Nightflame's The Name

Dayla Grayson has been certified insane since she was 8 when she watched her parents and older brother die in a trapeze accident. After that she didn't talk for a year, shook all the time, and had terrible nightmares.
Her twin brother Dick Grayson, stayed calm during the accident, did everything he could to help his sister. When billionaire Bruce Wayne adopts Dick, but not Dayla, Dick fights with the man until he adopts Dayla too.
That's just how it started. But there's still a lot more story to tell.


2. Chapter~2 A Teribble Memory

When I was about eight and a half, we were in Gotham. Before the show, Dean took Dick and I to see the amazing old styled buildings. One stood out to me. Wayne Tower. So modern, so flashy, the rest of Gotham so old and grungy. So naturally Dick I asked Dean about it. At first he gave us a short answer "A building owned by a company, owned by a some rich snob." I was confused, Dean had never net the "rich snob" so how did he know he was  snob? Well, I asked and got the whole story. A sad one at that. He told Dick and i about the Wayne's murder, how their young son was left all alone. How he was all alone with with money, the worst kind of loneliness Dean said.


That night my life changed, I still don't know for the better or worse, I mean, yes it was terrible, but did it result in something good? Its a terrible hunting memory, but I can't lose it. I still remember every detail.


Dick and I just finished our part of the Flying Grayson Act, we were standing on the platform, watching Dean and father do their part, as planned my momma joined in, they looked amazing, happy, flying. Then suddenly, quickly, the rope snapped,  my father fell, then momma, then Dean. It was terrible to watch, I really didn't know what I was watching. All I knew is they fell two hundred feet, with no net, they couldn't have been okay. But I wouldn't think that, all i thought was they're ll fine, and are about to get up. 

When I realized they wouldn't, I froze, I didn't cry, I didn't blink, I stood there, on that platform with my best friend. Dick grabbed my hand, but still I didn't move, I couldn't. I remember him telling me it was okay, his words woke me from my state, I looked down at my family, heard the screaming of the crowd. I knew that whatever Dick was saying, it was a lie.

Then someone yelled "they're dead!" who ever that person was, I still hate to this day hate him. Because at those words, knowing my parents and brother weren't about to stand, I tried to jump off the platform, but Dick had a firm grip on me.

"Look! The kids are still up there!" a woman yelled. "What's the girl trying to do?" a man yelled, I was fighting against Dick's grip, trying to jump. A moment later, a man climbed up the ladder,  and crouched down to Dick and I's eye level, I stopped fighting, and looked at him.

"Come on you two, you've got to get down, in case something else breaks." the man said, but I was frozen again, just looking at him, Dick still had me in an almost hug to keep me from jumping.

"Sir she's in shock, she won't move, or if she does, she'll try to jump off." Dick said softly to him, the man nodded understanding. He was wearing a suit, which to me seemed odd.

"Will she be alright if I pick her up and carry her down?" the man asked, then quickly added, "Is it alright with you if I carried her down?" Dick had the shadow of a smile, why I still don't know.

"I'm not sure, she's never been like this before. But whatever gets her down safely." Dick said, he began to let me out of the hug, but still held my wrist tightly. The man nodded, and stood up, then he looked at me.

"Miss Grayson I'm going to carry you down, okay?" he said, it took me a few seconds to figure out what he was saying, but once I understood, I nodded. The man picked me up and began to climb down, Dick followed closely. When we got to the ground he put me down lightly, as soon as my feet hit the ground I ran over to Dick and grabbed his arm.

"Dayla get off!" Dick whined, I let go of his arm and just held his hand. As soon as everyone there realized we were on the ground we got crowded. The man who carried me down waved his hands in the air.

"They're not animals in a zoo! Leave them be!" the man yelled, the people slowly went away. I looked at the man.

"Who are you?" Dick called to the man, he turned around and walked over to us, and crouched back down.

"I'm Bruce Wayne." He said, then added, "What are your first names?"

"I'm Dick, I mean I'm Richard, but i go by that." Dick said nervously, he waited for me to introduce myself, but i just stared into space. "And this is Dayla." He added for me.

"Dayla, are you okay?" Bruce asked me, I tried to open my mouth to say no, but I couldn't even get my jaw to work.

"I'm sorry Mr. Wayne, she isn't usually like this." Dick said looking at me worried. I finally found the spot where my family lay, I let go of Dick, and ran over to them, I looked at them, father and momma both had a hand on Dean. I began to shake my head, at first it was slowly, but I couldn't stop, I started shaking it violently, my whole body shaking, my long hair whipping everywhere, I started to scream, and fell on top of my father, I kept shaking, screaming, I felt someone grab my waist trying to move me, I slapped the person, I don't know who it was, I hugged my father and momma, my hair covering my face, hot tears were falling down my face, making my hair stick.

"Dayla its okay, you're okay." Dick said rubbing my back, only another lie.

I didn't respond, I stopped screaming, and was now sobbing into my momma's chest, shaking still, more then a train, more then anything normal. Dick continued rubbing my back, staying calm, at least calmer then me.

After a few minutes, police came, and told me I had to move. After a but of convincing me to, I sat up, my hair a mess sticking to my face, my eyes pink, my cheeks bright red. They gave me a small push to get away from my family, but before I did, I kissed them, I know people stared. I know what it looked like. It looked like I was mental. And to tell you the truth, I was. I am.

Still shaking I got up, and ran to our small tent, full of our things. I sat on my parents cot, hugging an old stuffed bear of Dean's. I cried, and cried, for how long I don't know. But after a while Dick came in, he looked at me sadly, and sat next to me and hugged me, I cried harder, shook softly. He got up, grabbed a blanket from our shared cot and wrapped me in it like I was a baby, trying to get me to stop shaking, to calm down. But I couldn't. As it got later, and both of us grew more tired, we fell asleep. I was still crying.

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