My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


23. ~ 18 ~

Mali's POV:

I woke up with an ultimate headache STILL. I sat up and groaned because of how bad my head STILL hurts. I looked around and saw some Advil on the nightstand. I swallowed the Advil with the water on the nightstand. 

I walked to the bathroom and took a shower. When I walked out of the shower, I dried my hair and put it in a messy bun, put on a sweater that says HUNGOVER, some black sweats and slipped on some black adidas and walked out of mine and Luke's room to Michael and Calum's. I knocked in the door and there was no answer. I rolled my eyes and tried to think like Michael would think. I looked under the rug in the front of the door. Of course! There was a spare hotel key under it. I unlocked the door and found 3 passed out boys on the floor.
I walked over to Luke and shook him lightly. He rolled around and opened his eyes. 

" Hi sweetie," I smiled kissing his forehead and he smiled then groaned as he sat up. 

" What happened last night?" he asked.

" I guess we went to a party and got drunk?" I said as it came out more of a question.

" Damn. We were supposed to have a date yesterday," Luke said.

" It's ok baby. We have a free day today," I said smiling.
" It's not ok. I forgot. I'm such a horrible boyfriend. I don't deserve such an amazing girl like y-," he said but I cut him of by kissing him.

" I said it's ok. We have today. Plus...I forgot as well. And if anything I don't deserve you. Because you're an amazing boyfriend and you're really cute when you have a hangover," I said pecking his lips.

" Now let's wake up the others," I said walking over to Calum and shaking him awake.

" Cal wake up," I said in a sweet voice. He didn't move or do anything.

" CAL WAKE YOUR LAZY ASS UP," I yelled which not only woke up Cal, but woke up Mikey.

" The fuck Mali," Mikey and Cal groaned.

" Get up for crying out loud," I said.

" I have a major hangover and you woke me up at 12:00?!" Michael yelled as Luke walked out of the room.

" Whatever. Here take some Advil," I said giving Michael and Calum some Advil.

" Mikey can I borrow some hair dye?" I asked Mikey.

" Why?" he groaned.

" I have a date with Luke tonight and I wanna re-dye my hair," I said.

" Fine," he said leading me to a really big duffle bag.
" What color?" he asked.

" Damn. Um...don't get mad. I need light brown, hot pink, dark blue, light blue, and a dark but light purple. I'll pay you back or better yet I'll buy more hair dye for you," I begged.

" Ugh, fine. But you owe me hair dye, BIG TIME! And I have to see your hair after," Mikey said.

" Ok," I said.

" Where's Ang and Ash?" I asked and as if on cue, they both walk in.

" Hey," I said to them.

" Hey," they said back.

" Ang, I need your help," I said grabbing her hand and dragging her to mine and Luke's room.

" Ugh! Why?!" she groaned.

" I have a date tonight with Luke," I said and her eyes shot wide open. Oh no. I know this look. Then she pushed me down on a chair in the bathroom.

" Sit, relax, and let me work my magic," she said. Oh boy.

" Here. I want my hair dyed like this," I said showing her a picture I found off the internet.

" Ok," she said.

~ 4 hours later ~

I don't know how this is possible but it took Ang 4 hours to get me ready for my date. My date's at 5 so I got one more hour.

" Are you done yet?" I wined.

" There. Omg you look perf," she said.

" I totally doubt that," I said.

" Come," she said grabbing my hand and pushing me in front of a mirror. 

" Woah," I gasped looking at myself in the mirror in front of me. I was wearing a black tank top, black high waisted shorts, black vans, black bracelets, a white gold necklace with 2 arrows pointing down and earrings that say left and right. My makeup was black winged eyeliner, smokey eye, and some red lipstick.
I turned around and looked at my hair. It was light brown with dark blue, light blue, hot pink and purple highlights.

" Omg Ang! Thank you so much!" I said giving her a hug.

" Anything for you babes," she said kissing my cheek. 

" Ok, now wait here while I go to the boy's room and make sure Luke isn't in there," she said.

" Ok, text me if he's not there and I'll come over," I said.

" Ok," she said opening the door and disappearing behind it. I kept staring at myself in the mirror for about 2 minutes. Then my phone dinged signaling I have a text message. It said:

Ok. Luke's not here. Come quickly~Ang😘

I opened my room door, stuck my head out the door to make sure Luke isn't out there, and ran to Mikey and Cal's room. I knocked on the door and seconds later, I got pulled in the room quickly.

" Oh my god! Your hair!" Mikey yelled.

" What?! What about it?! Is it ok?!" I asked worrying.

" It's fine. It looks really nice...nope it looks beautiful," Cal said.
" Awe. Thanks big bro," I said hugging Cal.

" No prob lil sis. It's hard seeing you grow up. And me being your big brother also playing the role of the're growing up so fast and turning into a beautiful young woman. I love you so much Mali," Cal said.

" I love you to Cal," I said hugging him as a tear streamed down my face.

" Don't cry! You're going to ruin your makeup!" Angelina yelled and I giggled. Then there was a knock on the door.

" This is it," I said opening the door. There stood a handsome looking Luke. He was wearing a red and black flannel, black jeans, and black converse. His hair is perfectly quiffed up and his lip ring was standing out.

" H-hi. Y-you l-look s-so g-gorgeous I-I mean b-beautiful," he stuttered. I giggled at his cuteness.

" You don't look to bad yourself Hemmings," I said grabbing his hand.

" These are uh for you. I-I got them for you," Luke said handing me some beautiful coral roses.

" Thank you," I said smiling. Then Calum came.

" Take care of her Hemmings. If anything I mean ANYTHING happens to her, you're dead. Have fun, but not to much fun," Cal said. I rolled my eyes and punched Cal.

" Stop being such a dad," I said giggling. 

" Come on Luke," I said.

" Bye guys," I said waving to everyone. Me and Luke walked into the elevator.

" So where to?" I asked.

" Surprise," he said.

Oh boy!


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