My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


30. ~ 24 ~

Mali's POV:

" Yeah. Come out bro," Xavier said and he popped out from behind the car. Manny.

" Why is he here?" I asked tears forming in my eyes as I picked up Reina.

" Look Mali let me explain," he said walking towards me and I shook my head grabbing Luke's hand and dragging him in front of me.

" Sorry bro but she doesn't want to talk to you," Luke said.

" Says who?" Manny asked getting all up in Luke's face. I gave Reina to Ang and looked over at Luke and Manny. I saw Luke's hand form into a fist and I immediately ran in between them pushing Luke away from Manny.

" Luke don't. We have a daughter to think about," I said to him and he nodded grabbing me by my waist and pulling me to him.

" Come here Reina," Luke said and Reina ran over to us and hugged Luke's leg.

" Let's just go," Ash said and I nodded as Luke guided me to our car.

" M I'm sorry. I didn't know. I thought you guys were still together. Any chance I can make it up to you?" Devonne asked. 

" It's fine. You didn't know so I'm not mad at you girl," I said smiling giving her a hug before climbing in the car. I put Reina in her car seat and sat on Luke's lap cuddling into his chest. The car only had 2 front seats, 3 in the middle, and 3 in the back.

So in the front was Ash and Ang. In the middle was me on Luke's lap, Reina in the very middle and Devonne on Xavier's lap. In the back was Cal, Mikey, and Manny.

" So Luke, how long have you and M been dating?" Devonne asked.

" It's been 4 years and 3 months," Luke said and I smiled.

" The best 4 year and 3 months of my life," I said smiling as Luke pecked my forehead.

" How long have you and Xavier been dating?" I asked Devonne.

" We've been dating since last August," she said.

" You guys have been dating for almost a year and didn't even bother to tell me?" I asked pretending to be hurt.

" Sorry. We kept it a secret. We didn't want anyone to know," Xavier said and I giggled.

" It's fine but next time let me know," I said smiling.

" Ok," they said.

" Who is them mommy?" Reina asked me pointing at Devonne and Xavier.

" Mommy?" Devonne asked confused.

" Yeah. Her is my mommy and him is my daddy," Reina said pointing at me and Luke. Devonne and Xavier looked at me and Luke with wide eyes.

" Oh my god you guys did it?" Devonne asked and me and Luke laughed and shook our head.

" No. She's adopted. I found her in a crowd crying and took her to the police station. She said her other mom didn't want her anymore and her mom would abused her. So today we went to court with her mom and we won the case so she's our little girl now," I said smiling and Devonne and Xavier sighed a breath of relief.

" Uncle Mickey Mouse," Reina said.

" Yes?" Mikey asked from behind and I giggled.

" Can I have my ears?" she asked and I looked at Mikey confused. He pulled out Minnie Mouse ears and I laughed. I got it from him and put it on Reina's head. 

" Thank you Uncle Mikey Mouse," she said.

" You're welcome Minnie Mouse," he said and we laughed.

" Ash where are we going?" Luke asked.

" To this burger joint called Red Robin. Ang said they have really good burgers," he said.

" OOOO I've heard of that place. People said it's really good," Manny said and everyone was silent.

" Yeah. So how old are you Reina," Xavier asked.

" I'm this many," Reina said holding up 3 fingers.

" Aw she's so cute," Devonne said.

" Thanks," I said.

" Ok we're here," Ash said. We go out of the car and me and Luke held hands and Luke held Reina's hand in his other hand. Before we reached the door to the restaurant, we heard some girls scream out of nowhere. We looked to our right and saw girls screaming and pointing at us. They came up to us smiling really big.

" Aren't you guys 5 Seconds of Summer?" a girl with red hair asked. She must be a Clifford girl.

" Yeah. Do you guys want a picture?" Ash asked and they all nodded. 

" Omg and you're Luke's girlfriend aren't you?" a girl with a bandana asked. She might be an Irwin girl.

" Yup," I said smiling popping the P.

" Oh my god. You have an amazing voice. Can we get a picture with you too?" the girl with the bandana asked.

" Sure," I said smiling and giving Reina to Devonne before getting in the picture. Angelina took the picture and we went in the restaurant.

" Awh. My baby girl has some fans already," Luke said poking my nose.

" How did they even hear me sing?" I asked and Luke looked down.

" Lucas," I said sternly.

" Well, that night a couple years ago when you were singing in the back of the tour bus, I recorded you and posted it on Instagram," he said.

" Lucas, now the whole world heard me sing," I whined. He pulled out his phone and showed me the post.

