My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


34. ~ 28 ~

Calum's POV:

" Cal. Calum wake up," I felt someone shaking me.

" What," I groaned opening my eyes.

" Mali," I sighed hugging her.

" I'm glad you're ok," I said and she smiled.

" I need to tell you something," she said.

" Go ahead," I said. She looked around and looked at me. I nodded and followed her out of the room.

" What is it Maliya?" I asked her she looked down to her stomach and looked at me. I looked at her stomach and saw a barely visible bump. She's pregnant? That's not possible in only a day. It takes at least a month for a bump to actually form. I gently touched her stomach and looked up to her.

" Uncle Cal," she said smiling. I smiled and hugged her.

" How long?" I asked her.

" The doctors told me about a month almost two, but I didn't have symptoms until today which was weird but they told me it was normal," she said.

" Wow! Have you told Luke yet or the others?" I asked and she shook her head. 

" I have a plan on how to tell them," she said and I nodded.

" What time is it?" I asked.

" 3 in the morning," she said.

" Let's get back to sleep ok?" I said.

" Ok," she said following me back into the room. She took her place back on the bed and I laid back on the couch drifting back to sleep.

Mali's POV:

I woke up back in the hospital bed. I looked around and saw Reina, Luke, Cal, Ash, and Ang. I looked back at Luke and his eyes were close with his lips slightly parted. I smiled and kissed his lips. I felt him kiss back and I smiled against his lips and I felt him smile too. I pulled away and saw his piercing blue eyes staring back at my boring brown eyes.

" Good morning my love," Luke said smiling showing his dimples.

" Morning my penguin," I said smiling.

" What a way to wake me up like you did right now. Maybe you should do that often," he said wiggling his eyebrows.

" Oh shame on you Hem Hem," I said giggling.

" You hungry?" he asked getting up.

" Yes extremely," I said. 

" Ok I'll go buy some food. Be right back," he said leaning down pecking my lips. He pulled away, but I wrapped my arms around his neck and pulled him down for another.

" Don't leave. Wake Calum up to go get some food. I need you to stay with me," I said.

" Ok, whatever you want baby girl," he said walking over to Calum.

" Cal wake up," Luke said shaking Cal.

" Hmm what do you want Hemmings?" Cal asked.

" Mali wants you to go get her some food," he said.

" Why can't you get it?" Cal groaned.

" Because she wants me to stay with her," Luke said.

" Tell her I don't care. If she wants food she can go get it herself. Now let me sleep," Cal said.

" I heard that Cal. Now you go get me and everyone else some food. Now," I said sternly.

" Ok, ok, fine! But only because you're p-" Cal started to say but stopped talking when I glared at him.

" Because she's what?" Luke asked confused.

" Because she's a pain in the ass," Cal said without thinking.

" Hey! I'm not a pain in the ass!" I argued.

" Yes you are," Cal mumbled.

" What was that?" I snapped.

" N-nothing. I'll go get the food now," Cal said quickly shuffling out of the room.

" Damn Mali. You scared the shit outta him," Luke said.

" How'd you do that?" he asked.

" I have my ways," I said with a smirk.

" For a second I thought he was gonna say that you're pregnant. Not that there's anything wrong with that," he said. I smiled and laid back down. 

" If you were pregnant, would you want a boy or girl first?" he asked.

" I wouldn't mind because they would still be my child," I said smiling.

" I would want a boy soon. Name him Lucas Hemmings Jr," Luke said.

" In your dreams penguin," I said. Calum came walking in with some food from Denny's.

" Yay!! You got me my fav! Thanks big bro," I said smiling.

" So what's on the agenda today?" Ash asked.

" Preparations for tomorrow's graduation," Ang said and I nodded.

" She's right. We have to set some things up, which means me and Ang need a day at the mall today to get ourselves to look hot tomorrow," I said.

" Ok then. Can Reina go with you guys?" Luke asked.

" Why not. She IS my daughter," I shrugged.

" And mine," Luke giggled.

" God your giggle is adorable," I said pinching Luke's cheeks.

" Not as adorable as yours," Luke said kissing my lips.

" We're still here you know," Cal said rolling his eyes. We pulled away from the kiss and laughed.

" Ms. Hood you're free to go. Since you're awake and papers were signed yesterday," the nurse said as she walked past the room.

" Ok thank you!" I yelled. I finished up my food and got up to go to the bathroom.

" M you forgot your clothes," Ang said walking up to me giving me a backpack.

" Thanks Ang," I said and walked to the bathroom. I took off the hospital gown and put on the bra and underwear that was in the backpack. Then I put on the high waisted acid washed shorts and the white crop top that says Luke Hemmings Is My Boyfriend in the back.

I slid on the socks and white converse and combed my hair putting it in a high ponytail. I put on a little bit of mascara and did the winged eyeliner and walked out of the bathroom. When I walked back in the room where everyone was, Luke looked at my shirts and smiled.

" Well that sure as hell is true," Luke said smirking at me. I rolled my eyes and slung the backpack over my shoulder.

" Let's go everyone," I said as Reina ran up to me and grabbed my hand.

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