Your Not You

Read the first chapter thats the intro. it was to long to put in here.....


2. Work

"Hey Marry. We are here to see Scott." Nicole smiles at the receptionist. 

"Okay you two can head to his office now." She smiles back.

We thank her and head down the long hall ways. The walls are filled with Pictures of radio hosts with famous people they have interviewed through out the years also with fans of the station and so much more. We head to the elevator to go to the top floor. Now before we get there i guess i should tell you about Scott. Hes not the normal type of hard ass boss that has the office on the top floor. He is actually really cool and laid back. He lets me and Nicole get first dibs of all jobs and get away with alot. Not to mention he is also Nicoles Uncle. 

"Hey girls. I have some big news." Scott says when he sees us. 

"Hey uncle. Can we hurry this up? 5Sauce tickets go on sale in 4 hours and i want to get the meet and greets!"

"Well then i guess you dont want this job. See these boys from Australia are coming and they asked me if i knew anyone who would like to hang out for a week while they are in La recording music."

"Australians? Who?" I Ask.

Scott types something into his computer and reads the name off. The name I know all to well. 

"5 Seconds Of Summer." he smirks.

Nicole and I look at each other then back at Scott then back at each other.

"Oh my god. YES YES YES! YOU ARE THE BEST UNCLE IN THE WHOLE WORLD!" Nicole screams and we both run over to hug him.

"Alright ladies. Sit we need to go over the details." He laughs pushing us off of him. 

Nicole and i nod and sit down taking our laptops out so we can write notes on what we need to remember.

"So they are going to stay with you two in your house."


"Let me finish." Scott laughs. He knows Nicole and I are inlove with them. Shit this means we have to take our photos of them down around the house..

"imma let you finish but.. Does this mean we have to clean the merch?" Nicole asks what I was thinking.

"Sadly not because you are not working for the station. I told them about you two already and they said that its fine and they want you to be 100% yourselfs." He answers.

"Sweet." we hi-five.

"Okay anyways. You'll have to host them. You two have a 4 bedroom apartment so the boys agreed two of them will share a room. Also you can tell NOONE anything about them they tell you! You have to keep this as secrete a you can okay?"

"So like 100%" I ask.

"Pretty much. Unless the boys say otherwise." He says sadly. He knows how much this is going to kill us. "So what do you guys say?" 

"YES!" We both scream!

"Thought so. Just sign these saying you will not give out any info by your own will." Scott says passing up each a packet.

20 minutes later we were all set to go. 

"Oh also i forgot to mention they could be here for more then a week depending on how much work they need to do. They should be here at the radio station around 3pm. You two need to be here at 2:30 to pick them up. I will be interveiwing them. You can sit in though." 

"Alright. What day?"

"Today!" He says standing up.

"WHAT?" I scream.

"What time is it?" Nicole asks.

Pulling out our phones like we were mirroring each other we both gasp. It is already 1:15!"

"Oh my god!"

"I got the make up the the car!" Nicole says running out of the room giving her uncle the glare of death. 

"How dare you not give us time to not get pretty!" I say giving him the evil eyes and follow Nicole.

Thank god we both dressed in good clothes! And by good clothes I mean jeans and a none stand shirt! 

"Shit!" Nicole says looking at after locking the car. 


"Our shirts." 

SHIT! Nicole and i wore our shirts we got when we went to see the boys in concert because the new tour tickets go on sale today and we wore them for luck!

"There is no time to worry about this now! We can chance them." I say and she agrees. Running back into our office we start fixing up our hair and make up.  Just in time too because there was a knock on there once we put the make up bag in the desk draw. I run and open a game on my phone and Nicole dose the same and we plop on the floor to pretend we havent been just getting ready to meet the loves of our lives. 

"come in." I yell once we were sitting.

"Scott is ready for you." Marry says opening the door.

"Oh. Okay thank you Mar." Nicole smiles at the 16 year old.

We let up and grab our pursed and head to the interview room. 

"What if they hate us?" I panic.

