The hunt....has begun


8. *Niall's p.o.v*

*Niall's p.o.v*

I stand up and go to the tree. "Nail polish?" "Yeah. That's so weird" Louis says. "Wait a minute" Abby says. "What?" Liam ask. Abby climbs up to the top of the tree and looks around. She jumps down "oh my god! Follow me!" She says and starts running. We all follow her. She stops at tree house. She quickly climb up. We follow her. Honestly I was kinda worried. We stop behind her. "Hello old tree house" she says with a smile on her face. "Tree house? Honestly this looks like a floating mansion" Louis says. We all walk in. Louis was right. This place was huge! There was a kitchen, dining room, bedrooms everything! She squeals loudly. "I've missed you!" She says and hugs a wall. She was acting weird. She squeals again. "I've got a tree house back!" "Mansion" Louis says under his fake cough. "Do you know how long it took me to make this?" "How long?" Zayn ask. "About a month. Just by myself" "just you?" Liam ask. She nods with a proud smile. "Wait!" She yells and runs to the kitchen. We all follow walking. We see her doing through a cabinet. She pulls out a phone. "Secret phone. Just in case" she says with a smile. She sits on the counter and dials.

This is Abigail *pause* yes I am *pause* oh he's there? *pause* okay. Well just get the cops to the forest make them look and save us *pause* okay. Yes bye. *hangs up*

She puts the phone back in the cabinet. "Okay. They should be here in about half an hour" she says happily. Everyone smirks

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