My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


33. ~ 27 ~

Luke's POV:

" Luke. Can't. Breathe." she said struggling for air. My hands began to shake and I started to freak out. I looked up at her and saw her close her eyes and her body collapsed on the bed.

" Mali!" I yelled jumping up to my feet. 

" Mali! Mali! Baby please! Wake up!" I yelled shaking her. I pressed my ear on her chest and heard her heart beating rapidly. I panicked and grabbed my phone dialing 911. Then the door flew open. I thought I locked it. I turned around and there stood Angelina with a key in her hand. Damn it.

" Luke what the fuck?!" she yelled running over to Mali.

" 911 what's your emergency?" a lady asked.

" H-hi my name is Luke Hemmings. M-my girlfriend w-was struggling to breathe a-and she doesn't have asthma. T-then s-she closed her eyes and fell on the bed. I listened to her heart beat a-and it's beating really fast l-like after you ran a marathon," I said crying.

" Ok Luke. Calm down. My name is Anna. We're going to help you. I just sent help right now. The ambulance is on its way. You location IS Stanford University on the west side of campus in dorm 106 correct?" Anna said.

" Y-yes ma'am," I said.

" Ok. The ambulance should be there in a minute or two. I hope they find out what's wrong with your girlfriend. Have a great day," she said.

" Thanks, you too," I said then hung up. I turned to Mali and saw Angelina right by her sobbing with her head in her hands.

" You!" she yelled looking up.

" Me?" I asked.

" No shit Sherlock! What did you do to her?!" she asked yelling at me.

" I didn't do anything!" I fought back.

" You obviously did because you're the only one in this room when whatever happened in here happened!" she yelled.

" I swear I didn't do anything. We were just doing it and after I asked if she was ok. She said she was fine, put her clothes on and sat on the bed. Then she started struggling to breathe which leads us here," I explained.

" I'm sorry. I shouldn't have yelled at you. It's just, she had so many boyfriends that would do mean things to her," Ang said. I walked over to her and sat beside her.

" Do you really think I would even do or think about doing things like that to her?" I asked.

" You're right. You wouldn't. You're a great guy Luke. Not like the other boys she used to date," she said. She looked at me and gave me a side smile. I did the same and hugged her. Then I heard the dorm door bust open.

" Did anyone call for help?!" I heard someone yell.

" In here!" I yelled back. I picked Mali up bridal style and carried her to the front door. The paramedics took her away from me and set her on the stretcher. 

" Daddy? What happen? Why is mommy on there?" Reina asked rubbing her eyes while walking over to her. I bent down and picked her up.

" Sweetie, mommy is ok. She couldn't breathe so we're going to take her to the hospital," I said.

" She going to be ok yes?" she asked with tears in her eyes. I nodded as a tear slipped from my eyes. Reina wiped it away with her thumb and snuggled her face in my neck. 

" Sir follow us please," the paramedic said as they finished strapping Mali up rolling her out of the room.

" Ang meet me at the hospital! I'm taking Reina with me, and I'll call the boys!" I yelled.

" Ok. I'll bring some clothes for you, Reina and Mali," she yelled back.

" Thanks!" I yelled closing the door and running to the ambulance. I climbed in and held Mali's hand.

" Oh baby," I said. I looked at Mali's face and saw her eyes open a bit. She looked at me and smiled.

" Hi baby," I smiled and kissed her hand. She smiled and pointed at Reina.

" Reina, look who's awake," I said. Reina lifted her head and looked at me. I cocked my head in Mali's direction and she looked at Mali smiling.

" Mommy!" she yelled. Mali lifted the breathing tube with her free hand and smiled looking at us.

" Hi baby," she said her voice raspy.

" Ma'am we need you to keep the breathing tube over your mouth and nose please," the paramedic said. She nodded and placed back over her mouth and nose.

" Baby I'm gonna call your brother, ok?" I said and she nodded. I pulled out my phone and dialed Cal's number. Just as I clicked call, we arrived at the hospital and they wheeled her out of the ambulance.

