My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


31. ~ 25 ~

Luke's POV:

I woke to the smell of bacon. I looked down and saw Mali still in my arms. I smiled and carefully got up not wanting to wake her up. I walked in the kitchen and saw Ang cooking.

" Morning Ang," I said smiling.

" Morning Luke. Where's Mali and Reina?" she asked. 

" Mali is still sleeping, and I think Reina is too," I said.

" Well wake Mali up. We have to get our graduation gowns and caps today. Oh and Devonne will be here soon to take us shopping," Ang said. I rolled my eyes playfully and walked to the couch. I bent down in front of Mali and played with her hair.

" Wake up baby girl," I whispered softly in Mali's ear. I saw her eyes flutter open and I smiled.

" Morning beautiful," I smiled kissing her forehead. 

" Morning penguin," she said smiling while raking her fingers through my messed up quiff. I smiled and took her hand from my hair, and held it to my face.

" Get up baby. You and Ang have to get your graduation gown and cap, and Devonne's taking you guys out to the mall," I said. 

" Can I have 30 more minutes?" she asked while closing her eyes.

" Nope," I said popping the P. She didn't respond. 

" Don't make me tickle you," I warned her while I stood up. She still laid there. 

" Ok," I said and started to tickle her. She burst out in laughter and I saw tears streaming down her face as she laughed and her face got really red.

" Stoppit. Lucas. I. Can't. Breathe.," she said in between laughs, but I didn't stop until she started to cough. I placed my lips on hers and kissed her softly and deeply. Then she pulled away gasping for air.

" Come on my crazy girl. Eat breakfast and get ready," I said.

" I want piggyback ride," she said in a baby voice. I chuckled and bent down in front of her my back facing her. She climbed on me and I held her thighs as I went to the kitchen. I set her down on the counter and face her. She smiled and kissed me on my lips. I kissed her back while grabbing her by her waist and pulling her closer to me. She wrapped her arms around my neck only to deepen the kiss. We heard Angelina groaned and we pulled away laughing.

" Did you guys really have to do that early in the morning, in front of me," she groaned and me and Mali laughed.

" Good morning Mommy, Daddy and Aunty Angie," Reina said walking in the kitchen.

" Good morning sweetheart. Aunty Ang made you some bacon and pancakes," Mali said.

" M you better eat breakfast because we're leaving soon," Ang said.

" Ok fine," Mali said.

" One more kiss before you eat," I pleaded. Mali smiled and kissed me by my ear.

" You'll get a lot more than just a kiss tonight," she whispered in my ear in her sexy morning voice. As she walked away, I grabbed her by her waist and pulled her close to me.

" Don't tease daddy this early in the morning. You'll regret it," I said sternly.

" Oh so I'll regret doing this," she said trailing her hand down from my neck, to my torso and stopping at the waistline of my sweats. I can already feel myself getting hard. I pulled her hand away and pinned them to her side.

" You're gonna regret what you did to me," I said pulling her to her room. I locked the door and threw her on her bed, and pinned her wrists above her head.

" No condom," she said and I smirked. I kissed down her neck leaving marks on every spot. I ripped off her sports bra and her sweats bringing her panties with them.

" Be a good girl and don't move or make a sound," I said getting undressed. I pumped myself a couple of times in front of her and climbed back on top of her. 

" Now remember, no sounds, there are people out there," I said while rubbing my tip against her clit. She bit her lip trying not to make any sounds. I attached my lips to hers as I pushed myself in her. Her back arched pushing her breasts on me. I slowly went in and out and kept it that way. I massaged her breasts still kissing her. She moaned against my lip which caused me to moan. I felt myself getting close and I can tell she was getting close too. So I pulled out and she whined.

" Stand up," I demanded and she did as told. 

" Now bend over and rest your elbows on the bed," I said and she did as told. I pushed myself in her again this time going faster. 

" Yell my name baby girl," I said slapping her ass and grabbing a first full of her hair pulling her head back.

" Luke! Fuck!" she screamed.

" Louder baby. I want the world to know who's doing this to you," I said.

" Luke! Daddy! Oh fuck!" she screamed louder and I moaned.

" Let go baby," I said and she released moaning loudly while her knees shook violently. I kept my pace until I felt myself release. Moaning loudly I rode down our highs and collapsed next to Mali panting.

" I can't feel my legs," she said in pain.

" I told you that you would regret doing that to me," I chuckled.

" Mmm. But you made me feel good daddy," she said cuddling into me.

" Daddy always wins princess," I said.

