Luke Hemmings Imagines

Imagines of Luke hemmings

I just suppose he's like this I wouldn't know although I wish I did but anyways

Hope you enjoy XD


5. Luke hemmings imagine

*0.1 Luke hemmings imagine*

You were at work at the pet store. Just working the cash register like the good, hardworking employe you are. A cute guy walks up asking if he can take one of the kittens out of the cage to play with.

You say "sure, let me help you though."

He stays the whole afternoon just casually trying and failing to wink at you every once in a while. Your shift is finally over and you are about to walk out the door when the cute guy follows you out and starts talking.

"My name is Luke" he says.

"Nice to meet you, Luke" you mutter, trying to make it not so obvious that you're about to have a heart attack because of how attractive this guy is.

"Want to go get dinner with me?" he asks.

You say "yeah, that would be great!" as your voice cracks a little from the excitement.

You two walk down the street to the pizza place. Luke orders pepperoni and you just get plain cheese. He tells you all about his band and you tell him all about your life. You hit it off really well. You hang out the next couple of days, until he finally gets the courage to ask you to be his girlfriend.

"Yes, of course" you say as you have to jump up to kiss him.


Hey lovelies

this is my first imagine

So I hope you like it please like comment fan etc.

thank you for reading


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