My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


4. ~ 2 ~

Mali's POV:

Me and Luke walked downstairs holding hands and our fingers intertwined. Everyone looked at us shocked.

" Are you guys going out?" Ashton asked shocked.

" Yeah," Luke said.

" I knew it!! Mali you owe me $20!" Calum yelled.

" Fine," I said and Luke looked at me confused.

" Me and Calum made a bet that if you asked me out, that I would have to give him $20," I said and he just laughed. I went upstairs and came back down with $20 and gave it to Calum.

" So what do you guys wanna do today?" I asked.

" Oh. We should go clubbing," Mikey suggested.

" Sure. I'm in. Let me go change. Ang, Caro. You guys wanna borrow a dress?" I asked walking upstairs to my room.

" Yeah sure," they both said following me up to my room.

" Ok. Club dresses are in my second closet," I said going to the closet and getting out a black and gold turtle neck, skin tight dress. I went to my bathroom and put the dress on. Next I did my makeup which was winged eyeliner, mascara, smokey eye, and dark red lipstick. I then curled my hair. Oh did I mention that I dyed my hair a new color? I dyed it dark brown with ombré highlights.

I got out of the bathroom and went to my shoe closet and picked out some thigh high high heels. Then I changed my phone case to a black and gold case. Just as I got my black clutch, my door flung open. There stood Caro and Ang.

Caro was wearing a red strapless cocktail dress with red pumps and a dark red clutch. Her hair was half up and half down. Ang on the other hand, was wearing a black skin tight dress with rips almost everywhere, black heels with gold. Her hair was curled up.

" Wow Ang. I didn't know I had that in my closet," I said.

" Oh. About that. The cuts on this dress, I did that. Originally there was no slashes on this dress," Ang said and I just rolled my eyes.

" Well, you look hot. You're gonna give Ashton a boner," I said laughing at the last part and soon, all of us were laughing. Once we stopped laughing, we went downstairs. The guys looked at us and they were drooling. Literally.

" Um hello. You guys look like you saw a ghost," I said giggling. The girls went to their boys and I went to Luke. He grabbed me from behind and wrapped his arms around my waist. I decided to tease him a little and pushed my ass towards his crotch when the others weren't looking, and I felt him get hard. We were walking to Ashton's car and I just noticed that Mikey wasn't here.

" Hey guys. Where's Mikey?" I asked sitting on Luke's lap since there wasn't any room left.

" He's picking Michi up. He'll meet us there," Ash said.

" Oh," I said. I looked at Luke and raked my hand through his quiff. I started feeling Luke's crotch get harder and harder. I giggled and softly pushed my lips to his. One small kiss soon escalated and we were making out in the car.

" Hey. We're still here ya know," Cal said. I pulled away from Luke and stuck my middle finger at him.

~ skip to club ~

We entered the club and started to look around for Mikey and Michi. We finally found the in a corner making out.

" Hey guys," Ash said holding Ang by her waist. Mikey pulled away from Michi and gave Ash the death glare.

" You always interrupt at the worst times," Mikey said.

" Hey guys," Michi said.

" Hey Michi. Omg. You look so cute," Carolina said.

" Thanks," Michi said. She was wearing a blue lacy dress with blue pumps. Her black and blue hair was curled up. Her makeup was a blue smokey eye and blue lipstick.

" Hey babe. Wanna get a drink and hit the dance floor?" I asked.

" Sure," he said. I drank like 10 shots or more, and Luke drank 3. Then we hit the dance floor.

Luke's POV:

We were dancing like maniacs, until Ash dragged us out of the club to his car.

" Wait here," Ashton said.

" Whatever party pooper!" Mali yelled at Ash as he rolls his eyes. Ash went back in the club, and moments later, he was surrounded by a drunk Angelina, Calum, and Carolina. Ash buckles all of us up and drove us home. Mali was passed when we got to her house. I was sober enough to carry up to her room, and I did, bridal style.

I tucked her in tightly in her blankets and I was about to leave, until I heard her faintly say my name.

" Yeah babe?" I asked turning around so I was facing her.

" Can you stay here with me?" she asked.

" Of course," I said taking my shirt and jeans off leaving me in my boxers. I hoped in her bed, pulled the covers over me, cuddled into her and said goodnight to her. Moments later, I fell asleep thinking about Mali and only Mali.

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