" Now you need to get ready. Devonne will be here soon," I said and she nodded standing up. Her legs started to shake and I quickly got up catching her just in time before she fell.

" Maybe I should walk you," I said chuckling. I walked her to her attached bathroom and let go of her so she can take a shower. I put some boxers on and slipped on my black adidas sweat pants. Then Mali came out wrapped in a towel. She went to her drawer and pulled out a red and black lace bra with matching panties.

" Babe," I whined. She turned around and smirked. She let her towel drop and slowly putting her panties on. She walked over to me and smirked pushing her breasts against my chest.

" Yes babe?" she asked sexily cocking her head to the side. I pulled her closer by her waist and started kissing down her neck.

" Round 2?" I asked and she crashed her lips to mine. She slid down my sweats bringing my boxers with them while I slid her panties down. She stepped out of them and jumped on me. I caught her by her thighs and walked up to her door pushing her against the door. She wrapped her legs around me and kissed down my neck. She pumped me a couple of times making me moan her name loudly.

" Fuck Mali! Mmm baby you're so good," I said. I slid 3 fingers in her making her whimper.

" Daddy please! Just fuck me already!" she screamed in pleasure. I took my fingers out of her and licked them clean. I kissed her lips roughly as she was still pumping me. Then she lined me up at her entrance. I pulled away from the kiss and looked at her in the eyes.

" All you had to do was ask baby girl," I said pushing myself in her.

" Lukey!" she screamed.

" Fuck baby you're so tight," I grunted. I took my thumb and rubbed figure 8s on her clit making her scream. She pulled on my hair and dug her nails into my back scratching down every time I went in her. 

" Baby I can't last longer," she breathed out and with that she let out a loud moan releasing herself. I was still thrusting until I came. I slowly rode out highs and set her on the floor. Her legs shook and she couldn't keep her balance, so I just stood there holding her waist, trying to catch my breath. I kissed her lips and rested my forehead on hers.

" I won't be surprised if you got pregnant after this," I said looking in her beautiful brown eyes smiling.

" That was the point," she said smiling.

Mali's POV:

Luke finally let me go and I grabbed my red and black lace panties off the floor. I slid them on and put on my matching bra. I went to my closet and grabbed a Mickey Mouse crop top and blue jean shorts. I slid them on and went to the bathroom to do my hair and makeup. First I started with hair. I braided the back of my hair and put the rest in a bun. Then I did my makeup. I did winged eyeliner, mascara, lipstick and a little bit of mascara. I looked on both sides of my neck and saw red and purple marks on my my neck.

" Lukey," I whined and he came to the bathroom. 

" What's wrong?" he asked and I pointed at my neck. He chuckled and walked over to me. He wrapped his arms around me as I wrapped mine around his neck.

" At least everyone knows you're mine," he said pecking my lips. I giggled and covered the marks with concealer. I put my Mickey Mouse stud earrings, ring, and necklace, slipped on my black vans, and grabbed my phone.  

" Come on," Luke said grabbing my hand and walking out of my room to the living room and everyone was there, and when I say everyone. I mean everyone. Manny, Xavier, Devonne, Ash, Cal, and Mikey. They looked at us and I felt myself blush because I'm pretty sure they heard us.

" Daddy please! Just fuck me already!" Mikey said mocking me and they burst out laughing while me and Luke blushed.

" Hey Luke! Did Mali do that to your back?" Ash asked laughing as everyone laughed again. I looked at Luke's back and saw red lines going down. I laughed and Luke looked at me.

" It's bad, and so is your neck," I said giggling. Luke ran to my room and came back with a shirt on. I giggled as he came behind me wrapping his arms around my waist and resting his chin on my shoulder.

" Mommy! Mommy! Look what Aunty Devonne gave me," Reina said walking up to me and Luke holding a bag.

" What's in there baby girl?" Luke asked pointing at the bag. She stuck her hand in the bag and pulled it back out with a brand new Barbie doll in her hand. 

" That's cool baby. Did you say thank you to Aunty Devonne?" I asked her and she nodded. I looked at Devonne and she nodded.

" Yeah she said thank you and hugged me," she said giggling and I nodded giggling as well.

" So are you ready to go?" Devonne asked. 

" Yeah," me and Ang said.

" Bye baby," I said turning around to face Luke.

" Bye. Oh and call me if you're feeling a little weird. After all, we didn't use a condom. You might be pregnant," Luke said whispering the last part and I nodded smiling while pecking his lips.

" Bye Reina," I said giving her a hug.

" Where you going?" she asked.

