My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


28. ~ 22 ~

Mali's POV:

I pulled away and looked at Luke in the eyes. 

" Do you remember anything?" he asked. I wrapped my arms around his neck and rested my forehead on his and smiled when he wrapped his arms around my waist.

" I remember everything," I said smashing my lips on his. He kissed me back obviously wanting more. So I parted my lips and he wasted no time slipping his tongue in. We began to make out until I pulled away rested my forehead on his gasping for air.

" I missed you baby girl," he said kissing my forehead and resting his chin on my head as I listened to his heart slow back down to normal pace.

" I missed you too penguin," I said.

" I'm glad you have your memory back," he said sitting down as I laid down facing him.

" I am too," I smiled. Just then the door opened and Cal, Mike, Ang and Ash came in holding flowers.

" Mali!" they all yelled hugging me.

" Hey guys," I smiled.

" You have your memory back?" Cal asked.

" Thanks to Lucas," I said smiling.

" What did you do to get her memory back?" Ash asked and Luke just smiled.

" You guys had sex in here?!" Mikey almost yelled.

" Geez Mikey! No! We just kissed that's all. Nothing else. Just kissed," I smiled at Luke.

" Correction. We made out," Luke said and I giggled. Just then the doctor came in.

" Hey Mali. How are you feeling?" she asked.

" I'm feeling great. I have my memory back," I said smiling.

" That's great. You can go home now," she said.

" Yay," I smiled.

" All you have to do is sign here and you're free," she said giving me a pen. I read the small paper and signed it.

" Have a great day Mali, and take it easy," she said walking out.

" Ok. I need clothes," I said. 

" Oh I brought you some," Ang said throwing a bag to me. 

" Thanks," I said getting up. As I got up I felt this terrible pain on my stomach. I felt a little dizzy but I ignored it and went to the bathroom. I opened the bag and put on the black halter crop top, the high waisted acid washed shorts and the Nike sneakers that were in there. I tied the black and light blue flannel around my waist, put my hair in a high ponytail, and tied a black bandana around my head. I walked out and tripped on something but before I hit the ground, I felt a pair of arms around me. I looked up and saw Luke. 

" Thanks Lukey," I smiled.

" Are you sure you're ok?" he asked.

" Yeah I'm positive," I said smiling. He wrapped his arm around me supporting my balance as we walked out of the room. Once we got in the elevator, I noticed Luke was stroking my stomach.

" Lukey why are you rubbing my tummy?" I asked in a baby voice.

" No reason," he shrugged. I took his hand away and saw stitches.

" Does it hurt when I rub it?" he asked worried.

" Not at all," I smiled. He put his hand back where it was and rubbed the stitches.

" Baby when we get out, paparazzi is out there. Just squeeze my hand if you feel uncomfortable, ok?" he said and I nodded.

" Ok. Here we go," Luke said as we got out of the elevator. There were fans and paparazzi out there. The security opened the door and guided our way. Luke held me close to him as we made our way. I felt something tugg on my arm. I looked back and saw a little girl crying.

" Luke! Hold on!" I yelled. He stopped a security guard to protect us and held my hand.

" What's wrong?" he asked me.

" Hold on," I said to Luke. I bent down but Luke held onto me.

" I'm ok," I reassured him. He let go and I looked at the little girl.

" What's wrong sweetie?" I asked her.

" My mommy said she didn't want me and she weft me here," she cried.

" What's your name sweetheart?" I asked.

" My name is Weina Gonzawez," she said sniffling. 

" Reina Gonzalez?" I asked and she nodded.

" What's your mommy's name?" I asked.

" Mina Gonzawez," she said.

" What about your daddy?" I asked.

" My mommy said he went to jail," she said.

" Do you know his name?" I asked and she shook her head.

" Ok come on sweetie," I said getting up and picking her up. Luke looked at me confused and I mouthed 'I'll explain to you later' to him and he nodded taking my hand. Once we got in the car, Reina was asleep in my arms.

" Who's she?" the boys asked.

" This poor little girl said her mom didn't want her anymore and left her in the crowd. So we're going to the police to report this and I'm going to ask them if I can adopt her or something," I said and they nodded.

" Are you sure you're able to handle a little girl being your adopted daughter?" Luke asked and I nodded.

" I love kids. Plus, she might make me change my mind about having one of my own," I said smirking while putting my hand on Luke's knee. He smirked and snaked his arm around my waist.

