The hunt....has begun


2. *Niall's p.o.v*

*Niall's p.o.v*

I wake up and look around. I sit up. Grass? Trees? Fog? Where was I? I was so confused. I look around and see a note on a tree. I get up and read it

Dear Reader,

Welcome to the game. You are not alone. There are 5 more players and 2 murders. Don't get caught. Your goal in the game is to survive 3 weeks. There are 2 houses in this forest. They both have working electricity, water and food. Good luck.

Sincerely, the watchers

I was confused. I mean who would do this. I look around and see light. I walk toward it. It was a fire. "Hello?" I ask aloud wondering if anyone was here. I walk around the fire. "Hello? Anyone?" I ask again. Suddenly I feel someone grab my wrist. When I felt it my heart stopped. I turn around and see a girl. She looked about my age. She was beautiful. Her beautiful long light brown hair. Her beautiful emerald eyes. I was surprised I could how she looked in this darkness. "I'm Niall. You are?" I ask her. " Abigail but you can call me Abby" her voice was soft and sweet. I hear footsteps. I go behind her, grab her stomach, cover her mouth and press ourselves against a tree. "Shh. Someone's coming" I whisper in her ear. She nods. We stay like that as someone carrying a axe walks around. I could tell Abby was freaking out. The man leaves. I let go of her. She sighs and walks forward. I look at her. "We're gonna make it" she says. "Let's continue walking...Niall?" "Yeah Niall and okay" we walk side to side looking around. We hear footsteps again. We press ourselves against trees to try and hide ourselves when a person comes up.

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