Rebel In A Uniform


2. Chapter 2

Michaels pov

I was awoken by the sounds of tapping at my window. I sat up quickly, blinking a few times. It was completely black in my room besides for the window light. Oh yeah. Window tapping. I looked over. "Skylar?" I questioned. I got up yawning. I opened my window and jumped out of it to meet skylar at the bottom. "What do you want?" I questioned, I checked the watch on my hand. "It's 3am..." I said. I looked up at her, in the moonlight I could see something glistening across her cheeks, I could tell her usual eye makeup was a bit smudged... She was crying. "Oh my god what's wrong?" I asked. She didn't reply she just pulled me close wrapping her arms around me, burying her face in my shoulder. I hugged her back of course... "What happened?" I asked. She pulled away taking a deep breath. She had her hair in a messy bun thing, and she was just wearing a black tank top with her pj pants and slippers still. "Can we go on a walk?" She questioned shakily. I nodded. I don't care if it's 3am of course I'm going to walk with her. Clearly she's upset and I want to know why. We walked out of my yard and started walking on the sidewalk. "So what's wrong?" I asked looking at my feet. "I don't want to talk about it... I just want to walk..." She said. "Ok..." I mumbled. The only light outside was the moon and some porch lights. I looked over at Sky, she has her arms folded and she looked a bit cold. I mean it was pretty chilly... It's 3am. "Are you cold?" I questioned. "A little but I'm fine." She said. I was wearing a hoodie so I peeled it off placing it over her shoulders. "Your clearly more cold then I am." I said. "Thanks." She said pushing her arms through the sleeves. "Where do you wanna go?" I asked. "Follow me." She said glumly. She turned off the sidewalk onto a path leading into some trees. We walked for about ten minutes til she stopped walking. It was in just a casual little clearing that was only lit up by the moon. It was filled with grass and surrounded by trees. "I always go here when I'm upset." She said as she sat down. I went over and sat down next to her. "What happened? I want to know how I have to comfort you." I said. She sighed wiping away a new tear. "It's not something I wanna just say." She said. "Come one your worrying me..." I said. "A-Austin broke up with m-me." She said almost breaking into tears. "No..." I sighed. She was clearly upset. She used the sleeve on the hoodie I gave her to hide her face, muffling her cries. I scooted next to her, wrapping my arms around her pulling her closer. She buried her face in my chest and I could hear her muffled cries. "Shhhh... Everything will be fine." I said leaning my head on hers. I just sat holding her for a few minutes before she pulled away. "I don't know why he did it either. I've been with him so long and he just ended it." She said. "Screw him. You can easily find a different person. Your fucking skylar jones. The one who lives in the moment." I said. She smiled a little with tears still on her face. "Now wipe away those tears and let's go do something." I said, I reached over wiping her face under her eyes. She leaned over hugging me. "I love you Michael.... Thank you for being my friend." She said. I hugged her back. I sighed. "I love you to..." I said. I'm pretty sure we meant it different ways.

*the next day*

Michaels pov

I peeled my eyes open to see the light pouring in from my window. I probably got an hour or so of sleep... I remembered everything. After she hugged me we sat and talked for hours like we usually do. I got up stretching. I yawned as I walked over to my dresser slipping into my uniform. I quickly did my hair like we are supposed to and grabbed my back pack. "Mom I'm going to school!" I shouted. "Ok! See you after! And stop sneaking out late at night without leaving a note!" She said. I chuckled. I checked the time on my watch, 7:27. Sky and I always walk together at 7:30. I walked across the street knocking on her door, it was immediately answered by her. "Ready?" I questioned with a yawn. "Yup. Here take this." She said handing me an energy drink. "You are a life saver." I said. She chuckled. "I know." As we walked she all of a sudden groaned in annoyance. "What?" I questioned. "Austin. I have to see him today." She said. I sighed. "Don't worry. You'll be fine." I reassured her. For the rest of the walk we made stupid your mom jokes. Don't question us. When we got the parking lot she stopped. "Don't make me carry you to the fucking door." I said. "Please. Come on. You did it when we were in middle school." She chuckled. "We were like 12 not 17." I said. "Fine." I sighed. She literally gave me no time before she jumped onto my back wrapping her legs around me so she wouldn't fall. "It is a good thing you are not heavy." I said chuckling. And before you question about backpacks, I have a shoulder strap thing. I carried her all the way to the front door. "Get off." I chuckled. She quickly hopped off. "Thankyou trusty steed. Now do I lock you to a bike rack or?" She said as we both laughed. We walked in, and she stopped, "wha-" I cut myself off looking at what she was... Austin... Just making out with some other girl. Yeah they broke up. But they broke up yesterday. Not even fucking 24 hours ago. "Don't wor-" I started saying before she ran off to the bathroom. Oh that's the last fucking straw with this dick. I stormed right over to where Austin was making out with some chick. And of course it was the school slut, Angela. He pulled away looking at me, "oh hey Michael." He said with a smirk, "oh shut the fuck up." I spat. People where starting to look. "Ouch. Fiesty. What's your problem." He asked. "You. Your the problem" I said. He chuckled. "Oh right your bestirs with that bitch skylar." He said. "You dated her for fucking 2 years. And you break up with her over a god damn text and is sucking the face of that slut the next day?!" I shouted. Now a lot of people where looking at us. I even saw skylar looking at me confused. She was making hand gestures to stop. "I was just trying to get Angela and she finally likes me." He said. "What do you have a little crush on sky?" He said with a smirk. I looked over at sky and she was looking at me confused, "oh I see you do." He said. Before he could say anything, I stepped forward slamming my fist into his jaw line. I heard gasps and shouts and everything. The whole school was fucking looking at us. I stepped back realizing what I just did... I just punched the most popular, athletic kid in school. He was kneeling over holding his jaw. He stood up glaring at me. "Oh you shouldn't have fucking done that Michael." He said. Before I knew what happened his fist came flying towards me but I some how blocked it. "Stop! Dudes some one is gonna get hurt! Someone already is you idiot! Where the fuck are the teachers!" I could hear from the crowd around us. I took my chance to punch him again, he stepped back again, he quickly responded by punching me in the stomach and kneeing me in the face. God damnit it fucking hurt. He punched me the second I tried looking up. It felt like my whole jaw fucking shattered. "Stop!" I heard a familiar voice scream over the others. Skylar. "Dude cmon we can work this out." I said tasting blood in my mouth. He had an evil smirk on his face. "Oh Michael. You should've said that before you punched me." He said. His fist flied into my cheek. I tried going backwards but he punched me once more in the eye causing me to tumble back falling on my ass. "Cmon Austin that enough." One of his friends said. "One more thing." He said as I tried standing up, he slammed his foot down to my rib cage. I just toppled down to the floor right as a teacher came through the crowd. "What the hell is going on here?!" It was Mr.evans. The gym teacher. 'God I fucking hate this school' I thought to myself as I just let myself fall back into the floor. I was in fucking pain.

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