Luke Hemmings Imagines

Imagines of Luke hemmings

I just suppose he's like this I wouldn't know although I wish I did but anyways

Hope you enjoy XD


11. first date


After your tweet Luke and you started tweeting each other 24/7 you got his number a couple days after and now you guys texted 24/7. Luke was now head over heels for you. He would always text you as much as he could. After he would finish a concert he would go straight to his phone and talk to you. He didn't really care about the time zone he would always text you till you or him had to leave.

You were now currently going to pick up Luke from the airport. His flight landed at 1pm. He was also taking you on a date. After you pick him up you guys hung out at your place till 6. You got dress in (Y/F/O).

"Wow, (Y/N) You look amazing."

"You don't look to bad yourself" You said. He grabbed your hand and led you to your car. He got in the driver seat and drove you to the concert.

"Luke you really didn't have to take me to a concert for a first date, it's too much." You say feeling a bit guilty that he spends so much money on you.

"(Y/N), I'm trying to impress you, this is what Michael said gets all the girls" Luke replies solemnly. You can't help but laugh at his cuteness.

"You're taking relationship advice from Michael?" You laugh, filling the small space of the car with your laughter. Luke laughs along.

"I guess, but hey I get to see this band that you don't stop going on about" He said shrugging hands still on the wheel.

"Did you just insult (Y/F/Band?"

"I didn't say anything" Luke says raising one hand in the air in surrender.

Four hours later after the concert, Luke won't stop singing one of the bands song and you agrees with him when he says that was the best first date ever.


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