Your Not You

Read the first chapter thats the intro. it was to long to put in here.....


5. Silly hottie

Two hours later and we are back at the house. Still having a few hours before Desi even gets here i to my room and pull out my laptop doing my daily checks on social media. Except this time I skipped twitter. Facebook was the same just game requests. Instagram had blown up due to it being connected to my Twitter. People just messaged me asking who I was. Some sent me hate and others saying I was pretty. I replied to a few saying thank you and they are too. How I'm happy to be in the 5sos fam. So long after there was a knock at my door.

"Come in!" I yell.

As my door opened look up to see Luke with a small smile.

"What's up?" I ask closing my laptop.

"I'm sorry." Was all he said before he sits on my bed.

"Luke can we please stop talking about it. I told you if you want to fix it to prove it."

"That's what I'm trying to do."

"By saying your sorry for the thousandth time?"


"No Luke. Listen if you had a glass plate and throw it on the floor does it brake?"

"Yes?" He answers with a confused look.

"If you say sorry to it a thousand times does the plate get fixed?"


"Then sometimes sorry isn't enough." I say sadly and turn to look out my window.

"Can we go out today? Just you and I? So I can try to prove it." He asks.

"Not today Luke. I'm just not in the mood."

"How about tomorrow then?"

"Sure tomorrow."

"I hope you have something planned because you really fucking hurt me Luke. I really want to forgive you. Trust me. I hate feeling like this. You mean so much to mean. And the boys as well. But you guys broke me down to the point where I don't know what to do because you boys was all that was giving me the strength." I honestly told him. I couldn't keep it in. I need for him to understand the pain he made me feel. I get he might not ever understand fully but I need him to at least some what.

"Kylie I promise you I will spend every minute I can to make this up to you." He says looking into my eyes taking ahold of my hand. 

I smile and turn my head looking back at my phone. And slowly pull my hand out of his. 

"Are you still going to the club tonight?" He asks laying his head on my pillows. 

"Yeah. Do we have to act like a couple?" 

"Yeah I mean just a few cuddles and dances here and there. Not to much until we annouce it ya know?" 

"Okay." I nod scrolling through facebook. 

"Can I just hand out in here? They are all in the livingroom."

"Sure im about to go on twitter."


I didnt reply i just open the app. after going through my personal account i deiced i should go on our work account.

"Holy shit." I whisper. 

"What?" Luke asks looking up at me. 

"Nicole and I run a popular twitter account for work and we have a shit ton of dms and shit."

"About what?" 

"I don't know i havent looked. I assume about you guys."

I open out mentions first. Yup should of known. 

"@calm5sos4:  @clebinfo is it @5sos are hanging out with you?" and it had a pic of us all at friendlys.

"@Calm5sos4 yes just chilling with some friends." I respond.

"@utubemusic: @Clebinfo How'd yall meet?"

"@utubemusic The radio station :)"

Thats pretty much how it went. With some asking to have the guys follow them. 

"NICOLE" I screem.

"WHAT?" she screems back.


I hear here yelling about how much of a lazy fuck i am. Lets be honest i am.

"Yeah?" she asks until her eyes land on Luke laying next to me. She give me a 'What the fuck' look. I just shrug.

"Have you checked our account?" 

"Mostly fans asking about the guys. Its on all out accounts. LAME!" She says pushing Luke over to lay next to me. He just rolls his eyes and goes back to his phone while Nicole not so secretly sticks her tongue out at him. 

"So i think we should get ready. Desi is in my shower now." 

"What? Isnt it only like 2?"

"No you boob its 5!" 

"WHAT?!" I screem jumping up.

"Get to the shower!" Nicole says crawling off the bed.

"okay." I rush to my closet and grab some towels and my club dress. Its tight but not too tight. Its black at the top and the bottom is a shiny gold color. I take my jean jacket to go over it. I run into the bathroom and jump in the shower not even playing music. It take me 10 minutes to shave and another 10 to wash up. Quickly drying off i wrap a towel around my hair and body. I brush my teeth, do my make up, straighten my hair curling the ends, then get dressed. It took me an hour to be completely finished. I walk out to see everyone in the livingroom. 

Desi is wearing a purple dress with black heels. Her hair pulled into a high pony. Nicole is wearing a short black dress with red heels with smokey eyes and pin point straight hair. 

