Your Not You

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4. Only because i want to

As I wake up i notice im alone but i could hear chatter coming from the other room. I sit up and throw my hair into a messy bun. Untangling my legs from the sheets i get out of bed with my phone in my hand checking the time. 9am. Why is everyone up so early? The fuck? I walk out into the kitchen to see all the boys and Nicole sitting around the table looking up at me.

"Whats going on?" I ask.

"Just talking. You should sit and be apart of this." Nicole says. I walk up and up on the counter facing them all. 

"Okay so far we covered the basics. I told them we will help them but as soon as this is over we are cutting ties." Nicole says giving Michael a dirty look who just looks at the ground. 

"Okay what else?"

"I called managent and told them what happened. They were not happy but agreed that its okay where the you two are agreeing to help us. I also told them they were threatening to sue them so now you both are getting paid $1,000 every week and your travel payments will be covered if its needed. Also they are giving you free tickets to any show for life. They are going to mail a card for each of you for that." Ashton says.


"Aye things are looking up." Nicole laughs.

"Okay well how long is this whole thing going to last? And what do we have to do? Like the rules I mean." I ask.

"We are not sure. It could last up to a year or even more. Kylie you'll have to act like Lukes girlfriend and Nicole with Michael. So going on dates and shit. Youll be going public in like a month. So you have to drop hints hear in there with out being to oblivious." Calum says.

"For rules you cant let anyone know about the arrangements! You can't talk about it in public or over text in case a fan goes crazy and gets a hold of that. Also there has to be a few family dates. Like the whole "meeting the parents" Ashton says doing the finger thing when saying meet the parents. "Just so it feels real to them. You know? Nicole did you tell your uncle?" Ashton asks.

"I was to pissed to talk to him about it. All i said was you guys are assholes and not the good type and that we dont want you here." she said looking Michael into his eyes. Im guessing even after Calming him down last night shes still not okay with him. To be honest i dont know if im okay with Luke or the rest of the boys for that matter.

They all just nodded and after 2 minutes of awkward silences I spoke up.

"Okay. Well whats on the calendar today?" I ask.

"Luke and I have to tweet a group photo of us. So What do you guys want to do for it?" Michael asks looking at Nicole as if he was just asking her.

"Club?" She asks.

"YES!" I yell. "I mean even though ya'll are famous can you get in? because Ashton is the only legal here."

"I dont know. Do you know anyone who could get us into one?" Ashton asks.

"I could call Cody." I say.

"Dramatic times call for dramatic measures." Nicole sighs.

"Whos Cody?" Luke asks with a pissed off look 

"Long story. Hes a fuckboy." I answer.

"So what do we do for the rest of the day until 4?"

"Im starving."

"Want to go to friendys?" Nicole ask.

"Is Desi working?"

"Yeah. Today is Saturday right?" 


"Now who is Desi?" Michael asks.

"My 16 year old sister. She also works at the radio station with us sometimes." Nicole says typing something on her phone.

"Im going to get ready. You all should too."  She says looking up. 

"And you boys are paying." I add before I get up and walk back to my room.

I jump in the shower only taking enough time to wash my hair, body and shave. I didnt bother straightening my hair. So left it down letting it be wavy. I decided to wear my white tank top that had like rinstones around the neck and my shorts that have the American flag print on them with black vans. I just put on some natural looking eye shadow and my mascara and I was done. All the boys were in the living room waiting for us. I take a seat and notice Luke looking at me. 

"What?" I asked annoyed He looked kinda sad.

"Oh." was all he said. Which pissed me off. 

"Oh. What?"  I ask 
"Its just thought after-"

"After last night I thought we were okay." I interpreted him. Luke just looked at his hands.

"No." I simply answered. 

"Nicole seams to be even more pissed." Michael said sighing.

"Well if you weren't a dick." I rolled my eyes. Yeah because after that we are just going to forgive them just like that. Not how it works bub. 

"Kylie I really like Nicole. I know we havent known each other long but the time I have spent with her just made me realize how much of a amazing person she is. I really dont want to lose her. Nor do I want to lose you." I could hear pain in his voice. 

"Well prove it." Was all i said walking away to see if Nicole was ready. 

Knocking on the door making sure she was decent. She opened the door. She was wearing a white shirt with a dream catcher on saying "Follow your dreams" with black skinny jeans and gray vans with a red flannel tied around her waist. She did her make up like i did but she added eyeliner. 

"Hot." We both say at the same time. Thats a normal thing for us to do. Laughing we walk to the living room to get the boys. 

"Ready?" I ask them. The all stood up and followed us girls to the car. 

Nicole driving, me in the passenger set, Luke behind me, Michael in the middle, Ashton Behind Nicole and Calum on Lukes lap.

"Im picking up my uncles car up later. Its an explore with a third row of seats." Nicole says pulling off the street.

