My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


27. ~ 21 ~

~ couple years later ~
(5SOS is on their own tour ROWYSO with Hey Violet)
Mali's POV:

" This is impossible! I'm going to fail this test and I won't be able to graduate college!" I yelled frustrated.

" Mali, let's be calm about this. Maybe you need some food to get your energy up. Take a break would you," Angelina said calmly. Before I got to answer, my skype went off. I looked at my laptop screen and saw Luke's name pop up. I clicked answer and Luke's face popped up.

" Hey beautiful. How everything going over there?" he asked and I groaned.

" Not so great. I have a final tomorrow and I'm trying to review with Ang but I can't get it," I sighed.

" Have you eaten anything yet?" he asked.

" What does this have to do with anything?" I asked.

" Just answer the question love," he said.

" No I haven't," I said.

" You're low on energy. You need to eat and take a 30 minute break. It might help you," he said.

" Ok. Fine. I'll eat later. How's tour so far?" I asked.

" It's going good. We're writing some songs for our new album," he said.

" OOO. What's the name of your guys' new album. Do you know yet or are you guys still deciding?" I asked.

" It's called Sounds Good Feels Good," he said smiling cheekily.

" That's a good name. I can't wait to hear it. I'll be the first person in the whole world to buy it when it comes out," I said giggling and he chuckled.

" Your my number one fan," he smiled and I smiled as well.

" Are you guys gonna be home next week?" I asked.

" No baby. Sorry. Our manager extended our tour so we'll be touring for another month. I'm sorry I won't be able to see you when you come home," he said frowning.

" Oh it's ok," I said, my mood changing from happy to sad.

" So what's the final on?"  he asked changing the subject.

" Algebra. If I don't pass, I don't graduate," I said frowning.

" You'll pass baby girl. I believe in you," he said smiling which made me smile a bit.

" Luke who are you talking to?" I heard someone say in the backround. Sounds like Cal.

" Your sister," Luke said. Yup it is Cal. In a matter of seconds, I see Luke being pushed away and Cal's face on the screen.

" Hi Mali," Cal said.

" Did I just hear someone say Mali?!" I heard someone else say. Just then Mikey and Ash's face pops up.

" Mali!" they yell.

" Ashy?!" Ang yells. Next thing you know, I felt myself on the ground. I looked up and saw Ang on my chair in front of my laptop. I giggled and rolled my eyes. I got up and grabbed my phone and called Luke. He answered right away.

" Hey baby," he said.

" Hey. Let's talk here since Angelina took over my laptop," I said giggling.

" Ok," he chuckled.

" Hold on," I said.

" Ang! Imma go to Subway. Do you want anything?!" I yelled putting my black vans on and grabbing my keys.

" No I'm good," she said and I got out of the dorm.

" Ok I'm back. So where are you guys at right now?" I asked.

" We're in Florida," he said.

" Oh that's cool," I said.

" Yeah. I miss you baby girl," he said.

" I miss you too baby," I said.

" Ugh I need to see your beautiful face," he groaned and I giggled. I hung up and FaceTimed him. Not even a second later he answered.

" Better?" I asked.

" Better," he smiled.

" So when's your next show?" I asked putting my phone on the stand thingy I have in my car.

" Tonight in 6 hours," he said.

" Otay," I said and parked my car in front of Subway. It's across the street from my dorm but I'm to lazy to walk. I got my phone and adjusted it so Luke can see my face. I locked my car and walked into Subway.

" Baby what's that sub you always get at Subway. I can't remember the name but it's really good," I said.

" I think it's called the Italiano," he said.

" Hold on. I'll call you back in 5 minutes," I said.

" Ok. Love ya," he said.

" Love you too," I said hanging up.

~ back at the dorm ~

" Ang I'm back!" I yelled. No answer.

" Ang?" I asked. Still no answer. Huh that's weird. I walked into the kitchen part of our dorm and put my sub on the table. I walked to our living room and saw everything on the ground. Pictures broken, lamps smashed and a little bit of blood. I got scared and grabbed the bat from the closet. I walked into my room and saw everything on the floor and someone on the chair, tied up. I turned the chair around and saw Angelina duck taped to the chair and duck tape around her mouth and her mascara running. I panicked and tried to take of the tape. Then I felt something cover my mouth and hold my wrists together. I tried to scream but it was muffled by the thing covering mouth. It felt like a hand so I but it and kicked the leg. The person let me go and I turned around to see who it was. I gasped and screamed once I realized who it was. Derek. Then everything went black.

Luke's POV:

I can't believe I lied to Mali. We really weren't in Florida. We were actually here in Boston to see her and Angelina. Right now we're outside her dorm. I unlocked the door because she gave me a key and walked in with the boys behind me. Then we heard someone scream. I looked at the boys and we tip toed to the closet. I grabbed a bat and gave the boys a frying pan. We tip toed Mali's room and I peeked in the doorway and saw Mali on the ground with her head bleeding, Angelina on a chair duck taped so she can't move or speak, and two guys with guns. I saw shattered glass around Mali so I know she didn't get shot. I looked at the boys and nodded. We tip toed behind the guys because their back were towards us, and me and Cal hit one of the guys in the head and Ash and Mike did the same to the other guy. They both fell down. Mike turned on the lights and me and Ash took the guns away while Cal called the police and Mike grabbed 2 chairs.

