Rebel In A Uniform


1. Chapter 1

A/n- HEY GUYS ITS KAT! Lol this is the first book we are writing with the new co owner! She's awesome and so is this story 😂 enjoy my friends

"Michael! I swear to god you make the most gross jokes." I said as michael laughed uncontrollably. "I can't help it! I'm a comedic genius." He said shoving a slice of pizza in his mouth. He almost started choking because he was laughing. I leaned back against the tree taking a drink of my juice. "Well your a comedic genius stuck in a uniform at a school." I said. He stuck his tongue out. "You suck." He said. "Not as much as you.... If you know what I mean." I said. Michael glared at me. And I giggled. He threw a carrot at my face. "Hey!" I shouted. "What you gonna do about it skylar?" He questioned with an evil grin painted on his face. I tore some grass free from the ground we were sitting on and sprinkled it on his pizza. I smirked evilly. He gasped. "I'm going to kill you." He said. I shrugged. "What? You need greens in your diet anyways." I said with yet another evil smirk.

Michael's POV

I looked down sadly at my piece of pizza... All in its grassy state. There is a reason I don't eat salads. I stopped myself from laughing in my mind. I heard a sigh come from Sky. "Here have mine." She said sliding her piece onto my plate. I smiled. "That's why we're friends. You feed me." I said. She laughed. "Nice to know that's my purpose." She said. I chuckled. Out of nowhere She waved her arms, "over here!" She shouted. I glared at the boy walking over. Austin. I looked down at my feet while I continued eating. Sky stood up walked over to Austin and kissed him. Ew. I hate when Austin gets to come just sit with us... I took a bite of my pizza. Austin came over, before sky was paying attention he 'accidentally' dropped his backpack on me... Getting food all over my shirt. "Oh sorry mike. Didn't see you there." He said with a smirk. I stood up quickly wiping stuff off of me. "My name is michael." I snapped. She could date any guy but she chose... Him. Why him? He sucks. Skylar doesn't even notice how much of a dick he is. "Why is your food everywhere?" She questioned looking over at me... Sitting on austins lap. "Nothing. I need to go wash up now I guess." I hissed. "Whoa bro. Calm down." She said with a worried face. "Sorry..." I said drifting off. I grabbed my school bag, "hey see you in maths!" She shouted as I walked away. I gave her a thumbs up. I tried walking fast so no one would notice the food residue on my clothes. It's against fucking regulations... I could get detention or something. I. Really. Hate. Austin. Ever since eighth grade he's had something against me. And then he started dating sky... They've been together for two years now. Rage just kept building up inside me. I felt a wave a relief as I reached the wash room. I ran into one of the stalls... I quickly used toilet paper to try and wipe my clothes clean. But you know with my luck... The bell rang. What do I do? I panicked and rubbed the stuff all over my shirt. Then a light bulb clicked on in my head, my hoodie. I yanked it out of my bag and quickly put it on. I sped out of the bathroom. No one was in the hall... The bell is about to ring and I have to go upstairs still. The familar ring of the bell echoed through the prison like hallway. I just reached the bottom of the stairs. I skipped steps running up. I stepped on my shoe lace causing me to fly into the ground. Now my face hurts like hell. I hate school. I gave up and started walking. I finally got in front of my classroom, I took a deep breath opening the door. "Late again I see mr.clifford." The teacher said. "That lands you in detention on Friday." He said blankly. I sighed. "Ok..." I said. I saw my empty seat in the back... Right next to sky. I walked over sluggishly. I sat down and sunk into my chair hugging my hoodie to my dirtied uniform. It's only two weeks into junior year and I'm in detention. Skylar slid a note onto my desk. I grabbed it unfolding it.

'What happened to your face?'

It read. I looked at her confused. She rolled her eyes handing me one of the pocket mirrors she carries with her. I looked to see my nose was bleeding and my lip was cut slightly... Causing it to be a tiny bit swollen. I sighed handing her the mirror. I fucking hate everything. It's official. I sighed sinking back into my seat taking some notes on what the teacher was saying. I glanced over at skylar... She was sketching some random image and had her headphones in...

*school ends*

"Hey michael! Want to hang out. I mean we could get icecream or something." Sky said running up to me. I shrugged. "We have that huge English test tomorrow." I said. She sighed and groaned. "Do you ever do anything fun? Besides being late for class?" She questioned. "How is that fun? I got detention..." I said. We kept walking past the parking lot. We both walk home since we've been neighbours since forever. "So im guessing that fun thing is a no. And btw I got a cheat sheet for the test... It's open note... So Ya know if you wanna get an easy a im right here." She said showing off the sheet of paper. "How do you even know that's correct?" I questioned. She shrugged. "If it's not boo hoo I failed it. I'm totally going to have to know about annotations in my life." She said and I scoffed. "What was that noise for?" She asked chuckling. "You do realise you need to pass these classes to graduate next year?" I said. "No fucking DUH. And when do you get a car? I really hate walking." She said. "I get one on my 18 birthday. So in a week." I said. "Oooooh that's right it's in a week..." She said. Wow. She forgot. "Just kidding I've had your surprise for months." She said. I glared at her. "It better not be like last year." I said. She raised her hands up in surrender. "I didn't know we could get arrested for that. Or almost shot by a crazy old man." She said snickering. "How's that guitar thing going?" She asked out of nowhere. I shrugged. "Good I guess..." I said. We got in front of our houses... We were both in the middle of the street. "You owe showing me your playing." She said. "Just because of last year and convincing the police officer you were possessed does not mean I owe you anything." I said and she laughed. "Oh yes it does. And if your not going to do anything, I'm calling Austin." She said walking towards her house. My face sunk. I gave her a weary thumbs up and walked towards my house. I walked in greeted by my parents sitting in the couch. "Hey michael! How was school? And why are you wearing a hoodie it's hot outside!" My mom started questioning. "School was fine. I guess. And I'm just cold..." I said walking through the living room to the back of the house. My room. I smiled at all my band posters. It's always like home when I'm in here. I threw my backpack onto my floor and jumped onto my bed. I loosened my tie and proceeded to change into skinny jeans and an oversized ptv shirt. I layed back on my bed. I rubbed my eyes... I hate school. You can't dye your hair. You can't get piercings. You have to wear stupid ass uniforms. And Austin. I closed my eyes.... School makes people tired.

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