My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


20. ~ 16 ~

Mali's POV:

Right now, me and Angelina are getting dressed for the club we're going to. I put a black and gold dress. Then I curled my hair and put winged eyeliner. I put on some gold bracelets and slid on my gold converse and I was ready to go. 

I walked out of the bathroom to see a beautiful Angelina. She had a black and gold crop top, high waisted black skirt, black and gold vans, black and gold phone case, black and gold ear cuff, gold bracelets, black and gold winged eyeliner, dark red lipstick, and her hair straightened. 

" Damn girl. You look sexy," I said winking and giggling. We always joke around with each other like this.

" Aw thanks M. You look sexier," she giggled which made me giggle as well. 

" Come on. Let's go. The boys are probably waiting for us," I said grabbing my phone and opening our room door. We walked to the boys room and knocked on the door. Calum opened the door and looked at us like he saw a ghost.

" Cal stop staring. It's rude to stare," I said slapping his arm. He rolled his eyes and let us in. The boys turned to look at us and they mouths hung open.

" Shut your mouths boys. You're gonna catch flies, " I said sitting on Luke's lap. 

" Hello beautiful," Luke said kissing my cheek then my neck. He kept kissing my neck trying to find my sweetspot. When he did, I let out a shaky breath. He smirked then kissed my cheek. 

" Lukey," I wined.

" Mali," he said mocking me. I rolled my eyes and got off of his lap. 

" Your mean," I said standing in front of him crossing my arms and pouting.

" Aw did I hurt poor Mali's feelings?" he asked acting sad. I nodded and pretended to look sad. 

" I sowy. You forgive me," he asked in a baby voice.

" No," I said crossing my arms and looking away pretending like I'm mad. He put his finger under my chin and forced me to look at him. He softly pushed his lips to mine and kissed me. I unfolded my arms and wrapped them around his neck. Then he pulled away. 

" How about now?" he asked. 

" Forgiven," I said smiling. 

" Aw how touching. Now let's go clubbing!" Mikey yelled. I giggled as Luke snaked his arm around my waist as we walked out of the room to the elevator.

~ 20 minutes later ~ 

We just got at the club. We told our driver to wait for us in the parking lot. When we entered we heard loud music and sweaty bodies grinding all over each other. Me and Luke walked straight to the bar and ordered 10 shots. 5 for him and 5 for me. I took one and drank it. As I drank it, I felt it bunt down my throat. I drank 4 more and soon I was pretty drunk and so was Luke. 

I pulled Luke to the dance floor and started to grind on him. He placed his hands on my waist as we both danced. He turned me around and started to make out with me as we're still dancing. Out of no where I just started giggling and I wouldn't stop. Luke dragged me out of the club and to the back seat of the car. He sat down and pulled me on his lap and we started to make out. 5 minutes later it turned into a full on make out session until we heard the door open. We pulled away and turned to see a sweaty Ashton, Angelina, Mikey, a random girl and Calum.  

I cuddled into Luke's chest as I felt my eyes get heavy. Soon enough, sleep took over my body.

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