here to help you. Have you started ever since you moved back?" I asked still hugging her. I felt her shake her head NO.  

" Ok. That's good sweetheart," I said kissing the back of her head.  

" Promise me you won't do it again," I said pulling away from the hug and looking straight into her eyes.  

" I promise Lukey," she said.  

" Good," I said kissing her very softly on the lips.

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