" At least many people left good comments," he said handing me his phone. I looked at the comments and smiled.

" OMG! She has an amazing voice! Who is she? She's really pretty! Is that Luke's girlfriend? OMG I wish I had her voice!" I said reading some of the comments aloud. I gave Luke his phone back and wrapped my arms around his neck.

" What should I do now?" I asked him.

" Make a career out of it. I did," he said wrapping his arms around my waist.

" I don't know Luke," I said.

" Look, before you say no, let me set you an appointment with my manager, ok?" he said. I thought about it for a minute and made up my mind.

" Ok," I said. He smiled and kissed me on my lips. I looked around and saw Reina talking to Manny. I went up to them and grabbed Reina's hand.

" What are you guys talking about?" I asked.

" We were talking about Disneyland. She said she never heard about it and she wants to go because Mickey Mouse is there," Manny said.

" Oh," I said walking away with Reina only to be pulled back on my arm.

" Please Mali. Let me explain," he pleaded and I sighed.

" Reina go with daddy," I said and she nodded running to Luke.

" You have 3 minutes. Go," I said.

" Ok. When I came home to see my mom, she was a reck. It hurt me to see her like that so I went to a club and got wasted. When I woke up the next morning, I was in my room with Faith next to me. I felt so guilty of doing that and the next day you came and she thought I was hers and-," he said but I cut him off.

" Let me stop you right there. You did it with my best friend and you never told me. I'm not mad at you anymore, but I'm still broken. You knew that I was broken yet you broke me even more," I said and he tried to talk but I put my finger up signaling him that I'm not done.

" Look, I forgive you, but you have to show me you want to be my best friend again," I said.

" So we're cool?" Manny asked.

" We're cool," I said standing up and giving him a hug.

" Let's go eat. I'm hungry," I said walking to where Luke was. I sat next to Luke and pecked his cheek.

" What did you get?" I asked him.

" Fish and Chips. What do you want?" he asked me.

" I want a salad. I need to loose weight. I'm getting really fat," I said patting my stomach and Luke looked at me sternly. I rolled my eyes and groaned.

" Fine. I'll get a Bacon Cheeseburger," I said and Luke smiled.

" That's my girl," he said smiling and kissing me on the lips.

" Whatever. Reina what are you getting?" I asked Reina and she shrugged.

" What do you like?" I asked her as I walked over to her seat.

" I like chicken," she said and I laughed.

" Ok. You're getting Chicken on a stick," I said after looking at the kids menu.

~ back at the dorm ~

" Ok. Bye guys," I said hugging Devonne, Xavier, Manny, Cal, Mikey and Ash.

" I'll see you guys tomorrow," I said and they yelled ok back.

" Lukey can you stay?" I asked him and he nodded smiling.

" Come on Reina. Let's get you in your pjs," I said grabbing Reina's hand.

" I'll be back," I said in Luke's ear before bringing Reina to my room.

" Here's your pjs," I said giving her Minnie Mouse pjs and she looked at me.

" Ok, ok. I'll turn around," I said giggling while turning around as I heard her giggle.

" Ok. You can turn around," Reina said and I turned around.

" Ready for a bedtime story?" I asked her and she nodded.

" Ok. Once upon a time, there was this beautiful little princess, and her name was Reina. She had many dresses that were different colors and had magical powers to them. The blue one would make her fly, the yellow one would make her shine like the sun, the green one would shrink her and the purple one would make her blossom like a flower. Well one day, she lost her favorite dress. The blue one. So she decided to go on an adventure to find it. She was in the middle of a forest when she met a wolf," I said catching my breath. I looked over at Reina and saw her fast asleep. I bent over her and kissed her forehead. I went to my closet and grabbed my adidas sweats and a sports bra. I went to the bathroom, put my clothes on, and went to the living room. The lights were dim, popcorn was on the table and a shirtless Luke with adidas sweat on, was laying down on the couch. I giggled and walked to the closet to get a blanket. I laid down in front of Luke and wrapped the blanket around us.

" What movie do you want to watch?" I asked as he snuggled his face in the crook of my neck as I scrolled through Netflix.

" Mean Girls?" he asked and I giggled.

" I had a feeling you were gonna say that," I said searching up Mean Girls and clicking it. 

The movie is almost over and I felt my eyes getting heavy. Slowly my eyes bag an to shut until everything was black and sleep took over my body.

Luke's POV:

The movie's almost over and I looked down at Mali and saw her fast asleep. I smiled at how cute she looks when she's asleep. I grabbed to remote from her hand and turned off the TV. I wrapped my arm around her waist and went to sleep thinking about my new family. Mali and Reina.

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