"Worse what if they they change their minds once they see us?" she panics.

"What if they are mean?"

"What if they are spoiled and not what they really seam what they are?"

Nicole and i start to worry. 

"What are we talking about?" Nicole laughs.

"I think we just panicked for a second. Im ashamed." I laugh.

"Me too. I mean how could them four idiots be mean." Nicole laughs opening the door cuasing everyone to stop and look at us.

"Well im glad you think that." Ashton laughs. 

Looking at Nicole i freeze and she does the same. 

"s-sorry." i stutter and sit down while everyone laughs. 

"So boys one more question before you go. These girls just made me think of it so thank you girls."

"No problem." I say shyly. 

"So do hate it when your fans call you idiots or dorks? Because i saw twitter post with them calling you them names as well." Scott asks.

I laughs and Nicole shakes her head. The boys must of noticed and chuckled along. 

"Not at all. I actually like it!" Michael says looking at Nicole smirking. 

"Really? Why?" Scott asks.

"Girls do you know?" Luke asks. 

"Well you guys feel like it gives us all a specail bond." I answer.

"Is that right?" Scott asked.

"Yes." Calum laugh.

"Youre smart." he adds. 

"I know my band shit." I laugh. Nicole almost died chocking on her water when i said this. Everyone looked at here with a worried look. 

"im okay! im okay!" she starts laughing. 

"Oh wait i get it." Michael laughs. and soon the others join in. 

"What?" Scott asks. 

"Hayley Williams basically told Luke he dont know his bands when he wore a Misfits shirt on twitter" I said.

"Which she had no right! I mean who does she think she is? God i was pissed!" Nicole says shaking her head. I could tell she still wants to kick ass and so dont i to be honest. 

"Okay okay. On that note this has been scott with 5 Seconds of Summer! Thank you boys for being here!" 

"Thank you for having us." Ashton giggles. THAT GIGGLE! 

"There you have it guys. 5 Seconds of summer everyone. Now this track was requested by Lisa. Heres trap queen.

"Gross." Nicole and I say at the same time refuring to the song.

"You dont like that song?" Michael asks looking at Nicole. 

"No. Ive told him he needs to play more blink and all time low but no he dont listen." nicole rolls her eyes. 

"Oh by the way nice shirts." Ashtons says. 

"Thanks we got them when we went to your show last year. The only reason we both wore them today was for luck when your tickets went on sale. I guess they have more luck them we thought in them." I laugh. 

"Okay so sense we are done here who wants to go to get food? Im so hungry!" Nicole says. 

"Me!" Michael screams getting up forgetting he has his headphones on his head. So the rip off his ears. "ouch!" he wines.

"Aw poor baby!" Luke Laughs.

"Shut up Luke!" Michael glares at him. 

"Okay boys enough. Follow me!" Nicole says. 

We all get up and they all follow Nicole out of the door. Nicole, Michael, Ashton, Calum , Luke, then me. Once we are got to the car we had to figure out how we were all going to fit. 

"I didnt think this through." Nicole face palms.

"Okay well im driving so Michael in the front seat. Calum behind me, Ashton middle, Luke behind Michael, an Kylie can sit on Lukes lap so she can duck down and michael an pull his seat up as much as he can." Nicole says getting in. I knew she would put me on his lap. I cant screw this up.

"Where are we going?" I ask. once we are in the car. 

"Somewhere close I hope." Luke whines.

"Um what do we want?" Nicole ask pulling out of the parking stop. 

"Pizza?" I ask. Everyone agreed. 

"do we want to go out for go home and have the pizza man bring it?" nicole ask.

"Home!" Michael says.

"Yeah im tired." Calum agrees.

"shit. Can you move up?" Luke askes me.

"Oh sorry." I say moving closer to mikeys seat.

"Thanks." he said looking out the window. 

After 10 minutes of driving we got home. We showed the boys their rooms so they could get settled in and shower and stuff. Nicole ordered the pizza. And we waited for the pizza with just Nicole and I in the livingroom. The pizza showed up 30 minutes later and i went to get the boys while Nicole paid. I knocked on the door.

