Your Not You

Read the first chapter thats the intro. it was to long to put in here.....


6. Filthy Mutt

"I woke up to Luke laying next to me snoring. I sit up slowly trying to remember what the fuck happened last night. I remember going to the bar drinking and then.. fuck! I KISSED LUKE! LIKE FUCKING MADE OUT WITH HIM. Oh my god that girl! that's all i remember. 


he didn't move.


still noting. 


this time he jumped up.

"Whats wrong is everything okay?" he panics looking at me. 

"What the fuck happened last night and why do i feel like i got hit by a bus?"

Luke eyes wondered to the floor to the wall to the tv that was not turned on. They looked at everything as long as it wasn't me. 

"Luke?" I ask my voice wary. 

"Listen we were both drunk. Which is not-"

"DID WE HAVE SEX?" Panic struck my whole body. No no no. I couldn't of had sex with him. Not that I don't want to nor do i. I mean he is Luke Hemmings but that is not the point. I mean just... I'm a virgin okay! Okay Kylie you don't know if you even did. For all you know you could walked home and fallen asleep. An worse case if you did have stupid drunken sex its with a guy that means something to you. Hes helped you through a lot.

Okay stop trying to talk yourself into having sex with him. Just focus breath. In through the nose and out through the mouth. 

"Kylie?" Luke snapped his figures catching my attention. 


"We didn't have sex. All though if i had not come to my sense and realize what was happening we would of. I told you I needed to go get a condom from a vending machine."

"They have condom machines?" I ask amazed at such a thing. 

"Yeah but not in this hotel. I just needed to stop what we were doing." 

I felt nothing but relief take over my body. Not thinking (Which i seem to be doing a lot of lately) i engulf Luke into a massive hug. 

"I'm sorry about anything i did last night that i wouldn't have done sober." I apologize still hugging him. 

"Its alright. Other then the make out sessions and you calling me a silly hottie not much really happened." Luke said while rubbing my back. Suddenly he pulls away and with a concerned look he asks me how i feel.

"Fine. Just need to eat. Do you reckon we get everyone and go back to the house ?" 

"How do you not feel like death? You drank so much last night." 

"Wow Nicole really is rubbing off on me. What time is it anyways my phone is dead." 

"Mine is too. Wait here imma go wake the others."

Luke got up and headed for the door. But before he could reach for the knob the door burst open. Nicole stood there looking pissed. I could hear Michael running down the hall yelling her name.

"Lucas." She acknowledged him. 

"Nicole whats wrong?" he asked. 

"You're going to have to find a new bass player and maybe a new drummer too. I have quite decided on Ashton's fate yet."

"What happen?" I ask getting out of bed to walk over to them. 

"Oh just the facted Michael and I just caught Calum and Desi in bed together fucking naked." 

Shit. I should probably mention that Nicole has anger problems and when if comes to her little sister everything automatically because a priority. And adding people not listening to her when it comes to Desi. God this is not going to end well i just know it.

"Okay Nicole just calm down." Michael says putting a hand on her shoulder.

"You listen here Michael Clifford. You do NOT tell me to CALM down. Do YOU UNDERSTAND me. I forgave you and I am not above taking back that forgiveness." Nicole grits through her teeth.

"I just dont see why you are upset. They didn't do anything we didn't and they actually used a condom." Michael shurgged. 

"Woah woah woah. Back this truck up. First Michael youre a idoit." I say to him and he just looks confused then terrified realizing what he just said. 

"Second you two had sex." Luke asked shocked sense Nicole was pissed at them more then I was. 

"Yeah. We were drunk through. I am also legal and so is Michael. Desi is not!" Nicole says storming out. 

I look at Luke and then at Michael and run after her. When i got to her she was in Calums room being held back by Ashton. 

"You filthy mutt. I promise once Ashton lets me go you are dead!" Nicole was screaming insults at Calum left and right. Only stopping to tell Ashton to let her go a few times. Which he knew better. When she realized he wasnt going to let her go she started yelling at him for letting Desi sleep in here.

"Thats it. Everyone to the car! NOW! Desi Im dropping you off at moms first."

"MOMS?! Why cant you take me to dads. I mean mom lives a half hour away. Dad lives 10 minutes from here."

"Car... Now..." Nicole says through her teeth. She was livid. 

Everyone nodded and ran to the car. The boys stayed to check us all out. On the walk to the car i kept trying to talk to Nicole but she was blowing me off. Which scared me. One us girls got into the car we plugged our phones in to the car chargers. With a twist of a key the car roars to life. 


We are now headed to Christina's house. 20 minutes in to the car ride Nicole hasnt said a word to anyone she hasnt turn on the music. No one dared to try and talk to her or anyone else for the matter. It was dead silent. Nicole was never like this even when she was this angry. Usually shes would yell the whole way to where we were going even through things if she felt like it. maybe put a few smacks into play. Her being quite just felt wrong. I felt like I was the one in trouble.

 We had come to a red light and Nicole sighed. I looked over at her with hope she was gonna say something. She didnt. She was looking through the consle looking for something. Before I could ask her what she was looking for she was lighting up a cigarette passing Desi one.

"Want one Kylie?" She asked voice sounded light and calm while taking a drag.

