My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


32. ~ 26 ~


Mali's POV:

We walked in mine and Ang's dorm and saw everyone playing video games.

" We're here!" Ang says paranoid. They looked back and paused the game. Luke walked up to me and gave me a hug. I hugged him back and rested my head on his chest.

" How was your day baby girl?" he asked.

" It was good," I said smiling but quickly faded into a frown when I felt that sharp pain in my stomach again. I quickly pull away from Luke and clutch my stomach.
" Babe what's wrong?" Luke asked.
" Oh nothing. It's just this small pain in my stomach. No big deal," I said fake smiling.
" Are you sure your ok?" he asked.
" I'm fine," I snapped and Luke back up putting his hands up. I sighed and walked to him wrapping my arms around his waist.
" I'm sorry. I don't even know why I snapped at you baby," I said.
" It's fine babe," he chuckled pulling me closer.
" Hey M," I heard Devonne say from behind me. I pulled away from the hug and turned to face her.
" Yeah?" I asked.
" Can I talk to you? Alone? Please?" she said. I nodded and guided her to my room.
" What's up?" I asked after closing the door.
" I don't wanna jump to conclusions but..." she said trailing off.
" But what?" I asked her getting a little impatient. She took a deep breath and let it out.
" Areyouprego?" she said really fast.
" Say it slower, I didn't understand you," I said sitting on my bed.
" Are you-" she said really slowly but I cut her off.
" Regular speed," I said.
" Are you prego?" she asked.
" What?! No! I'm not prego," I said.
" How long has it been since your last dot?" she asked.
" 4 weeks ago. Which means I'm supposed to start this week," I said.
" Why do you have all of a sudden weird food cravings?" she asked.
" I don't know," I shrugged.
" Last question, what's with the stomach pain?" she asked.
" How did yo-" I started to say until she cut me off.
" M, I've known you forever. It's easy to tell when your hurt or in pain," she said.
" It's nothing Devonne," I said.
" M, those are all the signs of pregnancy," she said.
" Devonne, your being ridiculous right now. There is no way a baby would form in my stomach in 8 hours," I said.
" You're right. I am. Sorry M, it's just, I care about you so much," she said sighing and I smiled hugging her.
" It's ok," I said as I pulled away from the hug.
" I would've been the same way though," I said and we giggled.
" If my dot doesn't come this week, then I'll take a pregnancy test and then I'll go to the doctor's just to make sure," I said.
" Promise," she said holding her pinkie out.
" Promise," I said hooking my pinkie to hers.
" Come on. Let's go. I'm hungry," I said.
" Ok," she said and we walked out of my room. Luke walked up to me and kissed me.
" What was that for?" I asked giggling when we pulled away.
" Just because I love you so much baby," he said smiling but I could tell that wasn't all.
" You want to know if I'm prego don't you?" I said cocking my head to the side smilling a bit. He sighed then nodded.
" Yeah," he said.
" Baby, I don't even know yet. I don't even think it's possible for a baby to form in my stomach in 8 hours," I said giggling and he nodded and looked down.
" Brighten up baby. We still have Reina. We possibly might have another but I don't know for sure. I'm pretty sure I'm ready though," I said smiling and Luke smiled.
" There's that smile I've been waiting for," I said smiling and kissing his lips.
" Are we good?" I asked and he nodded.
" I'm hungry," he said.
" Me too. Let's go," I said grabbing his hand and walking to where everyone else are.
" Yo! What do you guys want to eat?" I asked them.
" Pieology?" Xavier suggested.
" What's Pieology?" Ash asked.
" You'll see. I'm pretty sure Mikey will love it," I said giggling.
~ at Pieology ~
" So what is this place?" Cal asked as we entered.
" Oh my gosh!! It's pizza!!" Mikey yelled. The restaurant got quiet and everyone turned to look at us. They rolled their eyes and went back to eating.
" It's not any pizza place. You get to create your pizza," I said and Mikey jumped up and down clapping his hands.
~ 2 hours later ~
" Than was the best pizza I've ever had in my whole life," Mikey said patting his stomach.
" That's because you chose almost every topping to put on you pizza," Luke said chuckling.
" You guys hurry up! I'm tired," Ang whined.
" Chill. Reina's almost done eating," I said. Reina finishes her pizza and we all head back to our place after giving each other hugs.
~ back at the dorm ~
" Finally! Peace and quiet," I said flopping down on my bed. 
" Yep. True that," Luke said flopping down next to me. I smiled and cuddled into his chest. I heard him chuckle and felt him kiss the top of my head. His hands were running up and down my side each time stopping to grab my ass. I sat up and pulled him to sit up too. I looked in his eyes and saw my whole future flash before me. He's my future. Reina's my future. A lot of babies are my future. I smiled and climbed on his lap.