"Yeah." I heard a voice Pizza is here.

"Yeah whatever ill be out when i want some."

"LUKE!" i heard another voice. I think is Ashton.

"Whatever Ashton."

Ashton opened the door and smiled sadly at me. "Sorry about him. Hes a asshole. Has been for the past 3 weeks. Hey ill get the others. Well be right in." Ashton smiles and gives me a hug. I nod and go into the kitchen to tell Nicole what just happened.

"ARE YOU SERIOUS?" Nicole look pissed. 

"Yeah. But please dont say anything."

"Hey girls." Michael smiled at Nicole. I looked at her and she had red checks. 

We all started digging into food. 

"Hey well imma go watch tv do you all want to join?" Nicole asks.

"Sure!" Michael said right after she asks. Like really fast. Like too fast. I couldnt help but smirk.

"Yeah but no girly shit." Calum said laughing

"says the guy who watched 4 seasons of pretty little liars." Ashton smiled. 

"Shut up!" Calum said slapping Ash.

"Luke?" michael asks. 

"No fucking way and i sitting with you losers." Luke rolled his eyes and walked into his room.

"Hold the fuck up." nicole says. Shit..

"What?" Luke turns around glaring at her. Oh no.

"Dont you glare at me in my house and dont speak to us that way."

"How are you to talk me that way. You are just some stupid fan girl." luke says walking closer

"haha stupid fan girl? hahaha stupid fan girls are the reason you have the life you do!" nicole says walking closer to him.

"Yeah becuase you guy fall for the sweet guy act. You guys need to learn stalking is stalking not dedication. Yall are fucking wired and Id never date a stupid fan."

Thats when Nicole slapped him.

"How dare you! You know what yall can leave my house." Nicole yells and walks into her room slamming the door. 

"What the fuck dude." Michael yells and walks after Nicole

"Are you serious? What the fuck is wrong with you?" i ask.

"Do i need to repeat my self?" he asks shaking his head. 

"Youre a ass." I say shaking my head turning to clean up after supper .

"Yeah well good thing you never had a chance then huh."

"The fuck is that supposed to mean?"

"i mean look at me and look at you." He snorts. 

"Dude! She wouldnt want you anyways. She can do better then you!" Calum butted in.

"Ha! like someone like you?" He rolled his eyes.

"Actually no. Not someone like me but me!" 

"You dont actually like her do you?" 

"Yeah i do!" Calum says walking over to me putting his arm around my shoulders 

"Good for you!" Luke laughs and walks out the door. 

"Sorry again Kylie. Dont listen to him." Ashton says shaking his head. "I better go after him." 

After ashton left I thanked calum and ran to my room and started cryin. I cant believe this. I mean the guy i love is a ass. I idolized him. Luke is not that sweet, awkward, shy guy he puts out to be. Hes a straight up asshole.

I heard a knock on the door and ignored it and just continued crying into my pillow.

"Kylie." I heard a voice coming from the door.

"No." i sniffle.

"Its Calum. Can i come in please?" 

"I dont want you to see me like this." i say.

"Kylie please. you kow what im coming in." he says opening my door. I sit up crossed legged on my bed and he sit next to me with opened arms. I lean in and he hugs me. 

"Im sorry about him. Hes going through something hard right now and this is how he is dealing with it. I know thats not okay to treat you like that though."

"Thank you Cal. But you dont need to apologize for him. Also you didnt need to say all them things to Luke. Just so you know i know you didnt mean them but thank you for that." I smile.

"I actually did mean them. kylie you are really beautiful. I mean ive only known you for like an hour and a half but i think youre amazing and i would totally date someone like you." 



"Thank you. Hey cal i think imma try to get some sleep. You should see if Ashton found luke and if they are coming back."

"Okay get some rest."

"Um Cal."

"Yeah sweetheart."

"Will you lay with me for a minute?"

"Sure." He smiles and kisses my forhead. i started dosing off in Calums arms.



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