Luke Hemmings Imagines

Imagines of Luke hemmings

I just suppose he's like this I wouldn't know although I wish I did but anyways

Hope you enjoy XD


4. dating Luke hemmings would include

*dating Luke hemmings would include*

Dating Luke would include:

•"y/n's in the audience tonight! Love you babe"

•winking at you across rooms

•not shutting up about you to the point that the boys have to hold his lips shut to get moments of peace


•"I think that you love Michael more than me

•beating overprotective of you when the paparazzi are about

•"do you want to go on a really fancy date tonight!"

•discovering luke's pain kink when you pull on his hair as a joke and he moans and goes bright red

•"if I'm topping today your topping next time"

•him serenading you daily

•also hearing his angel voice when he's in the shower and recording it and positing it to various social medias

•waking up to his cute lil face and seeing him all curled up and generally being adorable (so like all the time he's fucking adorable all the time)

•"hug me!" "No your all sweaty"

*luke proceeds to chase you around his backstage dressing room

•"Luke how do you even know that"

"I watched a documentary on it"

•family gatherings are a+

•random presents because he saw a stuffed toy(mostly penguins it just works out that way lol)and it reminded him of you(aww)

•dressing him in your clothes when your bored, vice versa

•not a day going by without a dorky picture of you or him being tweeted from you respective accounts(on twitter)

•"luke,liz said no"

•fans hardcore shipping you two because even they can't deny how happy you make him


Hey lovelies

Thank you for reading ma book please like and fan comment and stuff thank you. Again


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