" You know, a wise friend of mine once told me to stop wasting time on boys who don't love me, when there's one person that I least expect to love me, and that person will be waiting for me on the sidelines no matter how long it takes for me to figure out that it was that person who has loved me all along and has been there for me through ups and downs in my life. Lucas Robert Hemmings, your that person in the sidelines waiting for me. I finally found my whole future. Right here with you. I love you so much Lukey and I will never ever ever stop loving you. I love you to the moon and back. I'll love you Forever and Always," I said smiling. Luke looked at me and smiled. 
He didn't say anything he just smiled. Then he started leaning in slowly and I did too. When our faces were centimeters apart, Luke grabbed my face with both of his hands and smiled looking into my eyes.
" I'll show you how much I love you," he said and gently kissed my lips. 
I pulled him closer by tightening my grip around his neck. The kiss started to escalate quickly and it was soon a heated make out session. Luke's hands wandered from my face, to my breast, to the small of my back, and to my ass. I felt a small tug on my shirt signaling for me to take it off. I separated from the kiss and took my shirt off. 
Luke started kissing my neck wandering his hands to my back. Then I felt my stomach turn and I felt like throwing up. I quickly pushed Luke away and ran to my extended bathroom. I held my hair up and kneeled down over the toilet and started throwing up. I felt someone grab my hair holding it for me as I threw up.
" It's ok baby. Let it all out," he said rubbing my back. I threw up some more until I was determined that I was done. I leaned away from the toilet and sat there wondering Why The Fuck I just threw up. Luke flushed the toilet and looked at me.
" Are you ok baby girl?" he asked. I looked at him and for some reason I started to cry.
" Hey hey hey. Don't cry love," he said pulling me on his lap as I sobbed into his chest. Why the fuck am I crying? I continued to soak up his shirt until I felt less emotional.
" Are you ok my love?" Luke asked looking in my eyes.
" I'm fine. I don't even know why I cried," I said letting out a small giggle and he did too.
" Let's go to bed," he said. I nodded and got up pulling him with me.
" Lemme just brush my teeth first," I said and he nodded leaving the bathroom. I grabbed my toothbrush and toothpaste and started brushing my teeth. My breath probably smelt like shit after I threw up. Once I finished brushing my teeth. I walked out of the bathroom and into my room only to see Luke pleasuring himself.
" Need help with that?" I smirked as I slowly walked to my bed. I took his hands away and started pumping him with my hands. I looked at him and saw that he has his head thrown back. I smiled and took him in my mouth. I hollowed my cheeks and bobbed my head making him moan out my name. I then I felt his hands grip tightly on my hair and took control making me gag every time his member would hit the back of my throat. His breathing picked up quickly and soon I tasted his salty cum in my mouth. I swallowed it and kissed the tip of his member before crawling up to Luke resting my head on his chest.
" Thanks baby," he said.
" All you had to do was ask babe," I said smiling and looking up at him sending him a wink.
" You know, it's not fair that you didn't get any pleasure," Luke said softly placing me on his lap. His hands snaked their way to my ass giving it a small squeeze. I leaned over so that my mouth was next to his ear and my boobs were in his face.
" I was thinking the same thing. My turn," I whispered biting his earlobe.
" You shouldn't have been doing that baby, now I'm in control of you daddy," I whispered in his ear. He let out a shaky breath as my lips traveled along his neck, to his torso stopping very close to the hard member. 
" Stay here, and don't say a word," I said walking over to my drawers. I dug through it and found some handcuffs. I grabbed it and hid it behind me in my back pocket. Walking back to where Luke was laying and watching me, I began to remove my clothing including my bra and underwear. Once I reached the bed, I quickly grabbed his hands and handcuffed them to the headboard of my bed.
" What the fuck Mali," Luke said a bit pissed while trying to break free by pulling on the handcuffs.
" I wouldn't do that if I were you," I said starting to grind on his lap. He let out a moan followed by a cuss word. Then I stopped.
" No! Why'd you stop! Please keep go-," he said but I cut him off but placing my finger on top of his lips.
