Luke Hemmings Imagines

Imagines of Luke hemmings

I just suppose he's like this I wouldn't know although I wish I did but anyways

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10. how you meet


You were heading to the signing for your new album. You were bored so you decided to turn on the radio. Amnesia started playing. You loved 5sos, especially Luke, you thought that his voice was incredible. You were singing along to the song.

Once it ends DJ Jeff started talking.

'Welcome back, that was 5 second of summer Amnesia, here with me today the one and only, 5 second of summer!' There was clapping and cheering noise then he started talking again.

'So how are you guys?'

'Were good' Ashton, you think, said. They started talking about there album and stuff, then came a very interesting question.

'So any celebrity crush?' Jeff asks.

'Usher' Micheal said.

'Katy P' Calum said

'Oprah' Ashton said. All the boys started laughing

'Calum' Luke said. They all stared laughing again

'No, but seriously Lukey here has a crush on this (Your country) Artist' Ashton said

'Ya he won't stop listening to her music AND he knows like all her songs and lyrics' Calum chimed in

'Aw look guys he's blushing!' Michael said

'Well who is this lucky lady?' Jeff question. Luke was just about to answer, but all the guys started singing. It took you a while to realize that they were singing your song!

'Well you like (Y/N)?' Jeff asks.

'Ya, her music is incredible and she has the most amazing voice! I love her music' Luke cooed. You pulled over and went on twitter. You decided to tweet Luke this:

@(Y/T/N): Hmm, @(Luke5sos), you like my music? It's okay. I absolutely love yours! XX

'She tweeted me!' Luke said happily.

'Ouu what does it say?'

'Hmm, @(Luke5sos) you like my music? It's okay. I absolutely love yours! With two kisses!'


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