My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


25. ~ 19 ~

Mali's POV: 
As Luke was driving I started to recognize where we were going. Niall must've shown Luke where we would always go when I would be down in Dublin to visit him. Just then, we stopped at the place I was thinking about. BOOMERS.
" Omg you can't be serious," I laughed.
" What?" he asked chuckling.
" Did Niall show you?" I asked. He laughed while nodding.
" Haha. Ok. Let's go," I said getting out of the car.
" Omg we are gonna be like adults that act like kids," I laughed grabbing Luke's hand.
" We're just living life," he said and I giggled. Then we entere the place. It's just how I remembered it.
" Hi welcome to BOOMERS," the lady said eyeing Luke. I grip on Luke's hand tightened and then he noticed the girl eyeing him. He pulled out his phone and handed it to her.
" Can you take a picture of me and my girlfriend please," Luke said.
" Girlfriend?" she said looking around.
" Right in front of you," I said smiling and waving.
" Oh...uh...sure I can," she said.
Luke hugged me while kissing my cheek. 
" Can you take another one but with my phone please?" I said handing her my phone. I looked at Luke and kissed him deeply. I felt him grab my ass but I pulled away after I heard my phone's camera go off.
" 2 wristbands please," Luke said pulling out his wallet.
" What do you think you're doing? I'm gonna pay," I said to Luke.
" No way. A lady should never pay when she's on a date with a gentleman," Luke said. 
" Fine," I said rolling my eyes knowing if we started arguing, I would lose.
The lady gave Luke the wristbands and we walked to the side. Luke helped me put my wristband on and I did the same with his.
" Where do you wanna go first?" I asked.
" It's up to you baby girl," he said pecking my lips.
" Aw. Ok how about go carts?" I asked.
" Sure lets go," he said grabbing my hand and walking over to the long line leading to the go carts.
" Are you sure because it's a long line," Luke complained.
" Luke. Everything you would want to play, ride, or climb will always have a long line," I said giggling. He looked around and saw that all the lines were long.
" You got a point," he said.
" After go carts, you wanna go laser tagging?" I asked.
" Sure," he shrugged. I smiled and held his hand. As we were waiting in line, we heard some screaming. We looked around and saw some girls coming our way.
" Look! It's the lead singer in One Direction' s new opening act!" the girl yelled. Then some girls wearing 1D t-shirts came towards me and Luke.
" You're the lead singer in the band 5 Seconds of Summer, right?" a girl with blonde hair asked.
" Yep. I'm Luke and this is my girlfriend Mali," Luke said. I smiled up at him and gave his hand a little squeeze when he said girlfriend. The girls looked at me and smiled. I smiled back at them.
" Do you mind if we get an autograph and a picture with the both of you?" a girl with light prawn hair with purple streaks asked.
" Sure, if that's ok with you Mali," Luke said.
" Of course. Anything for your fans," I said smiling. Luke signed their t-shirts and we took a picture with them.
" Thanks," they squealed and walked away.
" See. You have fans already," I said smiling as Luke snaked his arm around my waist. The line went by quickly. Then it was me and Luke's turn. We got in the go cart and zoomed off. Me and Luke were racing and I won. 
" I won," I said smiling when we got off of the go carts.
" Ya ya," Luke said rolling his eyes.
~ 4 hours later ~ 
" We've been here for 4 hours and it's already dinner time," I wined.
" Ok. We can go back to the hotel after this game," Luke said.
" Ok," I said. Luke was playing this basketball game where he has to make a lot of free throws. I watched as he shot the last one and made it.
" Yes!" Luke yelled and I laughed.
" Pick your prize," the guy at the both said.
" What do you want babe?" Luke asked.
" It's all you baby," I said smiling.
" Can I have.... OOOO the penguin," Luke squealed like a little girl. I laughed as the guys have him the giant stuffed penguin.
" Here you go baby girl," he said handing it to me.
" It's too big," I giggled giving it back to Luke. He chuckled and held it and my hand as we exited the place and headed towards our car.
" I had an amazing time penguin," I said as soon as we got in the car.
" Penguin?" Luke asked laughing.
" Yeah. That's your new nickname because you got me a penguin," I said smiling.
" I love it," he said focusing his eyes on the road.
" I love you," I said yawning.
" I love you too," was the last thing I heard until I fell asleep.


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