"Ready sexy?" Desi asks. but before i can answer Calum speaks. "Sure thing." Next thing i know is Nicole smacking him upside the head. 

"OW!" he screams rubbing the back of his head.

"You set your self up bro." Michael says smiling.

"Suck up." Calum mutters walking out the door.

Shrugging i follow everyone downstairs to Scotts car that we are using. After everyone gets in Nicole pulls out into the street.

"We should of just called a cab." Nicole says.

"True but theres a hotel right down the street from the club. I think Luke wouldnt mind paying for us." I say smiling at him. 

"I uh yeah." He says with wide eyes. 

"Well Luke can pay for yours. Mike is gonna pay for mine and Desi's."

"I am?" Mike questions.

"Yes." Nicole says rolling her eyes. 

"I can pay for Desi." calum speaks up.
"No." I say. 
"Why not?" desi ask

"I..He. You know what because i said so thats why." 

"Yeah because she said so." Nicole agrees. 

"Thats not a good enough answer." Desi said with full on additude.

"Whatever." Nicole mutters. 

We pulled into the hotels parking lot. Which is actually a good idea so we can just drive straight home tomorrow. 

"Luke, Cal, Mike, and I will go in and get the rooms. One for everyone." Ashton says.

The boys climb out and run in. Making sure we had everything we get out aswell and lock the car. 

"So girls how do you meet them boys and how could you keep this from me?" desi asks. 

"It just kinda happened. We were talking to them about coming in to the radio station for a interview and Luke and I kept in touch and same for Nicole and Michael. I guess we didnt think about it. Sorry Desi." I frown at her. I hope it was okay to say that because i honestly had no idea what to say. 

"I mean i guess. But why are you trying to keep Calum from flirting with me?"

"He's 19 your 16 need i say more?" I say praying the boys would walk out. 

"Please do." she answers while crossing her arms across her chest. 

"Whats taking them so long its been like 5 minutes." Nicole huffs. 

Desi rolls her eyes and starts walking to the doors of the hotel only to be met with Michael and Luke walking out. 

"We all set?" She asks him.

"Yeah Calum and Ashton are just signing their papers."


"But there is something we need to talk about." He says just as the others  walk out. 


"They only had four rooms left. Theres some type of home convention going on." Luke says. 

"I figured the couples could share rooms." Ashton stated with a knowing look. 

"Thats fine." I fake being okay with it when i really just wanted to throw a rock at the hotel guys face.

"So where am I sleeping?" desi asks.

"I really dont want her to have her own room." Nicole states.

"Yeah she crazy when shes drunk so she need someone in the room in case she tries anything." I add.

"She can sleep with me." Calum says but slowly backs up once he makes eye contact with Nicole and I. 

"She'll share a room with me." Ashton says rolling his eyes. 

"No fair! I cant pick?" 

"No." i say.

Rolling her eyes she links arms with Calums. Oh my god shes not going to drop it is she? I walk over to Luke and he wraps his arm around my shoulders. Asking if I was ready nodding we start walking straying from the group a bit. The walk to the club was about 5 minutes. Neither one of us talked. We already know we have to act all lovely dove but just a little not to much. This sucks! 

Luke opened the door for me. I smiled at him and headed straight to the bar stools. I order vodka and he got the same. 

"We should probably dance." He yells over the music after we both downed the drink. I nod standing up smoothing out my dress looking around. I see Ashton dancing with some blonde chick. Michael and Nicole are dancing too. Calum and Desi are dancing aswell... Well if you even call her rubbing her ass all over his dick dancing. I glare at them and walk towards the dance floor. A fast song was playing so I closed my eyes and moved my body to the beat. Luke kinda just watched me for a second until his hands took ahold of my hips pulling my back towards him so my back was in his chest. There was no room between us and somehow i liked it. Somehow? I mean i know why but i shouldnt like it. Right? You know what im just going to put everything behind me for tonight and have fun. A new song started. The beat much faster then the last. I speed my body up to match it. 

"fuck Kylie." Luke Moans. 


Luke lowers his head so his lips are at me ear and says "You keep moving like that im not going to be able to control myself." 

"Then dont baby." 

I turn around and wrap a arm around his neck so i could grind on him with my front. Luke starts kissing my neck making me moan. I could feel him smirking. He kisses up to my ear nibbling on the lob. He's enjoying this. Thats when i pull away.

