My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


22. ~ 17 ~

Mali's POV:
I woke up in my bed without Luke? He must be making breakfast or something.. ouch! It hurts to think. 
I feel vile climbing up my throat and I run the the toilet. I held my hair back as I let everything out in the white ceramic bowl. I brush my teeth to get rid of the horrible taste and so my breath smells minty fresh and took some Advil and water. I down the pill and lay back down hoping my hangover will pass on.
Calum's POV:
I'm happy I didn't drink enough to get a hangover, although...Mali and Luke's must be horrid! Haha.. jokes on them for almost having sex in the car... I'm so mean! I go downstairs and see Ashton's door open.. hmm? Nope. Nobody in there. Wait.. nobody in there? Weird..
I walked to the kitchen in my hotel room and throw some waffles in the toaster. Then I walk back to where the TV was. Still no Ashton? He's probably out for a walk or in the bathroom. I sit down on the couch and turn on our xBox, put in the FIFA game and play.
Yum.. waffles are ready. I run into the kitchen, grab my waffles, butter them and pour syrup onto them. I grab a fork and eat.


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