Luke Hemmings Imagines

Imagines of Luke hemmings

I just suppose he's like this I wouldn't know although I wish I did but anyways

Hope you enjoy XD


16. your birth and family


You were at the hospital for a routine check up since you were a few days past your due date. As the nurse did all the tests, Luke held your hand securely.

"Wish the baby would just come out now, I want to meet him!" You nod your head agreeing with Luke and place your other hand around Luke's.

"Me too, he's kicking up a storm in there." you said

"Is he?" You scoffed.

"No i just said that for fun, Luke." Luke grins sheepishly.

"Sorry, just excited."

"I am too." the nurse had left to take the tests to the doctor and while you guys were waiting for her to return, you felt a sharp pain in your lower back and your face contorted in pain, your hand grasping onto Luke's tighter if that was even possible and apparently it was because it made Luke flinch in pain.

"Are you alright, (YN)?" You shake your head.

"No, get a nurse in here right now, Luke! Now!"

"Why?" You barely cracked open your eyes as you yelled out.

"BECAUSE MY WATER JUST BROKE! I'M IN LABOR, LUKE!" His eyes went wide and he shot up from his seat and ran out the door.

A couple minutes later, Luke, a couple nurses and doctors came running in. They wheeled you out to a different room.

You started pushing, Luke by your side. You were crushing is hand and yelling in pain.

"It's okay babe, you're doing fine" Luke said trying to make you feel better.


8 hours later you gave birth to a beautiful baby boy. After the doctor was done with your baby boy he came back and handed him to you.

"Can we name him Alex?" Luke asks.

"Alex Hemmings, I love it babe" You said and gave Luke a quick peck.


Your oldest by 7 years (He's 9 years old) Alex

and you youngest boy (He's 2 years old) Josh


That's the end of the whole family shit

You can make up the rest

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