"I uh. No thank you." I answered. Okay its official. im scared. 

"Calum. You smoke yeah? Want one?" She asked sweetly.

"Yeah no im fine." 

"Ash? Mike? Luke?"

They all said no but thanked her. 

"I didn't know you smoked." Mikey spoke.

"Yeah we all got our own ways of dealing with our deamons." She shrugs. 

Not long after we pulled into the drive way of the small bricked house..

"Okay before you get out Desi. Just telling me one thing." Nicoles voice dies down nervously.


"Did you really use a condom?"

"Yeah we did. I promise." 

"Good. I just wish you would of waited. But I can do anything about it now i never really could. Alright anyways Desi Ill see you next weekend. An bring my dress and shoes back. " Nicole Smiles at her. Desi nodds getting out of the car not wanting to push her older sister. 

On our way back to he the house Nicole is much more talkative. Making a note to talk to her when we get home i turn to Micheal with a grin.

"So Michael."


"You and Nicole?"

"Kylie.. you and luke?' Nicole turns to me and smirks.

"What? How?"

"You were all over him at the club."

"We didnt do anything other the make out a bit. I was to drunk. and you know the other thing." I blush referring to my virginity. 

"Good. Im glad." She smiles at me. 

"Anyways. You and Michael. What happen... to you know... let that happen?" 

"Oh you know me when I drink. And the fact he is smoking hot helped alot. Along with the fact he can sing." Nicole winked at me. 

"You know Im right here right?" Michael groaned.

"Yeah. Youre hot get over yourself. Youre not the only hot person in the car." I laugh.

"Yeah but im the only hot person in this car who can sing." He smirks.

"Yeeah about that." Nicole smiles.

"You can sing?" Asks Luke.

"No! She can most defently not sing." I state matter of factly. 

"Hey! Neither can you!" 

"So wait are you saying you think the other guys are hot too?" Michael asks frowning.

"Well duh. Im not blind. Ashtons hot.. Lukes hot.. Calums hot.. and if we are naming all the hot singers you can add the all time low boys, Ed Sheeran, oh how the list is never ending. 

"Wait so you not mad at Calum?" Ashton asks. 

"No, i am. But nothing I can do about it right. So why keep being grumpy about it. And even if i was i would still admit hes fine as hell. Any girl in their right mind could see that."

"Oh stop it." Calum blushed and acted like a teen girl.  

"Alright when we get home we can all shower and change because we smell like a bar and sex. So we only have two bathrooms. So Michael and I will use Mine sense its in my room then when we are done one of you can use my bathroom if needed. Then I want to stay home a relax so im gonna order pizza and wings. What do you guy gonna do?" Nicole asked. But before anyone answered her phone went off. 

"Its your mom." I asked looking at her phone. 

"Answer it and put it on speaker." I did as she asked. "Hello?" 

"Nicole why did you drop off Desi? Shes upset she wanted to stay at your place. I bet its because of the boys. Scott told me." She said laughing.

"Yeah. I just figured you wouldnt want her staying in a place with so many guys."

"Its not like anything will happen with you around." 

Nicole's face twisted and i could tell calum sunk into his set.

"Mom this may sound shocking to you but I have a boyfriend now so i cant really tell her to not do things im doing."

"You what? Who?"

"His first name is None ya last name business"

"Nicole seriously."

Nicole rolled her eyes.

"Mom Kylie and I both have boyfriends. Im dating Michael and shes dating Luke. Dont tell anyone though."

"Yeah and im dating LL Cool J."

"Mom im not lying. But what ever she can come back if you bring her down."

"Fine. I have things to do out there anyways. I have to talk to you about a few things. Ill be over tonight love ya." 

And with that she hung up.

"That woman makes me so mad i tell yeah. Any plans?"

"im staying with you." Michael answered her. 

"Luke and I are going out. Not sure when we will be home." I answer. 

"Calum and I have plans with some friends there playing a show in Mass we are gonna go spend the night there." Ashton says. 

"Cool. that means desi can sleep in the spear room tonight and then tomorrow she can go to my dads. Because he only lives down the street so she can just come over whenever and go back when she needs to." Nicole said

 "We really should get a bigger place if yall are staying here. For how long again?." kylie asked. 

"We dont really know. I mean we are on brake for a while. So until we get a call from managment we dont know anything." Ashton said sadly.

"Can I ask something?" Nicole says speaking up.

"Anything." Michael answers.

"After this whole thing is over. I mean when we have to brake up. Are we going to stay in touch or are you guys just going to get up and leave?"

"We will defiantly say friends." Luke says smiling at her through the review mirror. 

"And hey who knows maybe either you and mike or Kylie and Luke will become real." Ashton adds.

"Or Calum and Desi." Nicole says.

"Wait really you'd let me?" Calum asks with hopefull eyes.

"Yeah why not. Just know Hood. Shes my little sister. Ive been through everything with her. You hurt her I hurt you way way worse. Do you understand?" Asks serously pulling into the drive way of hour 3 beedroom home.

"Completely. Just as I would if anyone hurt my older sister."

"Good." Nicole says shutting of the car. 

'No we all get to hurry up an shower. My mother will be here soon and if she knows we went to the club and took desi with us. I will live no longer." 


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