Mike and Ash put the guys on the chair and duck taped them really good while I went over to Mali and held her limp body in my hands. Tears filled my eyes as I saw the blood drip from her head. I heard some muffled sounds above me and saw Angelina still in the chair.

" Ash," I said my voice cracking. He looked at me.

" Your girlfriend is still tied up," I said. He ran over to her and cut the tape off.

" Ashy," Angelina cried.

" Ang," Ash said hugging her tightly. I looked at Mali and trailed my hand from her face to her stomach. I felt something liquidy and sticky once I reached the middle of her stomach. I pushed her shirt up a bit and saw blood gushing out. She got shot. I felt someone hug me. I looked to my right and saw Angelina hugging me.

" I'm sorry Luke. There was nothing I could've done," she said sobbing. I didn't say anything, I just cried with her. Then paramedics came and saw Mali in my hands. They took her from me and put her on the stretcher.

" Excuse me sir. Are you her family?" one of the paramedics asked me.

" I'm her boyfriend and that's her brother," I said pointing to Cal. 

" Only family are allowed to ride in the ambulance but it seems like you guys were together for a long time so I'll let you ride in with her brother," he said and I nodded.

" Cal! Let's go," I said climbing in the ambulance. He ran over and climbed in and sat next to me. I held Mali's hand put my head down.

" Do you gentlemen know exactly what happened?" a policeman asked as we were headed to the hospital.

" No sir. I was just coming to visit my sister, and when we entered her dorm, we heard her scream. So we went to her room and knocked out 2 men who had guns. We saw her on the ground surrounded with glass and her roommate tied up in the chair," Cal said.

" But I did recognize the 2 men. The one with the beard was her father. Her father was abusive and got put in jail. The other man that was more buff, was her ex boyfriend that almost tried to kill her," Cal said.

" Thank you sir. That's all I need to know. I hope your sister will be well," the policeman said and idler the ambulance stop and the door open.

We climbed out and they took her in the stretcher. I followed with them still holding her hand.

" I'm sorry sir but this is an exam room and you cannot be allowed in here," the doctor said.

" The fuck I can't! I'm sure as hell going in there! I will not leave her side! I can't lose her!" I yelled fighting back the tears.

" I'm sorry sir," the doctor said closing the door in my face. I slid down the door and cried. 

" Come on Lucas," Cal said helping me off the ground and bringing me to the waiting room. We've been waiting for what feels like days and finally I hear her name called.

" Family of Mali Hood," the doctor said. Me and Cal stood up immediately and walked over to the doctor.

" Mali is doing alright. She got shot in her stomach but we were able to take out the bullet. Now she did get hit in the head on the most critical part. Her memory. She doesn't have any permanent memory damage, just temporary memory loss. We call this Amnesia. What you can do to retrieve her memory, is surround her by pictures or bring her to places that you guys taken her to that so many things happened there," the doctor said.

" Can we go see her?" I asked.

" Yes. She's awake and watching TV right now," the doctor said.

" You go on Luke. I have to call my mom and tell her what happened," Cal said and I nodded.

" Right this way sir," the doctor said leading me to her room. I put my hand on the knob and prepared myself for a breakdown. I opened the door slowly, and walked in. She looked at me confused as I sat down next to her.

" Hey Mali. How are you feeling?" I asked.

" I'm fine. Not to be rude but who are you?" she asked and I felt the tears build up in my eyes.

" I'm Luke your boyfriend," I said.

" I'm sorry. I don't know you," she said and I sighed as the tears fell from my eyes. It's ok. It's only temporary. Just show her some pictures. I pulled out my phone and opened Gallery.

" Do you know why I'm in the hospital?" she asked.

" Well, you got shot in the stomach by your ex Derek and your dad smashed a beer bottle on your head," I said.

" Why would my dad do that?" she asked as tears fell from her eyes.

" Sweetie, he was abusive to you. He got put in jail for that," I said wiping her tears away.

" Thed doctor said to show you some pictures so you can get your memory back. So I'm going to show you some pictures ok?" I said and she nodded. I showed her the first picture. It was a picture of me and her at the beach. The sun was setting and we were in the ocean ankle deep kissing. 

" This is the time when me and you went to the beach. It was really hot so you wanted to go there. Your brother Calum took this picture," I said as she took my phone from my hands. She looked at the pocture very closely.

" That's me? And you? And we're kissing?" she asked.

" Yeah," I said. Then I swiped to the next picture. It was a picture when we went on our first date.

" This is when we went on our first date. I took you to Boomers because you loved that place. This lady who worked there was trying to flirt with me and you got really jealous. So I asked the lady to take a picture of us and I kissed you," I said.

" Can you...uh," she said awkwardly.

" Yeah?" I asked leaning in.

" Can you do that? Right now? Maybe that can help you get my memory back," she said. 

" You don't have to tell me twice," I said and softly placed my lips on hers.

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