My Brother's Best Friend

Sequel to The Bassist's Sister


14. ~ 10 ~

Luke's POV:


We are like 2 minutes away until the concert starts and I am a nervous reck. Mali must've noticed because she grabbed my hand and squeeze it.  

" You'll be ok. I'll be right here watching you," she whispered in my ear. That instantly calmed me down and I grabbed my guitar.  

" Alright! 5 Seconds of Summer. Stage. Now!" a guy said.  

" Good luck," Mali said.  

" Thanks. I'm gonna need a lot of that," I said pecking her lips.  

" Hemmings! Stage! Now!" the guy said and I ran on stage. Once I got in stage, the guy who must've been the stage director signaled us to start. I nodded and strummed my guitar once. All the girls started to scream their heads off. Oh boy!

~ 2 hours later ~

" Thank you everybody! We're 5 Seconds of Summer!" I yelled running off stage with the guys leaving girls screaming.  

" Hey sweets. How'd we do?" I asked Mali.  

" You did wonderful," she said. I tried to hug her but she put her hand on my chest meaning stop.  

" More hugs when you're less sweaty," she said.  

" Are you serious?" I asked her and she crossed her arms. I gave her a hug anyways.  

" Gross. Now I'm covered in your sweat," she said.  

" Oh well. Love you though," I said and she rolled her eyes.  

" Oh come on. You know you do," I said.  

" Yeah, yeah. Whatever. Go take a shower," she said. I pouted but went anyways.

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