My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


19. ~ 15 ~

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Mali's POV:

" What?" I asked as the boys stared at me.

" You went to far missy. I can't believe you pulled out the Liz card," Mikey said a little mad and I rolled my eyes.

" Shut up. You want pizza or not?" I asked them.

" YEEESSSSSSS!" Mikey yelled.

" Cal! Can you call them cause I'm to lazy to," I said.

" Call who?" he asked.

" THE PIZZA PLACE IDIOT!" Mikey yelled.

" Mikey calm down," I said as I sat down on Luke's lap cuddling into his chest.

" Ashton you do it. You're older," Calum whined.

" Finnee," Ash groaned as he picked up his phone and called the pizza place. Angelina sat on his lap as he was talking on the phone with the pizza place. Then Ash started to clear his throat a lot. Eventually he hung up the phone and let out a deep moan.

" Gross! Get a room far away from us where we can't hear your guy's sexual noises!" Luke yelled.

" Stop yelling," I groaned hitting Luke's chest.

" You hit like a girl," Luke said to me.

" Cause I am a girl," I said rolling my eyes.

" I love you," Luke said placing one hand on my back and the other one on my bum, squeezing it.

" I love you to," I said looking up at him smiling as we locked gazes. I leaned in and kissed him. I can feel him smile through the kiss as I smiled.

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