"Thank god." Calum groans.

"Says the on thats no being sat on!" Luke states with a 'Are you fucking kidding serious mate.' look.

"Well lucky for all of you in the back friendlys is only a two minute drive so we should be there in a second and my uncle is trading off cars there so when we leave we will have his." Nicole said rolling her eyes turning on the radio. Tear in my heart by Twenty One Pilots came on and Nicole turned it on and started to sing. Just as the song ended we pulled into the parking lot. 

"That felt like a 2 hour drive." Calum said stretching out.

"whiny." I mumbled. 

"Okay guys so remember act like you like us. And doping hits of a relationship. Also no telling Desi." Ashton said.

"And when we are waiting for food we could take pics for twitter." Michael says.

"Can we still go to the cub tonight?" I ask.

"Yes." nicole answers.

"Good!" i say. 

Nicole walks over to michael linking their arms and start acting giggly around him. I guess I need to do that. I give him a hug. I must of shocked him because it took him a second to hug me back. He smiled at me when I pulled at me and I smiled back. He took my hand and walked to the rest of the group.

Not many people are here. Mostly elderly people and a few kids with their parents. 

"Hi table for 6. We also would like to request Desi section." Nicole says smiling at the hostess. She looked to be in her late 20's. Probably why shes not screaming.

"Okay follow me." She smiles. 
 We follow her to a table and take are seats. Of course Luke and I sat super close same with Nicole and Michael. 

She passed up our menus and told us Desi will be over in a second. 

"She must be new." nicole says. 

"Yeah i havent seen her before." I says placing my menu to the end with Nicoles. We already know what we want sense we are here alot because we get a discount. I lean into Lukes side while he looks over the options. He looks over and smiles then looks back at the menu. I close my eyes and wait to order. 

"Hi my name is Desi and ill-" Desi started while walking over to the table. But once her eyes landed on us and who we were with she went pale. 

"Desi are you okay?" Nicole smirks at her little sister.

"I.. You.. them.. Michael.. Calum.. I.. How.. when.." She was mumbling. 

"Are you okay love?" Calum asks her which didnt help because he is her favorite. She even has a huge ass teddy bear and named it Calum because it was cuddly like him. 

"Am I dreaming?" she asked.

"Nope." Nicole smiles leaning into Michael which resulted him putting his arm around her shoulders making sure she noticed. Her eyes pretty much popped out of her face. 

"What?" Pointing at them.

"What?" I ask already leaning my head on Lukes shoulder.

"What?" desi said now pointing at me.

"I need to sit down." Desi said rubbing her head. Calum stood up and walked her over to where he was seated.

"What is going on here."

Nicole leaned into Michael whispering in his ear he just nodded.

"Im kinda dating Michael." Nicole said.

"im dating Luke." i said. 

Desi still was as pale as a ghost.

"What time do you get off love?" Calum asked her. 


"Do you want to come to the club with us?"

"Sure." She answered smilng. She must of clamed down. For now anyways.

"Just come over after work okay?" Nicole smiled.


"Can we order now? Im starving!" i laugh. 

"Yeah yeah sorry. What can i get you to drink." Desi asked standing up straightening out her uniform.

"Well have our specail." I smile.

"Okay Calum." 

"Ill take what they are having."

The other boys agreed and desi walked off placing out order and tend to her other tables. 

"Should we take the picture now?" I ask. Ashton nodded. 

We ended up taking one group picture then by ourselfs us "couples" took selfies. Before I knew it my phone was blasting with tweets.

Silenting my phone i place in back in my pocket. luke and the others tweeted it out with us in it so its not really for me just im just in it.

"Whats your sisters twitter?" Calum asks Nicole.

"Shes going to kill me but its (SORRY IF THESE ARE ANYONES @ I RANDOMLY THOUGH OF THEM) @calsbubblegumbutt."

The boys chuckled. 

"Thats amazing." cal laughed. 

"Eh I think mines better." I laugh. 

"No @Lukestubblecum is bad." Calum laughs. Nicole laughs.

"Well @Michaelscumisyum istnt any better!" I say. Causing everyone to laugh. 

"Its ture." Nicole shrugs.

Micheal rasied a eyebrow with a smirk on his lips. 

"here we are." desi said coming back holding our food. Well with some help from co workers.

"Thanks babe." Calum says smiling at her. 

Once we had our food and Des went back to the kitchen Nicole turned to Calum and smacked him in the arm.



"I will NOT let you do this to my sister do you understand me."

"Nicole im not going to do anything with her. I just think she cute. Plus we have to act normal right?"

"Hurt her i will hurt you hood." She said smacking his arm again the turning to talk to Michael. It looks Like they were in a deep conversation. I couldnt hear them because they were whispering. Calum started talking

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