" I'm going with Aunty Angie and Aunty Devonne to do some grown up stuff. You're gonna stay here with daddy ok?" I said and she nodded.

" Right daddy?" I said winking at Luke.

" Babe," he warned and I quickly got up.

" Bye," I said following Devonne and Ang to Devonne's car. I sat in the passenger seat and Ang sat in the middle in the back and Devonne drove.

" Where to?" Devonne asked.

" To the school building. Me and M have to get our cap and gown for graduation," Ang said. Devonne pulled up in front of the building and parked in guest parking. We got out and walked into the office. We bought our cap and gown and went to the mall.

" Ok so we're gonna go shopping for you graduation dress," Devonne said squealing. Me and Ang giggled.

" So M, we heard you and Luke," Ang said giggling as I turned red.

" Is that why you have so many red spots on your collarbone?" Devonne asked trying not to laugh but fails. I brought down the mirror thing in the car and inspected my collarbone. Sure enough there were red spots that I didn't cover.

" Fuck," I mumbled. 

" Devonne do you have concealer in your purse?" I asked and she nodded. I dug through her purse and found her makeup bag. I opened her makeup bag and found her concealer. I covered up the red marks and put the concealer back in the makeup bag and the makeup bag back in Devonne's purse. When I looked out the window, I noticed we were parked in a parking lot. We're here. Then my phone rang. I looked at the caller ID and saw Luke's name.
-----------------------------------Phone Convo: L=Luke M=Mali

L: Hey baby girl.
M: Hi Lukey.
L: How are you feeling?
M:(rolls her eyes) I feeling fine. No need to worry.
L: Just checking. Are you in pain from earlier?
M: I said I'm fine Luke!
L:(sadly) Ok, I'm sorry.
M: Hey. I'M sorry. I don't know why I'm being moody right now. I didn't mean to snap at you baby.
L: It's ok baby. I'll see you later.
M: Ok. I love you so much penguin.
L:(chuckling) I love you too princess.
End of convo
" What was that about?" Devonne asked as we walked into this store with a lot of dresses.

" Oh you know Luke. Just being the overprotective boyfriend. He's so sweet though. He's just looking out for me. Something that he promised Cal he would do," I said smiling.

" Aw. You guys are goals!" Ang and Devonne squealed. I rolled my eyes and laughed. I looked around for dresses when I felt this sharp pain in my stomach. I ignored it and kept looking for a dress for graduation. Then I finally found this cute short gold dress. I took it in the dressing room and tried it on. It was so cute so I decided I wanted to get it.

" M you in here?" I heard Ang ask. 

" Yeah. Just finished trying this dress on," I said getting out of the fitting room only to find her and Devonne standing there waiting for me. 

" Lemme see," Ang said and I gave the dress to her.

" OMG it's perf!" Ang squealed.

" Yeah come on. I wanna get some food. I'm getting really hungry," I said going to the cash register. I bought the dress and walked out of the store to the food court with the girls.

" How are you hungry already? You just ate," Ang complained.

" I really don't know. I'm just really really really hungry," I said walking into McDonalds. I ordered like tons of fries, and when I mean tons, I mean like 4 larges, all for me.

" Girl are you ok? You seem a little bit off," Devonne asked.

" I'm fine. Just really hungry," I said sticking 4 fries in my mouth.

Devonne's POV:

I'm really worried about her. Weird food cravings? Mood swings? She sometimes clutches her stomach with pain in her eyes but doesn't show the pain.

" M. Seriously. What's wrong? You've been moody, and have been having weird food cravings," I said. She sighed as she ate more fries.

" I don't know what's wrong. It's so weird. All of a sudden food cravings and mood swings? This is kinda weird," she said still eating fries. I sighed and slid down my chair a bit.

~ back at the dorm ~

We walked into Mali and Ang's dorm only to see Reina, Luke, Calum, Michael, Ashton, Manny and Xavier playing video games.

" We're back," Angelina said paranoid. They looked back and paused the game. Luke went to Mali and hugged her and Xavier came up to me.

" Hey baby," he said kissing me, but I didn't kiss back.

" What's wrong?" he asked. I looked down and played with my hands before sighing and telling him.

" I'm worried about Mali. She's been have really weird food cravings lately and she's been really moody lately," I said looking in his eyes.

" Maybe she's on her thing," he said shrugging. Maybe he's right, but what if he's not? I mean we heard her and Luke do it this morning. Wait! It all makes sense now! Weird food cravings, stomach pain, mood swings. She's pregnant!

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