My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


29. ~ 23 ~


Mali's POV:

" How was the exam?" Angelina asked me as I walked in the dorm with my results behind my back.

" Well, it was hard and I'm pretty sure I didn't pass," I said sadly as Angelina put her head down.

" BUT I DID!" I yelled happily and her head snapped up.

" You did?" she asked and I threw her my results.

" YOU DID! YOU PASSED! WE'RE GOING TO GRADUATE COLLEGE!" Ang yelled jumping up and down as I did the same. Then the door opened. We looked over and saw Reina and Luke. I ran to Luke and jumped on him and he caught me holding my thighs. I wrapped my legs around his waist and kissed him deeply.

" What was that for?" he asked confused but smiling.

" I passed," I said smiling.

" See I told you you would," he said happily kissing me.

" Thanks for believing in me baby," I said as Luke set me down.

" Always," he said hugging me.

" Hi Mawi," Reina said hugging my leg.

" Hi Reina. Are you ready to go to court?" I asked and she nodded.

" Ok let's go to my room," I said picking Reina up and walking to my room with Angelina and Luke following behind.

" Sorry Lukey, but no boys allowed," I said smiling and he chuckled.

" I'll be back in an hour," he said pecking my lips and leaving.

" Ok. Reina did you take a shower?" I asked her and she shook her head.

" Do you know how to take a shower on your own?" I asked and she nodded.

" Ok. Here's a towel. The bathroom is right here. Just call me if you need anything," I said showing her the bathroom.

" Ok," she said closing the door. I went back to my room and saw Angelina getting all the hair supplies ready.

" Since I took a shower before I left for the exam, I'm just gonna get ready," I said.

" Ok. What do you want me to do with Reina's hair?" she asked me.

" Blow dry it, then braid the top of her hair and put the rest in a bun," I said stripping out of my clothes. It's not weird. We're girls and we have the same body parts. I slipped on a black pencil skirt and a red collared button up shirt. I tucked the shirt under the skirt and started with my makeup. I did smokey eye with winged eyeliner and red lipstick. Then I did my hair which was nothing fancy. Just half up and half down. I slipped on my black stilettos and my black blazer and I was ready to go.

" How do I look?" I asked Angelina.

" Professional," she said giggling. Then Reina came in with a towel wrapped around her small body.

" Here put this on," I said giving her underwear, spaghetti strap tank top, and this cute little dress we bought yesterday.

" Ok," she said taking it from me and walking to to corner of the room.

" Turn around, and no peeking," she said giggling. Me and Ang giggled and turned around. I remember when I was her age and I was the same way.

" Ok you can look now," she said. Me and Ang turned back around and she looked so cute. The dress was adorable and her hair was all over her face which was so cute and I giggled.

" Angelina's gonna do your hair ok?" I said and she nodded walking to Ang. She picked her up and placed her on the chair.

" Ready?" Ang asked Reina and she nodded. Then Ang started blow drying Reina's hair. I stood up and walked to the living room only to find Luke sitting on the couch watching TV. I giggled and sat next to him.

" Your looking fine as ever Ms.Hood," Luke said cockily snaking his arm around my waist and rubbed my ass.

" You do too Mr.Hemmings," I said pecking his cheek.

" So, about adopting Reina," I said.

" I'm ready to be a dad," Luke said looking at me.

" Really?" I asked smiling.

" Really," he said smiling and pecking my lips.

" What about having one of our own?" I asked laying my head on his shoulder.

" I'm ready when you are princess," he said pulling me closer.

" Mawi awe you weady?" I heard Reina ask. I looked down and saw her standing in front of me and Luke.

" Yup. Are you ready Luke?" I asked and he nodded.

" Wait. Reina you don't have any shoes on," I said giggling. I went to my room and grabbed these cute pair of blue flats I bought for her.

" Bye Ang. Thanks for doing her hair," I said giving her a hug.

" No prob. See you later," she said as I walked away. I gave Reina the shoes and she smiled putting them on. I grabbed her hand and we followed Luke to the car.

~ at court ~

" Mrs.Matthews please state your client's story," the judge said. My lawyer stood up and cleared her throat.

