My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


15. ~ 11 ~


Mali's POV:  

After about 30 minutes, Luke came out of the attached bathroom to his dressing room wearing an American Idiot Green Day shirt, black ripped skinny jeans, and all black converse. His hair was damp and messy.  

" A little help please," he said pointing to his hair. I giggled and went over to the stool he was sitting on. I plugged in the blow dryer and dried his hair. The I grabbed a comb and the gel and worked my magic.  

" There. You're welcome," I said walking back to the couch I was sitting on.  

" Wow Mali. You're really good with doing hair," Luke said.  

" Thanks," I said.  

" You're the best," Luke said walking to me.  

" I know I am," I said flipping my hair sassily.  

" So about our date tomorrow night," Luke said.  

" It's a casual date so wear something comfy," Luke said and I giggled at how cute he was.  

" What's so funny?" he asked.  

" You," I said smiling and pecking his lips.  

" Come on. Let's go watch One Direction," I said pulling Luke by his hand and practically dragging him to the left wing of the stage. We were soon joined by Cal, Ash, Ang, and Mikey.

~ 2 hours later ~

" Thank you everybody for coming out tonight. We love you all!" Harry said into the mic concluding the concert then running off stage with the others.  

" Who's hungry?" Niall asked as soon as they came off stage.  

" Me," everyone said in unison.  

" You wanna go to Nandos?" Liam asked.  

" Sure," we all said.  

" But first, you guys should take a shower. You're all sweaty," Ang said.  

" Fine mom," Loui said.

~ 40 minutes later ~

We're all in a black SUV heading to Nandos. Once we got there, we all ordered our food and ate.  

When we were walking back to the SUV, someone slapped my ass and it wasn't Luke because Luke was in front of me. I looked behind me and saw a guy smirking at me.  

" Can I help you?" I asked the guy.  

" Yeah. You can come with me and I can make you scream my name," he said.  

" No thanks," I said walking back to where the others were but got pulled back by my wrist. I winced in pain because my cuts were there.  

" S-stop p-please," I stuttered.  

" Nope. I wanna make you scream my name," he said pushing me against a wall and forcefully pushing his rough lips to mine. Tears were now running down my face because I was scared.  

" Let her go," someone said. I looked to the side and saw Luke.  

" What are you gonna do about it pretty boy?" the guy asked.  

" I said let her go," Luke said through gritted teeth, balling his fists into a tight ball. So tight that his knuckles turned white.  

" Ok," the guy said throwing me to the ground. I looked at my wrists and they were bleeding. I started crying so hard.  

" That's it," Luke said. Next thing you know, Luke was punching the guy.  

" You don't ever put your hands on a girl like that," Luke said kicking the guy in the balls then walking towards me.  

" You ok," Luke asked kneeling down and wiping away my tears.  

" Yeah. I'm fine," I said softly.  

" No you're not. You're bleeding," Luke said, eyes landing on my wrists.  

" Oh. It's nothing," I said getting up.  

" It doesn't look like nothing," Luke said getting up and taking my bracelets off carefully. I looked at him and his eyes widened.  

" Why?" he asked tears forming in his eyes.  

" I aleeady told you why," I said breaking down and falling to my knees putting my head in my hands.  

" Sh. Come here," Luke said. I crawled over to him and sat on his lap. He stood up with me in his arms carrying me bridal style and walking over to the SUV. I felt my eyes getting heavy and fell asleep in Luke's arms.

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