My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


17. ~ 13 ~

Mali's POV:


I woke up when I felt someone rubbing my back. I opened my eyes and saw Luke rubbing my back. He looked at me and smiled and I smiled back.  

" Good morning beautiful," he said.  

" Morning my guitar playing, penguin loving boyfriend," I giggled and he giggled as well.  

" Me and the boys have an interview today. Do you wanna come?" he asked.  

" Sure," I smiled. He smiled and pecked my lips.  

" Come on. Get up and get ready," Luke said in a stern tone.  

" Ok mum. Sheesh! I'm up," I giggled getting up and opening my luggage. I pulled out a white crop top that said 'Haters', blue ripped skinny jeans, my white converse, and a cream sparkly phone case. I changed my phone case then went to the bathroom grabbing a towel on the way there and did my business.

~ 40 minutes later ~

" Mali hurry up. We have to go in 5 minutes," Luke said on the other side of the bathroom door as I finished curling the last strand of hair.  

" I'm done," I said as I unlocked the door and opened it to reveal an impatient looking Luke.   

" Come on," Luke said handing me my phone and purse before grabbing my hand and dragging me out of our hotel room to the elevator.  

" So the interview..." I trailed off.  

" Do you wanna announce our relationship or..." Luke said trailing off. It's like he read my mind because I was gonna ask him that.  

" I'd be ok with announcing it," I said smiling.  

" Really?" he asked smiling.  

" Really," I said smiling. Next thing I know, Luke's lips were on mine. I of course kissed back.  

Luke's POV:

~ at the interview ~  

" We're here today with One Direction's new opening act 5 Seconds Of Summer," Ryan Secrest said.  

" How are you boys doing so far?" Ryan asked.    

" Um we're doing pretty good actually," Ash said.  

" Good. So do you boys have a girlfriend or any loves in your life?" Ryan said. I looked at Mali and she smiled and nodded. Then she turned to Angelina and started to talk.  

" Yeah actually we all do except for Michael," Cal said.  

" You guys wanna go into details. Who's the girl? How does she look like? What's her interests? And for Michael what do look for in a girl?" Ryan asked.  

" We'll start off with Luke and we'll go around," Ryan said and I smiled.  

" My girlfriend is very beautiful, talented, sweet, caring, and very fit. She has a six pack for crying out loud," I said chuckling a little. I looked over to Mali and saw her giggling and I smiled at her.  

" She has brown hair, brown eyes, and tanned skin. She looks a lot like her brother. In fact her brother is in my band, and she's on tour with us and she's here right now. Her name is Mali-Koa Hood. Yep. That's Calum's sister," I said proudly.  

" Wow Luke, you're dating your best friend's sister?" Ryan asked surprised.  

" Yep," I said popping the P.  

" Ok. Calum you're next," Ryan said.  

" My girlfriend's name is Carolina. She lives back in Aussie. She's very beautiful. She has light brown hair, hazel eyes, and she wears glasses. She's 18 years old so she's a year younger," Cal said smiling.  

" Ashton Irwin," Ryan said.  

" Well to start with, her name is Angelina Padilla. She's very beautiful. She has shoulder length ombré colored hair, blueish greenish eyes, and beautiful paleish tannish skin," Ash said.  

" Michael Clifford. What do you for in a girl?" Ryan asked.  

" Well, she has to like video games and pizza. That's a must. She has to have a good personality. Oh and she has to like dying her hair," Mike said.  

" Haha ok. Next question," Ryan said.

~ 2 hours later ~

" Alright. Thank you 5 Seconds Of Summer," Ryan said.  

" No problem Ryan. Thank you for having us," I said and with that our interview ended.  

" So what'd you think about the interview?" I asked Mali as I wrapped my arms around her waist and she wraps her arms around my neck.  

" It was good for your guy's first interview," she said.  

" Thanks babe," I said kissing Mali's lips.  

" You guys wanna go to a party tonight?!" Michael yelled.  

" Yeah sure. Why not?" we all said at the same time.  

" You wanna go, right?" I asked Mali.  

" Yeah," she smiled pecking my lips.

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