" Ms.Hood found this little girl," she said pointing at Reina.

" In a large crowd and the little girl said and I quote 'My mommy said she didn't want me anymore and she left me here' therefore Ms.Hood should be able to have custody this little girl as her daughter," my lawyer said.

" Is this true Ms.Hood?" the judge asked me.

" Yes ma'am. This little girl was also crying when I found her," I said into the mic.

" Mrs.Gonzalez state your story," the judge said to Mina.

" I left Reina in the crowd of a lot of people. I didn't need her. She wortheless and she was a mistake a-," Mina said but got cut off by the judge slamming this mini hammer thing on a piece of wood.

" That's enough Mrs.Gonzalez. You've proven your point. Ms.Hood and Mr.Hemmings please stand," the judge said and me and Luke stood up holding hands.

" You guys have custody of Reina as your own. As for you Mrs.Gonzalez, you'll be sentenced 5 years in prison and a mental health facility. Case dismissed," the judge said slamming the mini hammer thing on the piece of wood.

" Luke," I cried tears of joy in his shoulder.

" She ours now. She's our baby girl," I said crying and smiling.

" I know. My two girls," he said hugging me and Reina.

" Mawi what's wong?" Reina asked.

" I'm really happy because we won," I said.

" Then why awe you cwying?" she asked and I bent down and placed my hands on her shoulder.

" Because I'm going to be your new mommy and Luke is going to be your new daddy. Don't worry Reina. Well take very good care of you," I said and she hugged me.

" Thank you mommy," she said in my shoulder and I smiled. I got up and picked her up. I grabbed Luke's hand and we walked out of the court only to be swamped with paparazzi.

" Reina sweetie, put your head down," I said and she nodded hiding her face in my shoulder. Luke let go of my hand and placed it on my waist guiding me to the car. Once we go in the car I sat in the back with Reina and buckled her up in her car seat.

" How did they know we were here?" I asked Luke.

" I don't know but I guess we'll find out soon," Luke said and started to drive to my dorm. When we walked in, Cal, Ash, Mikey, and Ang were standing there under a banner that said CONGRATS.

" Congrats! Your both parents now!" they said popping confetti poppers on us.

" Thanks guys," me and Luke said smiling.

" How does it feel to be a mom?" Ang asked me and I smiled.

" It's wonderful," I said smiling.

" Reina did you meet these guys?" I asked Reina pointing to Cal, Mikey and Ash and she nodded.

" That Uncle Cal Pal, Uncle Smashy Poo, and Uncle Mickey Mouse," she said pointing to each of them and I laughed.

" Mikey your Mickey Mouse," I laughed.

" At least Mickey Mouse is better than Smashy Poo," Mikey said.

" We should go eat," Ash suggested.

" We should but first let me change," I said. I walked to my room and shut the door. I stripped out of my clothes and put on a Hemmings 96 crop top that Luke gave me and black high waisted shorts. I slid on my black and white vans and put my hair up into a messy bun. I came out and saw Luke wearing a Rolling Stones shirt and black skinny jeans.

" That's my girl," Luke said smiling when he saw that I was wearing the Hemmings 96 crop top he gave me. I smiled and pecked his lips.

" Let's go," I said grabbing my phone and Reina's hand. Luke grabbed Reina's other hand and she giggled. We walked to the car and saw 2 people leaning against it.

" Excuse me sir and ma'am. Can you please get off our car, we need to go," Luke said kindly. The people turned around and I surprised at who I saw. 

" Xavier! Devonne!" I yelled giving them a hug.

" How'd you-" I said but got cut off by Xavier.

" Thank Angie over there," he said. I looked behind me and Ang was standing there with Ashton.

" Ang, what more can you do for me," I said smiling and hugging her.

" A lot more," she giggled.

" Oh and we brought someone else," Devonne said.

" Huh? I only paid for 2 tickets," Ang said confused.

" We paid for his," Xavier said.

" His?" I asked confused and walking over to Luke.

" Yeah. Come out bro," Xavier said and he popped out from behind the car. Why him? 

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