" Gross! We heard that!" Mikey yelled.

" Shh," I whispered pointing to Reina.

" Don't you shush me!" Mikey said and I slapped him.

" Ow what was that for!" he yelled. I felt Reina move in my arms. I looked at her and saw her eyes flutter open.

" Hey Reina. Sorry about the noise. My friend was being loud," I said kicking Mikey.

" It otay. Where are we?" she asked.

" We're going to the police," I said and she nodded.

" How old are you Reina?" Luke asked.

" Who is him?" she asked me pointing to Luke.

" It's ok. He's my boyfriend," I said giggling.

" What's a boyfwend?" she asked and I giggled.

" You'll find out soon. But how old are you?" I asked.

" I'm this many," she said holding up 3 fingers. 

" Ok," I said.

" Mali we're here," Luke said and I nodded.

" Ok. You ready Reina?" I asked her grabbing her hand and she nodded.

" Who's Mawi?" she asked.

" That's my name," I smiled as we walked in the police station.

" Mali?" someone said. I turned around and saw my friend Lionel. We've been friends since kindergarten.

" Leo!" I said.

" It's so great to see you," he said hugging me as I hugged him back.

" Same here. What are you doing here?" I asked. 

" I work here," he said.

" Your a policeman?" I asked.

" Yup. What are you doing here?" he asked me.

" Hold on," I said kneeling down to Reina's height.

" Reina do you want to tell the nice man what you told me earlier?" I asked her and she nodded. I looked up at Leo and he bent down.

" Hi sweetie what's your name?" he asked.

" Weina Gonzawez," she said and Leo looked at me.

" Reina Gonzalez," I said and he nodded writing it in a notepad.

" How old are you Reina?" he asked and she held up 3 fingers.

" I'm that many," she said and he nodded writing it in the notepad as well.

" What happened Reina?" he asked and she started crying.

" Hey it's ok Reina," I said hugging her.

" This nice man is going to help you. Go ahead. Tell him what you told me," I said she nodded and wiped away her tears and looked at Leo.

" My mommy said she didn't want me anymore and she weft me in dis weally big cwoud wid a wot of people and-and I found Mawi and she hewped me," she said crying again as Leo wrote down what she said.

" What's your mommy's name?" Leo asked.

" Mina Gonzalez," she said.

" Does she live here?" he asked.

" What do you mean?" she asked confused.

" Do you guys go places on airplanes?" he asked and she shook her head.

" Ok and do you want to go back to your mommy?" Leo asked and Reina shook her head.

" Why not?" Leo asked.

" She weally mean. She hits me and wed stuff come fwom my arm where she hits me," Reina said as Leo wrote that down as well.

" Can I see your arm?" he asked and she nodded. He reached out for her arm and rolled up her sleeve. There were red and purple marks up her arm. I covered my mouth as my vision got a little blurry because of the tears in my eyes. 

" Thank you Reina," Leo said getting and helping me up.

" I'll be right back," he said walking away. I looked down at Reina and she reached up for my hand. I grabbed her hand and held it. Then Luke came up.

" How's it going?" he asked.

" This little girl gets abused. I feel so bad. I really wanna adopt her Luke," I said.

" Let's see what they say," he said hugging me.

" Ok," he said. Just then Leo came back with an older looking guy by his side.

" Reina, this is Officer Michael. He's gonna show you pictures of people and you pick the one that looks like your mommy, ok?" Leo said and Reina nodded.

" Can Mawi and him come?" she asked pointing at me and Luke.

" Sure," Officer Michael said.

" Follow me," he said. We followed him into a room with computers. Officer Michael sat down in front of a computer and typed in the name Mina Gonzalez. Five picture popped up. He clicked on the picture of a lady with blonde hair.

" Is this her?" he asked and she shook her head. Then he clicked on the next one which was a lady with short brown hair with blonde streaks. 

" How about this one?" he asked and she shook her head. Then he clicked on the next one which was a younger looking lady with long black hair and brown eyes. Then I heard Reina gasp.

" Is this her?" he asked and she nodded and started crying. I picked her up and held her as she cried.

" Ok," he said.

" Follow me," he said leading us back to the front.

" Did you guys find her?" Leo asked Officer Michael.

" Yup. I sent it out to the field. Their going to her house right now to search for her," he said.

" Ok thanks," Leo said walking over to me, Luke and Reina.

" Their looking for her right now," Leo said and I nodded.

" Thanks Leo," I said smiling.