"im ready for another drink. How about you?" I smirk at him and start heading to the bar. I order another vodka but making it a double. By the time i finished it i could already feel the alcohol in my veins. I wasn't drunk but i was. I knew i was past being buzzed but not to the point where i was drunk yet. I turn to Luke and kiss him. like a full on kiss. Okay maybe i am drunk. Sober me would never. I tangle my fingers in his hair pulling slightly. He seamed to like it with the moan that left his mouth. I got up from my set making sure not to disconnect our lips. I Sit on him lap to be closer to him. He rest his on my hips. He slides his tongue on my lower lip begging for enters. I deny. He wasn't happy. I felt his hand slid to my ass grabbing it making me moan letting him enter. 

"OH MY GOD ITS LUKE HEMMINGS!" So one screaming making us pulling apart. To say i was annoyed was a understatement. I look at look to see his face completely red. Either he was embarrassed we got caught or he was hot from our session. He look up to see some girl wearing a dress that looked like it was made from a leather strap. Like seriously it was only covering her nipples, ass, and pussy. Gross... 

"Uh yeah hi." He says looking at her.

"Oh my lord. Can I get a pick?" she asks while twirling her hair. I roll my eyes and turn to the bar tender letting him now i need another. He smiles sympathetically at me while getting it. 

Luke stands up and starts talking with the girl. I couldn't hear what they were saying over the music. Once they took the picture she continued to talk to him. Being a fan my self i get it. like 5 minutes go but and i finished only god knows how many drinks. tired of waiting i stand up and walk over and whisper in his ear.

"Im going to dance with the girls." and kiss his check. i could feel the girls eyes on me so i smile at her and walk over to Nicole and Michael. 

"Nicoleeee!" I scream. 

"Woah how much have you had to drink?" she asks. i give her a confused look and try to remember. i just laugh and start dancing with her.

"okay then." michael laughs. "i think its time to go. imma go find Luke." 

"I dont wanna go." I frown. he just shakes his head and walks away.

"Come on love." Nicole says taking my hand pulling me back to the bar. 

I saw Michael talking to Luke. The girl still standing there.

"Mikey babe." Nicole calls to him. The girl looks at us then back at the guys. 

"Wait youre dating Michael?" 

"Lukeyy!" I yell stumbling to him.

"Woah babe." he says catching me.

"My hero." I giggle. 

"Youre dating Luke?" The girl questions.

"I think its time to go love." Says to me.

"Were gonna stay here why dont you take her back." Nicole says taking Mikes hand.

"Can someone tell me something." The girl yells.

"Hey it was nice meeting you but i should be going. Bye hun." Luke says giding me out of the bar.

"Lukey i dont wanna go."

"Kylie youre smashed." 

"No im not silly goose."

"Silly goose?"

"Actually no! Youre hotter then a goose. Silly hottie." 

"Definitely smashed."

"You are."

"Im drunk love bug ill give you that."

The rest of the way back to the hotel concist of Luke telling me to keep walking everytime i stopped to look at something.

"Were here." He says opening the door. We got to the elevator and waited to for it to open. All I could think about was the kiss we shared at the bar. I need to feel his lips on mine again. As soon as we were in and the doors closed my lips were on his. I couldnt wait. But as soon as i felt his soft lips on mine there were gone.

"Luke." I whine.

"Kylie what was that?" He questioins.

"I want you." I say pulling him closer to me by the collar of his shirt putting our lips together. He didnt pull away this time. The kiss was short but worth it.

"God Luke fuck." I moan in his mouth. The bell beep saying we were on our floor. I dragged luke out telling him to show me the way. We ran down the hall the best to drunk people can until we found it. Luke took the key out of his pocket and unlocked the door. As soon as it opened i pushed him in the room attaching his lips with mine once again. Luke pushed me against the door closing it at the same time. I pushed against him rubbing on his clothes dick. 

"Fuck." he moaned. 

Pulling him to the bed i lay down.

"Shit wait here i need to go get a condom. I saw a vending machine with some."  He says and runs to the door.

"Hurry baby." I hum taking off my dress and heels. I lay on the bed waiting for him but the next thing i know my eyes are closing and everything goes dark as a i fall alseep.

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