Nightflame's The Name

Dayla Grayson has been certified insane since she was 8 when she watched her parents and older brother die in a trapeze accident. After that she didn't talk for a year, shook all the time, and had terrible nightmares.
Her twin brother Dick Grayson, stayed calm during the accident, did everything he could to help his sister. When billionaire Bruce Wayne adopts Dick, but not Dayla, Dick fights with the man until he adopts Dayla too.
That's just how it started. But there's still a lot more story to tell.


3. Chapter~3 Seperated

After sleeping for a few hours, people with bright lights came in, shining them in our faces. I woke up punching and kicking, trying to get them to go away. Dick just sat up, and took a blanket and rapped my arms in it.

"Yup it's the Grayson girl." the first man said.

"How can you tell?" the second man asked.

"She's crazy! Look at the pitiful Thing! Crying, shaking, kicking, screaming. She's a mess." The first man responed

"Well if these are the Grayson kids lets take 'em." The second person said. Dick slowly unwrapped me, and put an arm around me.

"Where are you taking us?" Dick asked the men.

"You young man are going with Bruce Wayne, and she is going to go somewhere nice." The first man said, Dick glared at him.

"What do you mean 'somewhere nice'?" Dick asked hostility.

"A home for girls like her." The second man responded.

"By like her you mean beautiful and intelligent right?"  Dick asked, he looked at me, and softly moved my hair out of my face, my cheeks were redder, and my eyes shot.

"No, I'm sorry son, but I mean insane." The second man said, he must have thought i couldn't understand him.

"She isn't insane!" Dick yelled at him, both the men nodded.

"Yes of course she isn't." The first man said

"So you're going to separate us? After what just happened? Send one to a mental health place and the other with a rich man?" Dick said, when he said it I hugged the bear tightly, and looked down.

"Young man, she needs help." The first man said

"How do you know! You don't know her! She could be just fine in the morning!" Dick yelled, I looked at the bear, and held it up in front of Dick, and started to make it shake it's head no. "What do you mean Dayla?" I continued shaking it's head, till he gets it, then I stop.

"What is she doing?" The first man asked. 

"She's telling me to stop talking." Dick said simply, the ghost of a smile appeared on my face knowing he understood me.

"Why doesn't she just say it?" the second man asked.

"Because she doesn't like to talk." Dick said, which was the biggest lie ever, I was the talkative one, he was the quiet one.

"Okay well young man, Bruce Wayne is waiting for you." the first man said, dismissing me.

"Alright sir." Dick said, he got up, and hugged me. "Be good please, and nice. I'll find a way to have Mr. Wayne take you too." he whispered to me, I made the bear nod, and he smiled, then he grabbed his suitcase of things, we were always ready to move at a moments notice. Dick stood by the entrance of our little tent.

"Come with me." The first man said to Dick, and they left, I sat on the bed not moving.

"Miss, could you please get your things together? And meet me in the big top in ten minutes?" thw second man said, I mad the bear nod again and he left. I grabbed my momma, father, and Dean's suitcases along with mine, and carried them all to the big top to meet the man. It was pitch black outside.

"Why do you have so many? And your brother only had the one?" he asked me, I pointed with the bear to the spot my family was, and he nodded. "Yes of course, their things. Okay follow me." He said and began to walk out to a car, I followed him lagging behind  by a lot. When I got in the back seat of his car he looked at me with a sigh, and then drove off into the night.

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