" Shhh. No talking. Every time you don't listen, I'll stop what I'm doing, even if I feel good too," I said and he nodded. 
" Good boy," I said.
" Now. Where should I start? Oh I know! Down here maybe," I said sliding my hands down to his member.
" No sounds and no movement unless I say so, got that?" I said. He bit his lip and nodded.
" Good boy," I said and started pumping him with my hands. Still pumping him, I traveled my lips up his torso to his neck. I bit every spot on his neck making sure I left marks there. I started grinding on him while my hands gripped his biceps and my lips attacked his. I wasted no time to slip my tounge in. Luke attacked his lips to mine as if he were angry, eager and desperate. I reached for the key to the handcuffs and held them in my hand. I separated from the kiss and stopped grinding on him. I could tell that he was about to whine but I quickly pumped him with my free hand. I saw him throw his head back which was hot. Not gonna lie.
" Look at me," I said and he didn't.
" God dammit I said look at me!" I yelled and he looked at me biting his lip. I played with my boobs still pumping him and I saw him bite his lip harder.
" You can make noises now daddy," I said whispering the last part and he immediately let out a deep groan.
" I'm going to uncuff you. You can do whatever you want. Just make me feel good. Understood?" I said and he nodded.
" Good," I said uncuffing him. He immediately took my hands and flipped us over so that he was on top.
" Bad idea," he said in a low sexy voice. I looked in his eyes and saw anger. He cuffed my hands to the headboard and laughed as I whimpered.
" Baby please," I said acting sad and as if I was about to cry. He looked at me and his eyes soften.
" Oh my gosh baby I'm sorry. Does it hurt?" he asked as he uncuffed me and threw the handcuffs somewhere in the room. I laughed and he quickly caught on pouting.
" Hey not fair. It was my turn to do that to you," he said.
" Oh well, you still love me though," I said pulling him by his neck attaching my lips to his.
" Of course I do," he said in the kiss. Without a warning, I felt him quickly push 3 fingers in me. I gasped and that gave him the chance to slip his tounge in. His fingers went in and out at a fast pace. I felt the familiar knot form in my stomach and I bit his tounge.
" Baby I'm about to cum," I said.
" Then cum darling," he said keeping the same pace. I felt nothing but pleasure as I came all over his fingers. I moaned his name out loud and he smiled. He kissed me from my jawline, to my neck, down in between my boobs all the way down to my entrance. He looked up at me and smiled. He licked around my clit collecting all my juices.
" Mmmm baby girl you taste so sweet," he said. He kissed my entrance and attached his teeth to my sensitivity nub. I yelped out in pain and then he slid back in 3 fingers going in and out at a fast pace again. He rolled his teeth on my nub and it hurt like hell but felt so god damn good. I felt the knot form again at the pit of my stomach. Soon I felt myself release once again on his fingers. He licked his fingers clean and kissed me. He lined himself at my entrance.
" Don't release unless I tell you to," he said rubbing his tip against me making me more wet.
" Well it's not something I can control," I said and he playfully rolled his eyes. He pushed himself in me and went full speed. 
" God. Damn. Luke. You're. So. Fucking. Hot," I said in between breaths. I'm trying to catch my breath but before I do, Luke attaches his lips to mine. I'm starting to see black stars. I came undone a 3rd time and Luke was still thrusting in and out of me riding my high but not his yet. He kept the same pace and I felt nothing but pleasure. He moaned in my mouth and separated from the kiss allowing me to breathe. He must've came because his thrusts became slower and sloppier. He collapsed next to me and cuddled me snuggling his head in the crook of my neck. 
" That. Was. Amazing." he said still panting and I nodded breathlessly. 
" What's wrong? Did I hurt you?" he asked worried.
" Nothing's wrong. You didn't hurt me baby. It felt amazing, I just can't breathe," I said getting up and putting my clothes on and sitting down on the bed. Luke got up and put his boxers and sweats on and kneeled down in front of me.
" Babe you're scaring me. Where does it feel like you can't breathe?" he asked and I touched my chest. I'm still panting but Luke is breathing normally. I felt my chest tightening. What's going on? I clutched my chest and started to feel dizzy. 
" Luke. Can't. Breathe." I said gasping for air. I felt something shaking on my knee. I looked down and saw Luke freaking out. Then my eye lids started to feel heavy. I tried to fight them open but it was no use. Then everything went black.


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