Your Not You

Read the first chapter thats the intro. it was to long to put in here.....


1. Intro



Hi my name is Kylie. I'm 17 years old and i'm obsessed with the band 5 Seconds of Summer! I'm in love with Luke. Him and I are like the same person. Hes awkward and shy just like i am. but also hes a sex god. like he can fuck me anytime he ways. Oh also i run a very poplar twitter account with the help of my best friend who you'll learn about in a second. We tweet imagines and make up short stories for people. I have been notices by the boys a couple times and they all follow me. But other then that i have no life.

have one friend who is more like my sister her name is Nicole. Shes 18 and is in love with Michael they are both very dirty and funny and just all around great people. Also the obsession with the hair dye (you should see my bathroom its like a fucking rainbow). I ship them two and she ships Luke and I. Now for Ashton and Calum Nicole and i have a deal she can have Ashton and I can have Calum if it don't work out between Michael and Luke.

Um what else can I tell you? Oh yeah! Nicole and I live together, we are both fresh out of school. The both of us work at a radio station. We do a lot of things there like interview people, go to events, plan events, make contests, and we go to concerts and then talk about them the next day. Its a dream job. I have been working sense I was 16 and Nicole started a year before me when she was 16.

But oh look at the time i best go check twitter. See whats going on and probably tweet out some imagines and stuff. Then I have to get ready for work. Nicole and I have to see the head boss today about some special guest coming in next week or something. 


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