" Oh Leo this is Luke my boyfriend. Luke this is Leo my best friend since kindergarten," I said introducing them.

" Nice to meet you Leo," Luke said holding his hand out.

" Nice to meet you to Luke," Leo said shaking his hand.

" Hey Leo. Since Reina's mom doesn't want her, I was wondering if I could, you know, maybe adopt her," I said.

" Yeah most definitely," he said. Just then a policeman came in with  a lady handcuffed. The lady was what Reina said looked like her mom.

" Doug over here," Leo said. The policeman who had Mina handcuffed came over to us.

" Bring her to the interview room," Leo said and Doug nodded.

" Come on. We're going to the interview room," Leo said guiding us to the interview room.

" Have a seat," he said. I sat down and placed Reina on the chair next to me and Luke sat on the other side of me.

" Ok Mina. Your daughter Reina said that you did want her anymore and you left her in a big crowd with lots of people. She also said that you would hit her until she bleeds on her arm. Is this true? And please don't lie or we will use a lie detector," Leo said.

" Yes it is true," Mina said.

" Why did you leave her in the crowd?" Leo asked her.

" Because I don't want her anymore," Mina said.

" Why don't you want her anymore?" he asked.

" Because she's worthless. She was a mistake," Mina said ruthlessly.

" And why would you abuse her?" Leo asked.

" Like I said, I don't like her. She's worthless," she said.

" That gives you no right to hit a 3 year until she bleeds!" I yelled.

" Who are you?" Mina asked.

" I'm the person who found Reina in the crowd," I said.

" And who's the hot blondie," she asked.

" He's taken," I said through gritted teeth.

" Mina, you will be taken to court tomorrow. This young lady wants to adopt Reina and the judge will decide," Leo said.

" As of right now, Reina will stay with you," Leo said looking at me and I nodded.

" Thanks for all your help Leo," I smiled giving him a hug.

" No problem. If you ever need anything just call me," he said handing me his business card.

" Come on Reina. Let's go," I said taking her hand. I looked at Luke and grabbed his hand as we walked out of the station to the car.

" Let's go to the mall," I said.

" For what?" Luke asked.

" I wanna buy Reina some clothes," I said.

" Ok but we'll be there for 1 hour because it's only 1 in the afternoon and you need to study for your algebra test," Luke said.

" Oh crap. I forgot about that," I said.

" Ok Reina, let's buy you some stuff," I said once we got to the mall.
~ skip the mall ~
We arrived at my dorm and opened the door. We went to the living room and saw everything back to normal. I went to my room and saw everything cleaned up. 

" Your welcome," Ang said hugging me. 

" Thanks Ang," I said smiling.

" What would I do without you?" I said giggling.

" Who's this cutie pie?" Ang asked.

" Ang this is Reina and Reina, I would like you to meet my best friend Angelina," I said introducing them.

" Well hello there Reina," Angelina smiled down at Reina.

" Hi Angewina. Nice to meet you," she said.

" Nice to meet you to Reina," Angelina said.

" Ready to study?" Angelina asked me.

" Yeah. Just give me a minute," I said taking Reina to the living room where Luke was.

" Reina, you're going to be with Luke, ok?" I said and she nodded.

" I promise you'll have fun with him," she nodded and hugged me.

" Bye bye Mawi," Reina said as Luke took her hand.

" Bye bye Reina. See you tomorrow," I smiled and went up to Luke and wrapped my arms around his neck as he wrapped his available arm around my waist.

" Remember to bring her here tomorrow at 12 so I can get her ready for court, and don't forget to wear a tux tomorrow for professional look. Oh and can you call our lawyer and tell her we have a case tomorrow at 2," I said.

" Of course. Love you baby girl. I'll see you later," he said.

" Ok love you penguin. I'll see you tomorrow," I said smiling as he pecked my lips.

" I want kissy kissy," Reina said and I giggled. I bent down and kissed her forehead.

" Bye bye," she waved.

" Bye bye," I waved.

" Let's study," I said grabbing my text book and reviewing with Angelina.

~ 3 hours later ~

" You got it!" Ang yelled.

" Yes!" I yelled happily doing my happy dance.

" You should get some rest. It's 8 o'clock and the final is at 6 am tomorrow," Ang said.

" You're right. Good night Ang," I said turning off my light and laying down on my bed.

" Good night Mali," she said and I fell asleep thinking about Reina and how she might be my official adopted daughter.

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