" Baby your going to be ok. I have to go in the waiting room. Love you," I said kissing her forehead.

" Love you too," I heard her say in the tube. Reina kissed her forehead and I walked to the waiting room.

" Hello? Who is this and why are you calling me at this hour?" I heard Cal say on the phone.

" Cal it's Luke. Did you not save my number?" I asked rolling my eyes.

" No I did, I just didn't check the caller id before I answered," he said groggily.

" Oh," I said.

" Luke what is it? What is so important that you called me at midnight?" Cal groaned.

" Oh yeah, your sister is in the hospital. You need to come right now," I said.

" What?!" he yelled in the phone. I heard shuffling and a girls voice.

" Luke I'll be right there," he said and then the line went dead.

" Daddy was the Uncle Cal Pal?" Reina asked and I chuckled.

" Sure was," I said then dialed Michael's number. 

" Reina do you want to say hi to Uncle Mickey Mouse?" I asked. She bounced up and down on my lap clapping her hands. I smiled and put the phone on speaker.

" W-what Luke?" Mike asked out of breath.

" Uncle Mickey Mouse!" Reina yelled and he moaned.

" Ok, maybe we should call you back later," I said and hung up laughing. I dialed Ashton's number but hung up when I saw him and Ang walk in the room hand in hand.

" Luke!" Ang sighed running over to me. I stood up with Reina in my arms and Ang hugged me.

" How is she?" she asked and I sighed.

" I don't know. They haven't said anything yet," I said and she nodded. 

" Hey mate," Ash said bro hugging me.

" Hey," I said.

" Here we brought you some clothes and shoes. Go get dressed quickly," Ash said handing me a backpack. I nodded taking it and ran to the bathroom. I opened the bag, stripped out of my clothes and put on the black skinny jeans, the shirt and flannel on. I slipped on the black vans and ran back to the waiting room.

" Anyone here for Ms. Mali Hood?" a nurse announced. Right on time. I walked over to the nurse and I saw Cal there.

" How is she?" I asked.

" She's doing good. We did some tests and she's perfectly fine," the nurse said. Perfectly fine? What the hell?

" Perfectly fine? Then-then why couldn't she breathe? Why did she pass out?" I asked.

" She does not have asthma so don't worry. It was shortness of breath. We asked her when she first realize she couldn't breathe and she said she was having sex with her boyfriend. Now whichever one of you is her boyfriend, I kindly ask you to take it easy on her," the nurse said. I felt the heat rise up to my face and Cal started laughing.

" C-can we go see her?" I asked and the nurse nodded leading us to her room.

" She will be released in the morning since it's late and we need her to rest," the nurse said stopping at a door.

" Here we are," she said opening the door.

" Thanks," I said and walked in with Reina holding my hand. Mali turned towards us and smiled.

" Hey," she said in her normal voice.

" Hey," I smiled sitting in a chair beside her pulling Reina on my lap.

" Hi baby," she said.

" Hi mommy," Reina said.

" Come give mommy some kissy kissy," she said and I chuckled. Reina smiled and gave Mali a kiss on her cheek.

" Daddy you have to give mommy some kissy kissy too," Reina said.

" Ok ok," I said and kissed Mali on her lips.

" Mmm I love you," she said when I pulled away.

" I love you too honey bunny," I said and we laughed.

" Hey guess what?" she said running her fingers through my hair and bitting her lip. 

" Hm," I said placing my hand on her cheek stroking it with my thumb.

" Never mind. I'll tell you later. I'm tired," she said and kissed my lips before flopping back down on the bed.

" Oh ok. Can me and Reina lay with you?" I asked. She nodded and scooted over. I helped Reina get in the bed and went behind Mali. I climbed in and cuddled her from behind.

" Goodnight Mali and Reina," I said.

" Goodnight mommy and daddy," Reina said.

" Goodnight princess and Lukey," Mali said and we all fell asleep.

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