Basket Case

Bad girl Emma has found a new accomplice when mysterious, mood Luke Hemmings moves to San Diego, California in the middle of the semester. Will they remain just friends or will they ignite a spark? Will Luke's secrets drive Emma away?


1. New Kid on the Block

The school day dragged by slowly, and wasn't any different than any other day. The morning started off with two periods full of boring lectures, a barely edible lunch from the school cafeteria, followed by a chemistry class full of confusing atomic numbers and calculations. It was time for phys Ed now, and unfortunately I had forgotten to bring my gym strip. Luckily my 'punishment' was to sit in the office working on homework.


Slyly I walked through the office doors, smirking at the secretary.


"Good to see you here again Emma," she mumbled sarcastically.

"You too Doris," I joked, finishing with a wink.

She cleared her throat and eyed the school desk next to her office desk. "Sit," she scolded.

Rolling my eyes, I slid into the hard metal seat and flipped open my math booklet. The office doors swung open again, and a middle aged woman passed through, followed by a tall, blonde guy. Our eyes met, and I couldn't help but get caught up in his ice blue eyes. He smirked, clueing in that I was staring. Embarrassed,  I lowered my head and tried to focus on finding x in the equation.

"Hi there, I'm Linda Hemmings and this is my nephew Luke. I had emailed you on Friday about Luke attending school here. I know it was very short notice and it's in the middle of the semester, but his parents flew him here on Saturday."

"It's not a worry Ms. Hemmings," Doris exclaimed politely. She reached to the printer and grabbed a sheet. "Here is your schedule, it's last block now. Looks like you have phys Ed."

I could hear Luke groan and curse under his breath.

Doris's eyes lit up. "Oh! Miss Knight is in that class as well," she explained, staring at me. "I'm assuming you don't have gym strip Luke, so maybe Emma will show you around to where all your classes would be."

Sighing, I slid out of my seat and stood beside Doris. \

"If it gets me out of having to do math, I'm all for it," I chuckled, catching Luke's eyes. Blushing, I looked away and grabbed the schedule from Doris.

"You ready for Emma's Extravagant Tour of Hell?" I asked.

"Zip it!" Doris snapped, and Luke giggled.

"Okay Luke, you know the way home?" his aunt asked, concerned.

Luke sighed and then nodded.

"You are to come home right after school, Mister."

"Yeah, yeah. I'll see you then," he mumbled, heading for the door.

I followed close behind, looking over his schedule.

"Hmm, so first period you have history with Miss Henderson," I stated, leading him down the main hallway and turning down a secondary hallway. "She's room B52 and her room is right here." I turned to the right and stood in front of a decorated door. "I'm in the class right across, so if you need someone to help find your way, I'm your gal... but I'm usually late."

"Yeah, I can't guarantee I'll be on time either... You're Emma right?"

"That's me," I exclaimed proudly, before starting to show him to the math classroom. He was pretty quiet the whole time I showed him around.

"Our last stop is the cafeteria," I explained, leading him to an out-dated room with dozens of tables. "I recommend bringing your own lunch, because this food is disgusting, to say the least."

Luke chuckled quietly. "It's a lot like my old school. There were days we didn't even know if what they served us was actually edible."

"That happens a lot here too. I usually just go across the street to Peter's for fries and a milkshake. Where did you live before this?"

"Australia, can't you tell by the accent?"

"We get a lot of accents here in California, I just wasn't too sure."

There was silence between us for a moment, but then an idea popped into my head.

"How about we ditch, and head to the park or something?"

"Perfect," he smiled.

Leading him out the back door, I hopped the fence and jogged through the trees behind the school. After 5 minutes, we arrived at an empty playground.

I plopped down on a swing, and Luke sat down on one to the right of mine.

"So what's your story?"I asked. "Your aunt made it sound like your parents shipped you away pretty abruptly.

Luke went silent and looked away.

"Come on, can't be that bad," I teased.

"Just stay out of it," Luke snapped. "Don't ever bring that up again."

"I-I'm sorry.." I apologized. "I didn't realize it was a soft spot."

Luke pulled out a cigarette and lit it.

"I'm sure you have a secret too," he stated. "Something must have turned you into a punk."

Memories flooded my mind- sirens- flashing red and blue lights- adrenaline pumping through my veins as I ran- handcuffs- jail cell..

I shook my head trying to erase the memories." Ha! I'm just naturally a rebel child," I bragged.

Time passed quickly, and I checked my phone. School had been over for half an hour. Luke's phone vibrated, he pulled it out of his pocket and looked at the caller ID and ignored it.

"I swear she has no chill," he grumbled. "Fuck, it's annoying."

"Your aunt?"


Grabbing his backpack, he swung it over his shoulder and started walking away.

"See you tomorrow!" I shouted after him, but he ignored me.

What was his deal?

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